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MTR Rotem TKE-C651/C6522-04E
TCL-K stock on the      Tung Chung Line.
MTR Hong Kong K-Stock train.JPG
Interior of the K-Stock, currently operating on the      Tseung Kwan O Line Line
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and ROTEM consortium
Entered service Tseung Kwan O Line April 2002
Tung Chung Line 12 June 2006
to 26 February 2007
Number built Tseung Kwan O Line 104
Tung Chung Line 32
Operator MTR
Depot(s) Tseung Kwan O Depot
Kowloon Bay Depot
Siu Ho Bay Depot
Line(s) served      Tseung Kwan O Line
     Tung Chung Line
Car length 22000mm
Width 3118mm
Height 3698mm
Doors 10 per car
Maximum speed Tseung Kwan O Line 50 mph (80 km/h)
Tung Chung Line 84.375 mph (135 km/h)
Acceleration 1.3m/s²(4.72km/h/s,or 2.95MPHPS)
Deceleration Service 1.35m/s²(4.86km/h/s,or 3.04MPHPS)
Emergency 1.4m/s²(5.04km/h/s or 3.15MPHPS)
Traction system IGBT-VVVF
(Mitsubishi HI)
Power output TKE-C651: 150 kW (201 hp) per motor, 3600 kW (4,824 hp) per set
C6522-04E: 240 kW (321.6 hp) per motor, 5760 kW (7,718 hp) per set
Electric system(s) 1500V DC overhead
Braking system(s) Pneumatic and Regenerative
Safety system(s) ATC and ATP
Gauge 1,432 mm (4 ft 8+38 in)
Interior of a Tung Chung Line TCL-K Stock.

The K-Stock is an Electric Multiple Unit that operates on the MTR rapid transit railway system in Hong Kong.There are two variants:those delivered for the Tseung Kwan O Line now(but in 2002 to 2009 used on the Kwun Tong Line),and those delivered in 2006 to 2007 for the Tung Chung Line. In 2003 and 2004, these trains (Kwun Tong Line stock) ran on Tsuen Wan Line, Island Line and Tseung Kwan O Line.

Combination of vehicles

The first TKE-C651 entering service in late April 2002, the 104 cars were built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hyundai Rotem consortium. Originally these trains are designated to serve on the Tseung Kwan O Line,but incompatible signalling apparatus installed in the new trains(running mode rather than the traditional automatic control system found in the M-stock) means that all of the K-stock trains are unable to serve on the Tseung Kwan O Line. As an alternative, all of those prototypes were ordered to serve on the Kwun Tong Line. Since it is much heavier than M-Train,it does not have any cars similar to D cars in M-Train.

All K-Stock cars are 22000 mm in length, 3118 mm in width, 3698 mm in height. Maximum speed of K-Stock is 80 km/h,maximum acceleration is 1.3m/s²(4.72 km/h/s,or 2.95MPHPS),maximum service deceleration rate is 1.35m/s²(4.86 km/h/s,or 3.04MPHPS),emergency deceleration is 1.4m/s²(5.04 km/h/s,or 3.15 MPHPS).This modern train is equipped with the modern 2-Level 3300V-1200A-IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) VVVF Inverter from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

The first TKE-C6522-04E train came into service for MTR in 12 June 2006 to 26 February 2007. They were built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the ROTEM consortium. Originally MTRC wanted to buy new additional trains for the Tung Chung Line when the North Island Line project begins. MTR anticipated that the opening of the Disneyland Resort and Ngong Ping 360 would have an increase in passenger demand and therefore ordered four new trains for Tung Chung Line. The time frame from order to completion is short in comparison to other stock, however; the four new trains can only be made to be identical to existing Tseung Kwan O Line K-Stock.

Maximum speed of K-Stock is 135 km/h,maximum acceleration is 1.3m/s²(4.72 km/h/s,or 2.95MPHPS), maximum service deceleration rate is 1.35m/s²(4.86 km/h/s,or 3.04MPHPS), emergency deceleration is 1.4m/s²(5.04 km/h/s,or 3.15MPHPS). This advanced train is equipped with the modern 2-Level 3300V-1200A-IGBT VVVF Inverter from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Cars of K-stock train
Car type Cab Motor Pantograph Total
A / V stock 26 8
B / W / X stock 39 12
C / Y / Z stock 39 12
Train configurations
Up (to LOHAS Park/Po Lam)      Tseung Kwan O Line (to North Point) down


Up (to Tung Chung)      Tung Chung Line (to Hong Kong) down

Draw for the remaining 12 Adtranz-CAF train




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