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Macross Frontier
Macross Frontier BD Vol 2.jpg
マクロスF (フロンティア)
(Makurosu Furontia)
Genre Mecha, Romance, Space opera, Military science fiction
Illustrator Aoki Hayato
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Shōnen Ace
Original run December 26, 2007 – ongoing
Volumes 2
Macross F Chō Jikū Uta Miko Ranka
Illustrator Kuroiwa Yoshihiro
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Comp Ace
Original run February 26, 2008May 26, 2008
Macross F Dakishimete, Ginga no Hate Made.
Illustrator Sorahiko Mizushima
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Comp Ace
Original run July 26, 2008 – ongoing
Light novel
Author Ukyō Kodachi
Illustrator Risa Ebata
Hayato Aoki
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Male
Imprint Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko
Original run July 1, 2008March 1, 2009
Volumes 4
TV anime
Director Yasuhito Kikuchi
Shōji Kawamori
Writer Hiroyuki Yoshino
Shōji Kawamori
Studio Satelight
Network MBS, TBS, Animax
Original run April 3, 2008September 25, 2008
Episodes 25
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Macross Frontier (マクロスF (フロンティア) Makurosu Furontia ?) is a Japanese animated science fiction space drama that aired in Japan on MBS from April 3, 2008 to September 25, 2008. It is the most recent Japanese anime television series set in the Macross universe. Animated by Satelight, premiered Japan on MBS on April 3, 2008. A pre-broadcast airing, called Macross Frontier Deculture Edition or Macross Special Edition (マクロスSP版 Makurosu SP Ban ?), showcasing a preview version of the first episode was aired on December 23, 2007. The series also received its satellite television premiere in Japan on Animax on April 7, 2008.[1]

Macross Frontier is the story of a human space colony fleet trying to find a habitable planet near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The story focuses on three young adults and the events that occur around them as the fleet faces a crisis of alien origin.[2]


Plot and overview

The new show celebrates the 25th anniversary of the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross TV series (1982-1983), and is chronologically subsequent to Macross 7 (1994-1996). This third TV series introduces Earth's latest main variable fighter, the VF-25 Messiah (メサイア)[3] and a new ship called the Macross Frontier. The show retains the signature space opera theme consistent with all series set in the Macross universe (which intertwine musical numbers with fast-paced variable fighter combat). New episodes aired weekly on the MBS network Thursdays at 25:55 and on the TBS network Fridays at 25:55 (the 24+ hour clock is a common Japanese TV broadcast notation). Three separate manga adaptations have been running in Shōnen Ace and Comp Ace, since February 2008, April 2008, and July 2008, respectively.[4]

On the Macross timeline, the story is set in the year 2059, 47 years after the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross, 19 years after Macross Plus and 14 years after the story of Macross 7. The series features the 25th New Macross-class Colonial Fleet, dubbed the Macross Frontier, en route to the galactic center. This heavily populated interstellar fleet (consisting of numerous civilian vessels and their military escorts) contains a makeup of both human occupants and their Zentradi allies. As such, many of the Macross Frontier's companion vessels appear to merge more metallic Human designs with organic Zentradi aesthetics. Macross Frontier's plot explores a combination of action/political intrigue/space drama more than previous Macross series have done in the past.

As the series begins, during a mission to an unexplored asteroid belt a reconnaissance New U.N. Spacy (N.U.N.S.) VF-171 is destroyed by extremely powerful and fast insectoid biomechanical alien mecha known as the "Vajra" (バジュラ),[5] which immediately begin their attack on the rest of the fleet. Unable to stop the new enemy threat, the N.U.N.S. Colonial Defense Forces authorize the deployment of a Civilian Military Provider organization called S.M.S. (Strategic Military Services) which utilizes the new VF-25 Messiah variable fighter to combat the alien menace.



  • Original concept: Shōji Kawamori, Studio Nue
  • Supervising director, story composition: Shōji Kawamori
  • Director: Yasuhito Kikuchi
  • Series composition and screenplay: Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • Character design: Risa Ebata, Yūichi Takahashi
  • Valkyrie design: Shōji Kawamori
  • Mechanical design: Junya Ishigaki, Takeshi Takakura
  • Mechanical art: Hidetaka Tenjin
  • Conceptual design: Kazutaka Miyatake
  • Motion graphics: Itsurō Sasakura, HIBIKI
  • Art designs: Akihiro Hirasawa
  • Color design: Kumiko Nakayama
  • Color design assistant: Satoshi Takezawa
  • Set director: Stanislas Brunet
  • Music: Yoko Kanno
  • Music producers: Shirō Sasaki, Toshiaki Ōta
  • Music director: Hiroshi Inoue
  • Music production: flyingDOG/JVC Entertainment, Border Rain
  • Sound director: Masafumi Mima
  • Sound production: Techno Sound
  • Producers: Hisanori Kunisaki, Hirō Maruyama, Hirofumi Morotomi (MBS), Shin'ichi Hirai, Tsutomu Kasai
  • Executive producers: Yoshimasa Ōnishi, Kazumi Kawashiro, Seiji Takeda (MBS), Michiaki Satō
  • Animation production: Satelight
  • Production: Big West, Macross F Production Committee, Mainichi Broadcasting System





