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MTV Networks Europe
Type Cable television
Founded 1987
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Warsaw, Poland
Parent Viacom

MTV Networks Europe is a division of MTV Networks International, a subsidiary of Viacom. MTV Networks Europe includes the multimedia entertainment brands: MTV, VH1, TMF, VIVA, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Game One. MTV Networks Europe is primarily based in London and Warsaw while also hosting a number of local offices throughout Europe; Paris, Stockholm, Dublin and Vilnius etc. MTV Networks Europe launched its first channel MTV Europe on August 1, 1987 from Amsterdam, with its main headquarters based in London. Regionalisation of MTV Networks Europe's channels began in March 1997 with the launch of MTV Germany. Today, MTV remains MTV Networks Europe's most popular brand as of October 2008 reaching more than 218,186,000 million[1] homes across Europe.



Timeline MTV (Europe)

This is a list of regional channels of MTV in Europe, in order of launch:

MTV Branding

Since MTV's launch in Europe in the late 80s, MTV Europe made use of MTV US's on-air identity. Overtime, MTV Europe gradually produced its own on-air identity throughout the early 1990s. From 1997, MTV's regionalization throughout Europe brought about specialized an on-air identity which reflected the tastes and influences from that region.

As of July 1, 2009 all MTV channels globally share the same on-air branding such as a standard logo, idents and promos[2] (except MTV US, MTV Canada and MTV Brazil). This is part of MTV Networks International's global branding initiative. The on-air branding titled Pop X1000 reflects the changing nature of popular culture with MTV at the heart of these rapid changes. The branding was designed by MTV's design department World Design Studio in Milan, with additional designs being added by other global departments throughout the year. The branding has been overseen by Universal Everything. This branding has been adopted by MTV Networks Europe, MTV Networks Asia, MTV Networks Africa and MTV Networks Latin America.

As part of MTV's rebrand awareness campaign MTV teamed up with Spanish retailer ZARA in December 2009 to provide branded themed t-shirts and hoodies representing the "Pop X 1000%" campaign[3][4].


Since January 2010, MTV Networks Europe has started to rebrand its localized websites featuring a standard website for each region. The website design is similar for each region but has information, news and entertainment specific to each region. MTV Belgium, MTV Netherlands, MTV Switzerland, MTV Portugal, MTV Sweden and MTV Denmark were the first to receive the new look website layout and design.

Screenshot of MTV's on-air look

MTV Licensing

MTV Networks Europe is located in Warsaw and London. In the majority of cases, most of the MTV channels throughout Europe are licensed through the UK television regulator Ofcom. This is not unusual within Europe, many broadcasters may locate its productions and output departments in one country but receive their broadcasting license from another European country. For example MTV Networks Europe in Warsaw produces the programming, while MTV Networks Europe in London operates the broadcasting and licensing issues. MTV Networks Europe's main brands include:

MTV Baltic's Ceases Operations

MTV Networks Baltic a division of MTV Networks Europe has ceased the broadcasting of its local language feeds within the region with immediate effect[5]. MTV Latvia and MTV Lithuania ceased operating as individual channels in January 2009 and replaced with MTV Lithuania and Latvia[6]. As of November 18, 2009 both MTV Estonia and MTV Lithuania and Latvia have ceased operating. Both channels have been replaced by MTV Europe for the time being. MTV Networks International are to announce the future of MTV Estonia as a brand, while MTV Lithuania and Latvia will no-longer exist as a brand. MTV in the Baltic Region has been somewhat problematic, after a number of years under MTV Networks International (Europe), MTVNI established a licensing agreement with Ananey Communications in 2008 to continue to broadcast MTV Baltic's channels. [7]. With the global recession, advertising and sponsorship within the region became limited. Resulting in the closure of MTV Lithuania and replaced with MTV Latvia and Lithuania[8]. Further financial difficulties resulted in the "temporary" closure of MTV Estonia and MTV Latvia and Lithuania.

Localised brands




Comedy Central

Paramount Comedy



Digital MTV Channels






United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland

MTV Networks International (Europe) Divisions

Viacom Brand Solutions

  • Viacom Brand Solutions International
  • Viacom Brand Solutions Germany
  • Viacom Brand Solutions Iberia

MTV Networks International

  • MTV Networks UK, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand[9][10]
  • MTV Networks North (MTV Networks Netherlands, MTV Networks Belgium, MTV Networks Germany, MTV Networks Switzerland and MTV Networks Nordic)
  • MTV Networks Southern Europe (MTV Networks France, MTV Networks Spain, MTV Portugal, MTV Greece and MTV Turkey)
  • MTV Networks Emerging Markets (i.e. Ukraine, Middle-East)
  • MTV Networks Baltic
  • MTV Networks Adria
  • MTV Italia srl (49%) (51% owned by Telecom Italia Media SpA)
  • MTV Europe Foundation
  • MTV World Design Studio (Milan and Buenos Aires)

Forthcoming Channels



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