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This article refers to the Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam, for the anime series which this mobile suit is named after, see Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.
ZZ Gundam
MSZ-010 Gundam Double Zeta.jpg
Appears in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
First appearance "Start, Double Zeta!"
Designed by Makoto Kobayashi
Class Mobile suit
Designation MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam
Faction AEUG
Main pilot(s) Judau Ashta

The MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam (Pronounced as Double Zetaダブルゼータ), designed by Makoto Kobayashi,[1] is a fictional weapon from the Universal Century timeline of the anime Gundam metaseries. Its popularity has led to many variations, upgrades, redesigns and influenced later design works such as S Gundam.[2] It is named after the third of the Gundam series Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, sequel to Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and is presented in the middle of the story as a new weapon of the protagonist Judau Ashta replacing the battle-worn Zeta Gundam. First portrayed as a multipurpose fighting machine, later variations such as the FAZZ (a test production unit) was portrayed as a less mobile long range fire support unit.[3] The unit has also appeared in many of the Super Robot Wars series, famous for featuring different giant robot mechas of different franchise together in one mixed story, from the first of the series to Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, a total of 26 games excluding remakes. Inside the Gundam Franchise, it has been featured in the PS2 Game Mobile Suit Gundam Z: AEUG vs. Titans as a hidden unit not being able to purchase in the in-game shop until certain requirements are met. It is also one of the featured units in the March 2007 release PS3/Xbox 360 game Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, a spinoff series of the Koei game Dynasty Warriors.[4][5][6] It is also featured in Gundam Evolve 10.[7] In the SD Gundam manga Double Zeta Kun kokoniari(ダブルゼ-タくんここにあリ, Little Double Zeta is here), Double ZZ Kun is the main character.[8]



ZZ Gundam is a Combine and Transform type mecha, it can be separated into 3 parts, Core Top, Core Base and the Neo Core Fighter. The Core top and the Neo core fighter could function alone in combat, yet the Core Base requires the Neo Core fighter to be attached and act as an addon booster for the core fighter. The ZZ Gundam can also transform to G-Fortress mode, further boosting the fighter capability instead of the mobile suit's AMBAC capability. The name ZZ (Double Zeta) is a reference to MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam, showing its sequel stand point of the unit.[9]


In the original anime series, although not a fully developed Newtype Mobile weapon, the unit is equipped with a bio sensor which can improve the pilot's senses and Psycho-communication capability.[1] The capability was later in the series used by Judau Ashta to rapid fire the head mounted High Mega Cannon which the unit was not designed to do so.

Gundam Sentinel

It is codenamed as "Θ Gundam" (Theta Gundam) as part of the Project Zeta of Anaheim Electronics in Gundam Sentinel as one of the Anaheim Gundams. The variation FAZZ appeared in the photo novel series featured in Model Graphix is the first model released in the series, being the bridge of the animated ZZ Gundam series and the novel Gundam Sentinel, to familiarize and introduce the series to customers, since the copyright holder is not on their side in promoting the product.[10] Masaya Takahashi, author of Sentinel, said they have to play a strategic move on the sales of the models, placing a more well known model at the beginning to harvest enough sales to make Bandai want to continue in making further plastic models for the series.[11]

Super Robot Wars

In the first Super Robot Wars (Game Boy), ZZ Gundam was portrayed as a 2.5-headed super deformed unit working on its own without a pilot like the other mechas in the same game.[12] In later series, the pilot system was introduced and it is default to be piloted by its original pilot Judau, yet it is possible to change the pilot ranging from other Gundam series pilots or maybe sometimes even the Real Robot type original hero (user character) and his/her lover of the Super Robot Wars series in Super Robot Wars 4, F and F Final. In earlier top view map series (used until F Final), the sprites used on the map are small and the ZZ Gundam have ZZ place on its forehead for easier recognition, like Zeta Gundam having a Z and Gundam MK-II having II.

Super Robot Wars Dojin

In a Dojin manga of Super Robot Wars, ZZ Gundam's pilot kept being accused of sleeping in the midst of battle, the ZZ on its icon was mistaken by other characters as the snoring of Judau.

Gundam Evolve

In Gundam Evolve 10, Double Zeta featured a different design.[7] It is used as a patrol unit for the Jupiter fleet (For transporting Helium 3 back to earth as fuel) The core base unit was built on the fleet's flag ship Jupitris II and encountered a system malfunction during combat. A new core base built by Anaheim Electronics and sent to the fleet with a mass driver arrived in battle and the combination system was used to save the life of Judau.