Like Macross Zero, many of the mechanical objects in Macross Frontier were created through computer drawn cel-shaded animation which allows complex objects to be more easily animated with less budget than previous traditional cel-drawn incarnations or Digipaint.


Macross Frontier is a largely popular anime in its country of origin due to the significance of it as a production celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Macross franchise there. It has received widespread reception all over Japan. Some overseas markets are unable to import the show (example United States) due to international copyright problems with the franchise. However, underground following of the show in the rest of the world is strong (through the efforts of several fansubbers) despite the legal issues.

The first DVD volume that has been released in Japan by Bandai Visual sustained a third position in the sales chart for 2 consecutive weeks, prior to its release. Namely, from 21 July 2008 to 6 August 2008.[6] It is revealed that about 45,000 Blu-ray disks and 55,000 DVDs are shipped by Bandai Visual for the first volume of the series. This marks the highest Blu-ray Disc pressing among all Bandai Visual releases. Macross Frontier is also reported to be the first television anime series to ship simultaneously on both disc formats in Japan.[7]

Music wise, the first opening single, "Triangler" performed by Maaya Sakamoto made the Oricon's weekly top 10 chart for all Japanese singles. "Triangler" debuted at #3 and sustained for 3 consecutive weeks before falling to #6. Similarly, the first ending single "Diamond Crevasse" performed by May'n also debuted at #3.[8] The Original Soundtrack for the series titled, "Macross Frontier O.S.T.1 Nyan FRO" made it to #3 on Oricon's next weekly chart of all albums sold in Japan. The album sold over 72,000 copies becoming the first anime album in 11 Years to rank in Japan's Top 3. The only anime album which managed to rivalled the sales of this is The End of Evangelion soundtrack, which was first released on 26 September 1997.[9] More recently, the second opening single "Lion", which also features the second ending theme "Northern Cross" has sold about 56,000 copies in its first week and thus reached #3 on Oricon's weekly chart for all CD singles. All four of the Macross Frontier singles that have been released have debuted at #5 or higher. This brings the total sales of the Macross Frontier CD singles to 500,000, marking the start of a "new anime song boom" in Japan.[10]

Soundtrack (in VOCAL)

