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Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
First time Maggie and The Ferocious Beast Video at night.jpg
DVD cover art (UK, Region 2)
Format Children's television series
Created by Michael Paraskevas
Betty Paraskevas
Starring Kristen Bone
Stephen Ouimette
Michael Caruana
Julie Lemieux
Adrian Truss
Tamara Bernier
John McGrath
Country of origin  Canada
No. of episodes 39
Running time 30 minutes per episode
Original channel Canada
Treehouse TV
, Family Channel
, Teletoon
United States, Nick Jr.
Original run June 5, 2000 – April 25, 2006

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast is an animated television series based on the books by Michael Paraskevas and his mother Betty. It currently airs on the Canadian channels Disney Channel, Teletoon, Treehouse TV, and Knowledge and in the U.S. on Nick Jr.

In the show, five-year-old Maggie creates her own map of her imaginary world Nowhere Land. She imagines that her stuffed toys Beast and Hamilton Hocks come to life. The show also features friends like mice, cows, and rabbits.

The theme song for the show begins with: "Maggie and the Ferocious Beast in Nowhere Land / In Nowhere Land / Come along if you can." Maggie and The Ferocious Beast is produced by Nelvana and directed by Jamie Whiteney and Stuart Shankly. The series debuted in 1997.


  • Maggie: Maggie is a 5 year old girl who is Hamilton's and the Beast's best friend. They both look up to Maggie very much and always turn to her for advice. Maggie is the leader of the group and is always there to be the compassionate voice of reason to her dear friends.
  • The Ferocious Beast: The Beast is not very scary or ferocious though he can shout louder than anybody. He is yellow, with big red spots, and 3 horns on his head. His favorite catchphrase is "Great Googly Moogly!", which he says several times per episode. He is just a big softy, despite his bold appearance. The Beast loves pumpkins, which is convenient since there is an impressive pumpkin patch in Nowhere Land. As a matter of fact, Beast loves pretty much any kind of food and is almost always hungry. He even loves baths. He loves Hamilton's cooking. He is also covered in red spots that are easily removed by Maggie and Hamilton when necessary. Maggie and Hamilton are his best friends.
  • Hamilton Hocks: His name is apparently derived from the portion of pork meat, known as a Ham hock. Hamilton can be bossy and quite fussy, but this little piggy has a warm heart. He lives inside a portable cardboard box which he loves, is the best cook in Nowhere Land, and is a total clean-freak. Hamilton's most prized possessions are his beautiful "H" sweater and his cardboard box. Maggie and the Beast are his best friends.
  • Rudy the Mouse: Rudy is a cheese-loving mouse who lives in a large wheel of Swiss cheese in a part of Nowhere Land called Cheese Town. It is revealed in one episode that Rudy's hat and boots do not come off because they are nailed to him. Strangely enough, this character started off with the name Pippy, but was renamed by the writers soon after for some reason.
  • Nedley the Rabbit: Nedley speaks in rhymes. He says rhymes almost all through every episode that he appears in, but sometimes he talks normally a little bit before starting his rhyme again. Nedley lives in a rabbit hole next to his carrot patch in Nowhere Land.
  • The Kindly Giant: The Kindly Giant is not at all scary but instead kind-hearted. The others are scared at first but they soon get used to him and they sometimes go to him for advice or a favor. He refers to Maggie, Hamilton, and the Beast as "little ones." He owns a garden full of fruit and vegetables, of which he always lets the ever-hungry Beast scarf up a giant blueberry or two. His face is never shown and he only appears in a few episodes. He is big and strong. Even the Beast seems small compared to the giant. The Kindly Giant lives in an area of Nowhere Land where all the fruits and vegetables are giant sized.
  • The Moo Sisters: They are the three cows who live in a part of Nowhere Land called Mooville. They love to sing and do it often. They are sisters - Mavis, Millicent and Marge.
  • The Jellybean Team - They are a group of seven jellybeans.There is a red one, orange one, yellow one, purple one, black one, and two green ones. They are small, of course, but have big personalities. They are all heavily addicted to ketamine.
  • The Triplets: Maggie's baby nephews (Zack, Max, and Oscar). They only appear in four episodes, "One Two Three", "Home of the Kindly Giant", "The New Rubber Ball" and "Which Way Did They Go?". However, in "One, Two, Three", Oscar playfully throws dirt at the Beast, Zack is the only one that still crawls around, and only Max can sit up and play patty cake.
  • BB Cats - BB is a cat who lives near the Murk Bridge. He is a soulful jazz musician who plays bass and wears sunglasses.
  • Sidestep - Sidestep is a very cranky crab who once got his house (a sand castle) destroyed by the beast accidentally. His home has been rebuilt by the characters twice on the series. Sidestep lives on the beach of Nowhere Land.

List of episodes

Season 1

  • My One and Only Box
  • Spot the Spot
  • Recipe for Trouble
  • The Lemonade Stand
  • Walk the Walk
  • What's in a Laugh
  • Pack Up Your Troubles
  • Rub a Dub Dub
  • The Big Carrot
  • Out of Water Beast
  • Rain, Rain, Come and Stay
  • Hamilton the Ham
  • This Little Pig
  • Hide & Go Beast
  • One, Two, Three
  • What's In A Bag?
  • Beastly Picture
  • The Push-Me Popper
  • Sun Spots
  • Say Cheese!
  • Sailing Away
  • Hamilton's Pet
  • Slooooooow Motion
  • The Big Duck
  • Flim-Flam-A-Fiddle
  • Beastly Garden
  • Spring Cleaning
  • 3 Little Ghosts
  • The King of Nowhere Land
  • The Big Scare
  • Mr. Snow
  • Nap Time
  • Up, Up, and Away
  • Louder! Louder!
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Maggie the Mommy
  • Hamilton's Box Car
  • Happy Birthday to All of Us
  • The Really Big Show

Season 2

  • Hamilton Blows His Horn
  • Rudy and The Big Cheese (on the episode when it shows the name of the episode, "Rudy" and "and" do not appear)
  • Roll Along Archie
  • Desert Treasure
  • Morning in Nowhere Land
  • The Missing Sweater
  • Message in A Bottle
  • A Visit to Cake Town
  • Hamilton's Important Letter
  • Curtain Up
  • Icing on the Cake
  • Where's Maggie?
  • Nothing in the Beach Ball
  • Picnic Time
  • The New Rubber Ball
  • Maggie's Song
  • The Buffle-Headed Booby
  • Hamilton the Bee
  • Guess Who's Coming to Visit
  • The Lonesome Traveller
  • The Home of the Kindly Giant
  • Catch Me If you Can
  • Strings, Pumpkins, and Hats
  • The Missing Bass
  • The Big Hole
  • Oh, Give Me a Home
  • Which Way Did They Go?

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