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メーテルリンクの青い鳥 チルチルミチルの冒険旅行
(Maeterlinck no Aoi Tori: Tyltyl Mytyl no Bōken Ryokō)
TV anime
Directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa
Studio Toei Animation
Network Fuji TV
Original run January 9, 1980July 9, 1980
Episodes 26
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Maeterlinck's Blue Bird: Tyltyl and Mytyl's Adventurous Journey (メーテルリンクの青い鳥 チルチルミチルの冒険旅行 Maeterlinck no Aoi Tori: Tyltyl Mytyl no Bōken Ryokō?) is a 1980 Japanese animated television series directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa, with character designs from Leiji Matsumoto. It is based on the play by Maurice Maeterlinck. The series was 26-episodes long when aired on Japanese television.




  • Tyltyl
  • Mytyl
  • Tyrol (the dog)
  • Shanet (the cat)
  • Berylune (the fairy)
  • Queen of Night
  • Tyltyl and Mytyl's parents (Father and Mother)
  • Spirit of Water
  • Spirit of Fire
  • Spirit of Time
  • Spirit of Bread
  • Spirit of Milk
  • Spirit of Sugar
  • Spirit of Light


  1. One warm evening, a visitor
  2. Sing! Dance! The merry fairies
  3. The forest of darkness is full of mysteries
  4. Guardian of the dark, queen of the night
  5. Good evening, ghost
  6. The birds who grasped freedom
  7. Welcome to the land of sickness
  8. The land where time has stopped
  9. A happiness a little too full of itself
  10. Pleased to meet you, motherly love
  11. Secret of the palace of the night
  12. Desert with no oasis
  13. Mechanical blue bird
  1. Invitation to the graveyard
  2. Revolt of the animals!!
  3. Children who are yet to be born
  4. I'm now being born...
  5. The land of gold is full of dreams!
  6. Giant of the isle of topsy-turvy
  7. Deep sea is the gathering place of demons
  8. Devil-inhabited mansion
  9. Face-off against the queen of the night
  10. Fight the beast! Mother's life in the balance
  11. Break through the demon's trap
  12. Queen of night, dead at dawn
  13. Where are you going, blue bird?

Titles in other languages

  • French: L'Oiseau bleu
  • Italian: Tyltyl, Mytyl e l'uccellino azzurro

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