Songs Composer Lyrics Arrangement Debut Vocals
"Triangler" (トライアングラー ?) Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno Opening Theme, Episode 19 (ED) Maaya Sakamoto
"Ai Oboete Imasu ka" (愛・おぼえていますか Do You Remember Love? ?) Kazuhiko Kato Kazumi Yasui Yoko Kanno Deculture edition Ending Theme, Episode 12 (ED), 18 Megumi Nakajima
"Aimo" (アイモ ?) Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno Episode 1, 3, 7 (ED), 8, 12, 14 (Ranshe & Ranka), 18, 21, 23, 24, 25 (Ranshe) Megumi Nakajima, Maaya Sakamoto (episodes 14 & 25)
"Aimo ~ Tori no Hito" (アイモ~鳥のひと Aimo ~Bird Human ?) Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin, Maaya Sakamoto Yoko Kanno Episode 10 (ED) Megumi Nakajima
"Diamond Crevasse" (ダイアモンド クレバス ?) Yoko Kanno hal Yoko Kanno First Ending Theme, Episode 6, 7, 20 (ED) May'n
"Iteza☆Gogo Kuji Don't be late" (射手座☆午後九時Don't be late Sagittarius☆9pm Don't be late ?) Yoko Kanno Dai Satō, hal, Maiku Sugiyama, Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno Episode 1, 7, 24 May'n
"What 'bout my star?" Yoko Kanno hal Yoko Kanno Episode 1, 5 May'n
"Totsugeki Love Heart" (突撃ラブハート Charge! Love Heart ?) Junki Kawauchi K. Inojo Junki Kawauchi Episode 2 Fire Bomber
"SMS Shōtai no Uta ~Ano Musume wa Alien" (SMS小隊の歌~あの娘はエイリアン SMS Platoon's Theme ~That Girl is an Alien ?) Yoko Kanno Shōji Kawamori Yoko Kanno Episode 4 SMS Platoon
"Watashi no Kare wa Pilot -MISS MACROSS 2059-" (私の彼はパイロット My Boyfriend is a Pilot ?) Kentarō Haneda Akane Asa Yoko Kanno, Hisaaki Hogari Episode 4 Megumi Nakajima
"What 'bout my star?@Formo" Yoko Kanno hal Yoko Kanno Episode 5 (Ranka), 15 (Sheryl & Ranka), 19 (Ranka) May'n, Megumi Nakajima
"Uchū Kyōdaibune" (宇宙兄弟船 Spaceship of Brothers ?) Yoko Kanno Hiroshi Ichikura Yoko Kanno Episode 5 Ichiro Dokugawa
"Infinity" (インフィニティ ?) Yoko Kanno Yūho Iwasato Yoko Kanno Episode 7 ("Infinity #7" version), 15 May'n, Megumi Nakajima
"Ninjiin Loves you yeah!" (ニンジーン Loves you yeah! Carrot loves you yeah! ?) Yoko Kanno Hiroshi Ichikura Yoko Kanno Episode 8 Megumi Nakajima
"Neko Nikki" (ねこ日記 Cat Diary ?) Yoko Kanno Hiroshi Ichikura Yoko Kanno Episode 9, 11 (ED), 12 Megumi Nakajima
"Chōjikuhanten Nyan-Nyan" (「超時空飯店 娘娘」 "Super Dimension Chinese Restaurant Nyan-Nyan" ?) Yoko Kanno Hiroyuki Yoshino Yoko Kanno Episode 1 (Lynn Minmay), 11 & 15 (Ranka Lee) Mari Iijima, Megumi Nakajima
"Seikan Hikō" (星間飛行 Interstellar Flight ?) Yoko Kanno Takashi Matsumoto Yoko Kanno Episode 12, 15, 17 (OP), 18, 19 Megumi Nakajima
"Welcome To My Fan Club's Night!" Yoko Kanno hal Yoko Kanno Episode 15 May'n
"Diamond Crevasse 50/50" Yoko Kanno hal Yoko Kanno Episode 15 May'n & Megumi Nakajima
"Aimo O.C." Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin, Maaya Sakamoto Yoko Kanno Episode 16, 20 Megumi Nakajima
"Northern Cross" (ノーザンクロス ?) Yoko Kanno Yūho Iwasato, Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno 2nd Ending Theme (First appear in Episode 16), 22, 25 May'n
"MY SOUL FOR YOU" Yoshiki Fukuyama K. Inojo Junki Kawauchi Episode 17 Fire Bomber
"TRY AGAIN" Yoshiki Fukuyama K. Inojo Yasuyuki Tanaka Episode 17 Fire Bomber
"Lion" (ライオン ?) Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno 2nd Opening Theme (First appear in Episode 18) May'n & Megumi Nakajima
"Shinkū no Diamond Crevasse" (真空のダイアモンド クレバス Empty Diamond Crevasse ?) Yoko Kanno hal Yoko Kanno Episode 20 May'n
"Ao no Ether" (蒼のエーテル Azure Ether ?) Yoko Kanno Maaya Sakamoto Yoko Kanno Episode 21 (ED) Megumi Nakajima
"Anata no Oto" (アナタノオト Your Sound ?) Yoko Kanno Anju Mana Yoko Kanno Episode 19, 20, 25 Megumi Nakajima
"Yōsei" (妖精 Fairy ?) Yoko Kanno Anju Mana, Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno Episode 22 May'n
"Ai Oboete Imasu ka ~ bless the little queen" Kazuhiko Kato Kazumi Yasui Yoko Kanno Episode 24, 25 Megumi Nakajima
"Nyan Nyan Service Medley" Featuring: Lion, Infinity, Watashi no Kare wa Pilot, Diamond Crevasse, Seikan Hikou, What 'bout my star?, Lion, Ai Oboete Imasu ka, Lion, Aimo (娘々サービスメドレー ?) Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin, Yūho Iwasato, Dai Satō, hal, Kazumi Yasui Yoko Kanno Episode 25 May'n, Megumi Nakajima & Maaya Sakamoto
"Triangler (fight on stage)" Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno Episode 25 (ED) May'n & Megumi Nakajima


Radio Macross

Radio Macross is a radio program, based on Macross Frontier, which was first broadcast on Bunka Hōsō and MBS Radio on January 3, 2008.[4] It has featured Megumi Nakajima and Kenta Miyake, voice actors for the characters Ranka Lee and Bobby Margot, as hosts.[11]

Macross Fufonfia

Macross Fufonfia is a series of flash-based 90-second shorts where characters from Macross Frontier are portrayed as office ladies and employees at the Frontier software company. While not exactly standard anime, more a sort of paper cut-out animation, these ONA shorts are a fun spoof of the original.