Double Zeta Kun kokoniari

Double Zeta Kun is portrayed as a young innocent kid living in SD Gundam Village, he is not very bright and has a slower pace than others. Zeta Chan (a Mobile Suit Girl version of Zeta Gundam) has feelings towards him yet he is still too young to understand.


One of the features making ZZ Gundam very easy to recognize is the head mounted High Mega Cannon (50MW as the output power is the 4th most powerful). The cannon is portrayed as a very powerful weapon that will not only destroy anything that gets in its way, it uses up so much energy that ZZ Gundam will cease to function for a short period. Another characteristic of the ZZ Gundam is the Transform and Combine system. It was designed as the 4th generation Mobile Suit with these systems. However, it is obvious that there are little others to fill in the category and the generation mobile suits are Newtype custom Mobile Suits with Psycho-Frame built in to increase reaction time of the units. According to Gundam Sentinel, the system is just too complicated to develop and serves no real purpose. Only S Gundam, V Gundam and V2 Gundam comes next with both Transformation and Combination systems. All of these systems are designed in real life by Mika Akitaka and Katoki Hajime.

Design concerns

The Transformation and Combination feature was taken into serious reconsideration by Katoki Hajime during his design works for Model Graphix, he expressed disapproval of the popular system at that time (which a lot of Robot anime featured one or more) and found it not only weakening the structure of the Mobile Suit and putting the main cockpit in an open area rendering all the armour of the Mobile Suit useless in protecting the pilot, but also raising the price of manufacturing one such mobile suit too expensive and impractical to mass-produce (probably not only stating the statement for inside the Gundam Universe, but also referring to producing Plastic models and toys). In order to counter these problems, he specifically designed an inner cockpit for further protection of the pilot for the S Gundam and mentioned the Full Armour ZZ Gundam armour addon effectively provides defensive measures for the ZZ.[13]

Design Competition

ZZ Gundam received its name before its appearance in the show like most of the other Gundams, however early naming of the unit includes Gundam Mk-III, Omega Gundam and Neo Gundam. Mechanical designers including Makoto Kobayashi(小林誠), Hideo Okamoto(岡本英朗), Mika Akitaka(明貴美加), Hiroyuki Kitadume(北爪 宏幸), Yutaka Idubuchi(出渕裕), Mamoru Nagano(永野護), Kazumi Fujita(藤田 一己) and Kunio Okawara(大河原 邦男) all designed their own version of ZZ Gundam before the show aired. Makoto's design won the competition yet still receiving various clean-ups from Hideo and Mika.[14]

Variations and Appearance

MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam

Original of the series, first seen deployed as a weapon against Neo Zeon movement of Earth Federation faction AEUG in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. Designed by Makoto Kobayashi, Clean-up by Hideo Okamoto, Transformation planning by Mika Akitaka. First appearing in the 1986 Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, later appeared in various other Gundam franchise like plastic models including Master Grade model and Gundam Fix Figuration. The unit received redesigns by Katoki Hajime for the GFF version.


Appeared in the 3DCG animation Gundam Evolve 10, ZZ-GR, naming convention following Gundam Evolve net's outline section. Designed by Masato Ichishiki(一式 まさと) for Gundam Evolve 10, featuring a core base built on Jupitris II, flag ship of the Jupiter fleet which Judau got on in the end of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, observed by Japanese wiki editor to be using GM III parts.[15]

MSZ-010S (MSZ-010B) Enhanced ΖΖ Gundam

FA-010S Full Armor Enhanced ZZ Gundam.jpg

An upgraded unit of the above ZZ Gundam, plot-wise in enhancing the unit's structure to protect the complicated transformation and combination system from being damaged when adding the below armour set on it.

FA-010S Full Armour ZZ Gundam

Full Armour ZZ Gundam, or Full Armor Enhanced ZZ Gundam, a Full Armour upgrade of the unit, designed Mika Akitaka, appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ episode 46.

