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Founded 2003
Headquarters JapanTokyo, Japan
Industry Pornography
Products Pornographic films
Parent Hokuto Corporation
Website "Madonna Official Site".  

Madonna (マドンナ Madonna ?) is a Japanese adult video (AV) studio which specializes in the "mature woman" or "madam" genre of Japanese pornography.


Company information

Madonna is an AV studio located in Tokyo[1] which is affiliated with the large AV conglomerate Hokuto Corporation which distributes its videos through the DMM website.[2] Madonna registered its website in October 2003[3] and released its first videos in December 2003.[4] Their premier video, Man-Eating Mature Women - Semen Squeezing (JUK-001) starred Maki Tomoda, Aki Tomosaki and Mayumi Kusunoki.:[5] The company specializes in movies in the "mature woman" (熟女 ?) or "jukujo" genre, sometimes with an incest theme.[6] Such mature woman videos have been a growing trend in Japanese AV since the mid 1990s.[7] The General Manager of the company is Katsuhisa Aoyagi (青柳勝久 ?).[1]

Since their inception, the studio's original videos used production codes series of the type JUK-001 for VHS releases and JUKD-001 for DVD releases. Compilation videos were labeled in the series JUS-001 and JUSD-001. In December 2008, the original code was filled when video JUKD-999 was released. A new series of codes for DVDs was inaugurated in January 2009 in the format JUC-001. Compilation videos are still using the JUSD-xxx format. The studio produces a total of about 20 original and compilation videos per month.[4] As an addition to the standard Madonna label, in November 2007, Madonna instituted a new label, Fitch, which uses codes of the type JUFD-001.[8]

AV Grand Prix

Madonna entered the 2008 AV Grand Prix competition with the 3-hour video MADONNA BOOTCAMP ELITE [AVGL-025] starring Ryoko Murakami, Chisato Shouda, Sayaka Kawase, Rina Uozumi, Mami Todo, Asami Kitamura, Shino Kodama and Rie Sato.[9] In the 2009 AV Grand Prix, the Madonna entry Raped Female Teacher (犯された女教師) [AVGL-136] starring Reiko Makihara and directed by Eitaro Haga won one of the Special Awards for Mature Woman Videos.[10]


AV actresses performing in Madonna videos include:


Some popular titles among the more than 60 series produced by Madonna include:[11][12]

  • Amateur Madame Hunting (素人人妻ナンパ )
  • Apartment Wife (団地妻)
  • Beautiful Mature Lady and Black Men (美熟女と黒人)
  • Celebrity Busty Mature Women: Best Male Virgin! (豊乳美熟女 最高の筆おろし!)
  • Friend's Mother (友達の母)
  • Fucked by Father-in-law ... (義父に犯されて…)
  • I Want to Fuck My Mother! (母さんとしたい!)
  • In Front Of Loving Husband's Eyes ... (愛する夫の目の前で…)
  • My Aunt (僕のおばさん)
  • Sensual Life of the Beautiful Wives (悶絶美熟女の卑猥な日常)
  • Sex at 40 (四十路の性)
  • Sex at 50 (五十路の性)
  • The Neighbour's Wife (となりの奥さん)


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