Cosplayer Frontier

Cosplayer Frontier is a japanese Adult Video where the two female protagonists cosplay as the two main female characters (Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome) from Macross Frontier. It was released on April 24, 2009 by AV maker company TMA.[12]

Macross Frontier The Movie: The False Diva

A theatrical version of the Macross Frontier television anime series was announced in Japan during the broadcast of the 25th and final episode Your Sound ("Anata no Oto") on September 25, 2008. According to recent interviews with Shōji Kawamori the upcoming movie will be an adaptation of the story from the T.V. series. The exact release date for the new animated film is still not finalized. Japanese anime magazine Animedia originally announced that the film was planned to be released during the summer of 2009.[13][14] More recent reports, however, place the tentative premiere date in fall 2009.[15] The planned fall opening date for a theatrical film remake of the Macross Frontier anime series was announced via an itasha (vehicle decorated with character art) mini-van outside the "Macross: The Super Dimension Space Launching Ceremony" event that took place on February 22, 2009 in Japan. However, creator Shoji Kawamori and the cast members Yuuichi Nakamura (Alto Saotome), Aya Endo (Sheryl Nome), and Megumi Nakajima (Ranka Lee) noted in the actual event that the new date and even the title of the project is subject to change.[16]

Recent news have confirmed that the theatrical film adaptation of the Macross Frontier television anime series will open in Japan on November 21, 2009 under the name Gekijō-ban Macross Frontier ~Itsuwari no Utahime~ (Macross Frontier the Movie: The False Songstress). The Kadokawa Cineplex and Shochiku Multiplex theaters' websites both revealed the title and date, and the second issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Macross Ace magazine announced the details on June 26, 2009. The teaser trailer for the film premiered in Japanese theaters on June 27, 2009 (which is the same day that ticket pre-sales began in Japan).[17]

Macross Frontier Movie: The Wings of Goodbye

The official website of the Macross Frontier anime series has confirmed that there will be two theatrical Macross Frontier films. While the first film will re-edit the story of the television series with new footage, the second film, which will be based also on the Macross Frontier TV series, will act as a sequel to the 2009 film, including a new story and new music.[18]

All That VF - Macross 25th Anniversary Air Show (Frontier Edition)

Coinciding with both the 25th Anniversary of Macross and the Blu-ray releases of volume one of both Macross Zero and Macross Frontier, the official website of Macross Frontier posted two newly animated short films featuring Air Show style demonstrations for both series. People who purchased the first pressings of either Macross Zero or Macross Frontier received a unique code to enter into the website and therefore be able to watch the short film of the respective anime.[19][20]

The mecha featured in the Macross Frontier version of the Air Show featured the VF-171, the VB-6 König Monster and different variants of the VF-25 Messiah, including three unique colour schemes for the VF-25.

The first variant of the VF-25 which first seen in the montage at the beginning of the clip features a white frame with red stripes on the wings and along the back of the fuselage with two gold strips running through the length of the fuselage and red tail fins. The words "VF-25 Messiah" are printed in gold lettering under the cockpit and on the wings, as are the words "25th Anniversary" which are printed on either side of the legs which form the jet engines. The emblem of the Macross 25th Anniversary is printed on either side of the tail fins.

The second and third variants of the VF-25 seen towards the end of the clip are both entirely violet with white strips going the length of the fuselage. One features an image of Sheryl Nome on the back of the Valkyrie, while the other features an image of Ranka Lee in the same area. Both feature the "VF-25 Messiah" and "25th Anniversary" on the same places as the other VF-25 with the Anniversary colour scheme. They both also have the 25th Anniversary emblem printed on their tail fins.

Three Valkyries that weren't featured flying in Macross Frontier also make a cameo appearance. These include the VF-1 Valkyrie in a similar colour scheme to the VF-25s which featured Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee (minus the characters, but also including the "25th Anniversary" text and emblem) and both the YF-19 and YF-21 from Macross Plus in their original colour schemes.

The music track for this clip was a track from Macross Frontier titled "Welcome To My Fan Club's Night!" which was performed by May'n and composed by Yoko Kanno.


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