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One-Handed Swords

Name Attack Durability Price Bought From Obtain From
File:Mabinogi Item Bastard Sword.png
Bastard Sword
19-34 10 6,000G (5,400G) Elen, Nerys Pirate Skeleton, Blue Grizzly Bear
File:Mabinogi Item Battle Short Sword.png
Battle Short Sword
9-21 10 2,000G Nerys, Osla, Meles Hot Spring Monkey
File:Mabinogi Item Battle Sword.png
Battle Sword
21-32 11 7,500G Nerys, Osla, Elen, Nicca, Meles N/A
File:Mabinogi Item Beholder Sword.png
Beholder Sword
8-36 10 N/A N/A Red Dragon, Renes Egg-Guarding Minigame
File:Mabinogi Item Bone Marine Sword.png
Bone Marine Sword (Unrepairable)
40-60 1 N/A N/A Handicraft
File:Mabinogi Item Broadsword.png
13-30 12 3,750G (3375G) Elen, Nerys, Osla, Meles, Taunes Giant Spiderling, Giant Spider, Red Skeleton, Red Skeleton (Light Armor), Pirate Red Skeleton, White Prison Zombie, Gray Prison Zombie, Desert Dragon
File:Mabinogi Item Butcher Knife.png
Butcher Knife
20-60 1-5 N/A N/A Green Gremlin, Gray Gremlin
File:Mabinogi Item Crystal Sword.png
Crystal Sword
9-17 13 N/A N/A Gachapon
File:Mabinogi Item Dagger.png
2-9 8 1,500G (1380G/1475G) Elen, Meles, Nerys, Ferghus, Taunes Dark Rat Man, Blue Rat Man, Black Wolf, Blue Wolf, Desert Dragon, Alby Basic, Ciar Beginner, Barri Advanced
File:Mabinogi Item Dirk.png
6-12 10 N/A N/A Mammoth
File:Mabinogi Item Eweca Short Sword.png
Eweca Short Sword (Unrepairable)
10-20 5 N/A N/A Handicraft
File:Mabinogi Item Ghost Sword.png
Ghost Sword (Unrepairable)
50-50 1 N/A N/A Arc Lich, Handicraft
File:Mabinogi Item Noble's Sword.png
Noble's Sword
7-25 12 N/A N/A Mammoth
File:Mabinogi Item Scimitar.png
12-21 10 5,000G Meles N/A
File:Mabinogi Item Viseo's Bronze Mirror Blade.png
Viseo's Bronze Mirror Blade
2-9 8 15,000G Edern N/A
File:Mabinogi Item War Sword.png
War Sword
9-40 13 N/A N/A Synthesis

Two-Handed Swords

Name Attack Durability Price Bought From Obtain From
File:Mabinogi Item Brionac.png
70-149 14 N/A N/A G11 Mainstream
File:Mabinogi Item Claymore.png
28-55 13 31,500G Elen, Taunes, Nicca Wight
File:Mabinogi Item Dragon Blade.png
Dragon Blade
25-55 12 N/A N/A Peaca Basic, Dragon Boat Racing Event, Global Owl Event
File:Mabinogi Item Executioner's Sword.png
Executioner's Sword
24-62 13 N/A N/A Synthesis
File:Mabinogi Item Gargoyle Sword.png
Gargoyle Sword (Unrepairable)
40-100 1-5 N/A N/A Light Gargoyle, Heavy Gargoyle
File:Mabinogi Item Ivory Sword.png
Ivory Sword (Unrepairable)
0-66 10 N/A N/A Mammoth
File:Mabinogi Item Japanese Twin Sword Sword.png
Japanese Twin Sword Sword
10-60 11 N/A N/A Zombie Attack Event, Soldier Gachapon
File:Mabinogi Item Leminia's Holy Moon Sword.png
Leminia's Holy Moon Sword
30-53 13 N/A N/A N/A
File:Mabinogi Item Masamune.png
15-65 16 N/A N/A Zombie Attack Event, Soldier Gachapon
File:Mabinogi Item Two-handed Sword.png
Two-handed Sword
25-50 12 29,000 Elen, Nicca Wight, Hunt 1 Ogre Warrior Quest


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