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Mad Maxine
Ring name(s) Mad Maxine
Lady Maxine
Billed height 6 ft 2 in
Billed weight 170
Born West Germany
Debut 1984
Retired 1986

Mad Maxine (also known as Lady Maxine) was a female professional wrestler. She is best known for her height (standing approximately 6'2" tall) and having a green mohawk during her stint in the World Wrestling Federation. Her unique look, including leather lace-up wrestling gear, was modeled on characters in the Australian "Mad Max" films.


Wrestling career


World Wrestling Federation

Mad Maxine appeared in the World Wrestling Federation in 1985 as part of The Fabulous Moolah's stable of wrestlers (not so much a stable, more of a revolving door of challengers the WWF would bring in to face Wendi Richter) that included Spider Lady (Penny Mitchell), Judy Martin and Leilani Kai. She only wrestled two matches in the WWF. On March 5, 1985, Maxine (accompanied by Moolah) defeated Susan Starr in her first WWF match (which aired on the March 31, 1985 edition of All American Wrestling). She was accompanied again by Moolah for her second WWF match, which was against Desiree Petersen on April 16, 1985. She won both matches, and Moolah attacked her opponents after both victories.[1]

She began appearing in WWF merchandising at this time, including a sticker collection of WWF Superstars. She was also originally animated for the CBS Saturday morning cartoon titled Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling and appeared in early ads for the cartoon. However, because she left the WWF before the cartoon's debut, she was replaced by Moolah on the cartoon.

Due to Moolah's unwillingness to provide her more bookings, Maxine defected from WWF and Moolah with her own group of three lady wrestlers -- Angelle "Luna" Vachon, Peggy Lee Pringle, and Tamara. There has also been speculation that Moolah wanted her spot on the Rock 'n Wrestling cartoon and that Maxine was fed up with Moolah's persistent and egregious abuse of her wrestlers.

She is briefly featured on the WWF Wrestling's Biggest, Smallest, Strangest, Strongest! VHS video. Although she was initially brought into the WWF to feud with Richter, the two women never wrestled against each other.

American Wrestling Association

She briefly surfaced in the American Wrestling Association and participated in a battle royal with Candi Devine, Sherri Martel, Despina Montegas, Katie Kincaid, Joyce Grable, Debbie Combs, and others.[2]

Continental Championship Wrestling

With her four-woman tag team, Maxine moved first to Miami and then to Tampa where they began working for Wahoo McDaniel. As Lady Maxine, she began working for Wahoo McDaniel and teamed with him in mixed tag team matches.[3] She also feuded with Peggy Lee Pringle in Florida throughout November and December 1985.[4]

She then appeared in Continental Championship Wrestling in January 1986 as the bodyguard of Norvel Austin. She assisted him in his feud with "Exotic" Adrian Street and Miss Linda.[5]

In February 1986, she began wrestling against Luna Vachon.[6] Luna developed her persona after hooking up with the demonic Kevin Sullivan in Tampa.[7]

Universal Wrestling Federation

Later in 1986 in the Universal Wrestling Federation, Lady Maxine became the manager of Jack Victory. She accompanied him in singles matches, as well as 6-man tag team matches where he was paired with the Sheepherders.[8]

While managing Victory, she became involved in a feud with Dark Journey. The two women engaged in numerous cat fights.[9] They also competed in a mixed tag team match which pitted Maxine and Victory against Dark Journey and Koko Ware.[10]

Florida Championship Wrestling

While competing in Florida near the end of her career, Maxine feuded with Percy Pringle.[11] She physically dominated Pringle during their physical confrontations. Peggy Lee was introduced as Pringle's sister, and she often fought Maxine, including a memorable boxing match where Peggy managed to bloody the taller blond rather quickly.

Personal life

During her training period, Maxine was editor of the Black News after infiltrating a KKK rally on freelance assignment. She is a trained journalist with a degree from University of South Florida, Tampa. Maxine retired from professional wrestling in 1986 to return to the field of journalism.

In wrestling



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