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This is a list of Members of Parliament elected in the Northern Ireland general election, 1938.

All members of the Northern Ireland House of Commons elected at the Northern Ireland general election, 1938 are listed.


Name Constituency Party
Paddy Agnew South Armagh Labour (NI)
John Miller Andrews Mid Down Ulster Unionist
John Edgar Bailey West Down Ulster Unionist
John Milne Barbour South Antrim Ulster Unionist
Dawson Bates Belfast Victoria Ulster Unionist
Jack Beattie Belfast Pottinger Independent Labour
Arthur Black Belfast Willowfield Ulster Unionist
Basil Brooke Lisnaskea Ulster Unionist
James Brown South Down Independent Unionist
Richard Byrne Belfast Falls Nationalist
Thomas Joseph Campbell Belfast Central Nationalist
George Anthony Clark Belfast Dock Ulster Unionist
James Craig North Down Ulster Unionist
Robert Corkey Queen's University Ulster Unionist
John Clarke Davison Mid Armagh Ulster Unionist
Herbert Dixon Belfast Bloomfield Ulster Unionist
Alexander Donnelly West Tyrone Nationalist
William Dowling Belfast Windsor Ulster Unionist
Rowley Elliott South Tyrone Ulster Unionist
Erne Ferguson Enniskillen Ulster Unionist
James Gamble North Tyrone Ulster Unionist
Alexander Gordon East Down Ulster Unionist
John Fawcett Gordon Carrick Ulster Unionist
William Grant Belfast Duncairn Ulster Unionist
Samuel Hall-Thompson Belfast Clifton Ulster Unionist
Cahir Healy South Fermanagh Nationalist
Tommy Henderson Belfast Shankill Independent Unionist Association
Alexander Wilson Hungerford Belfast Oldpark Ulster Unionist
John Johnston North Armagh Ulster Unionist
Robert James Johnstone Queen's University Ulster Unionist
George Leeke Mid Londonderry Nationalist
Robert John Lynn North Antrim Ulster Unionist
Brian Maginess Iveagh Ulster Unionist
Patrick Maxwell Foyle Nationalist
Hugh McAleer Mid Tyrone Nationalist
John MacDermott Queen's University Ulster Unionist
Hugh Minford Antrim Ulster Unionist
Arthur Brownlow Mitchell Queen's University Ulster Unionist
Robert Moore North Londonderry Ulster Unionist
Henry Mulholland Ards Ulster Unionist
Edward Sullivan Murphy City of Londonderry Ulster Unionist
John William Nixon Belfast Woodvale Independent Unionist
George Panter Mourne Ulster Unionist
Dehra Parker South Londonderry Ulster Unionist
John Patrick Mid Antrim Ulster Unionist
Harold Claude Robinson Larne Ulster Unionist
David Shillington Central Armagh Ulster Unionist
John Maynard Sinclair Belfast Cromac Ulster Unionist
Joseph Francis Stewart East Tyrone Nationalist
Frederick Thompson Belfast Ballynafeigh Ulster Unionist
John Warnock Belfast St Anne's Ulster Unionist
George Charles Gillespie Young Bannside Ulster Unionist





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