MSZ-009 Prototype ΖΖ Gundam

The concept of the ΖΖ Gundam was tested in two MSZ-009 Prototype ΖΖ Gundam which can separated into two parts called G-Top Zero Type and G-Base Zero Type. (and could transform into G-Fortress Zero Type in SD Gundam Games) . The Prototype ΖΖ Gundam's main purpose was to test combining mechanisms, which developed into a new core block system. Appeared in M-MSV, designed by Kunio Okawara.

FA-010A (FA-010B) FAZZ

The FA-010A (FA-010B) FAZZ is a prototype mobile suit from the Gundam photo-novel series Gundam Sentinel. According to the designer Katoki Hajime, the FAZZ was a testbed unit designed by Anaheim Electronics to test out several of the features that would be put into use when they would construct the FA-010S Full Armour ΖΖ Gundam. The acronym FAZZ (pronounced as "fahts") stands for "Full Armor ΖΖ. The FAZZ tested the concept of adding extra armour components to critical structural points to make the unit more structurally sound. However, the FAZZ itself had the necessary equipment to transform into the G fortress removed to simplify construction costs, and the armour components of the FAZZ can not be removed or ejected, so the unit is incapable of transforming and combining into G-Fortress mode like the standard MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam was capable of doing. The Master Grade model also fully utilized this setting and is also incapable to fully transform the unit into G-Fortress mode.

Also, the FAZZ's high mega cannons (mounted in the unit's forehead and the front of the torso) were totally inoperable. The structures for where the dummy weapons are located were only there for aesthetic purposes, and to serve as a placeholder for when they would be functionally incorporated into the Full Armour ΖΖ Gundam. While the back-pack rods resembling the Hyper Beam Sabers equipped by the ΖΖ, they were instead Beam Cannons derived from S Gundam's back pack cannon. The FAZZ also incorporated several missile pods into its integrated armour components, with various assortments of missiles in both of its shoulders, left fore-arm, both sides of the chest, and the projection on top of the backpack, from the design notes on Gundam Sentinel Special edition page 109, Katoki Hajime mentioned the number of spray missiles inside the shoulder missile pods are unknown and jokingly added the back missile pods have seemingly infinite missiles.

The feature of this variation is the second most powerful Hyper Mega Cannon(official output of 79.8MW) for long range fire support.

MSZ-013 Mass Production Type ΖΖ Gundam

A mass-production ZZ Gundam was designed by Kunio Okawara in M-MSV, removing the transformation and combination system, even the core block system itself. The High Mega Cannon mounted on its head was also lower in power yet still a great foe in battle as a mass-production unit. According to Kunio, it never faced mass-production due to generator problems rendering it impossible to fully utilize its High Mega Cannon.

Other appearance and variations

MSZ-009M Mega Zeta

Appeared in the manga Mobile Suit vs. Legendary Giant God, Counter attack of Gigantis(), designed by Youichi Hasegawa(長谷川裕一) based on original design of Makoto Kobayashi featuring a longer head mounted High Mega Cannon. Mega Zeta is a ZZ Gundam two seater version developed by Earth Federation instead of Anaheim Electronics.[16] This story is unofficial(Not included in the official timeline).


A unit featured in Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam side story: Skull Heart by Youichi Hasegawa, the unit was piloted by Grey Stock(Supposed to be the old aged Judau, who should be around 60 years old). The unit is battle worned and received a lot of junk parts to maintain a barely humanoid shape with different hands and legs, the head was covered with disguise yet the body and double beam rifle (and the plot) strongly hints the unit to be the ZZ Gundam. The same unit, obviously received further repairs was also seen in the Mobile Suit Gundam V side story by the same author. This time, the pilot is just almost 20 years older (which still refers to Judau's age). The head was still covered with disguise but was forced to fire its High Mega Cannon in the plot showing the head of ZZ Gundam. The power was not enough to support the more than 60-year-old cannon and could only lit up the battle field. Still, it reveals the location of the hidden enemy and helped the hero Uso Evin in defeating the enemy. According to this unofficial plot, the ZZ Gundam met its final moments and exploded due to power irregularities on the High Mega Cannon. Grey Stock escaped using the Neo Core fighter and referred to Gump as his brother.

Appearance Outside of the Gundam Franchise

Super Robot Wars

In the Super Robot Wars, ZZ Gundam and its upgrades are long term base units that appeared in most of the series. Its main feature is still its High Mega Cannon, being able to fire against an area compared to most weapons in the series being only able to target one single enemy.[17]


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