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History of Morocco
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The Maghrawa or Meghrawa (Berber: imghrawn) were a Berber tribe in Morocco and central and western Algeria.


The Meghrawa, a tribe of Zanata Berbers[1 ], were one of the first Berber tribes to submit to Islam in the 7th century. They supported Uqba ibn Nafi in his campaign to the Atlantic in 683. They were Kharijites from the 8th century, and allied first with the Idrisids, and, from the 10th century, with the Umayyads of Córdoba. As a result they were caught up in the Umayyad-Fatimid conflict in Morocco and Algeria. Although they won a victory over the allies of the Fatimids in 924, they soon became allied with them themselves. When they switched back to the side of Córdoba, they were driven out of central Morocco by the Zirids, who ruled on behalf of the Fatimids. In 980, however, they were able to drive the Miknasa out of Sijilmasa.[1 ]

Under Ziri ibn Atiyya (to 1001) the Meghrawa achieved supremacy in Fez under Umayyad suzerainty and expanded their territory at the expense of the Banu Ifran. A revolt against the Andalusian Umayyads was put down by Al-Mansur (Abi Amir), although the Meghrawa were able to regain power in Fez. Under the succeeding rulers al-Muizz (1001-1026), Hamman (1026-1039) and Dunas (1039) they consolidated their rule in northern and central Morocco. However, internal power struggles after 1060 enabled the Almoravids to conquer them in 1070 and put an end to their rule.


Dynasty of Maghrawa tribe [2]

  • Mohamed Ibn Al Khayr 970.
  • Attia 986 - 988.
    • Ziri ibn Atiyya 989 - 1001.
      • El Moez Ibn Attia 1001 - 1026.
        • Hammama Ibn El Moez 1026 - 1033 and 1038 - 1040.
            • Abou Attaf Donas Ibn Hamama 1040 - 1059.
              • Fotoh Ibn Donas 1059 - 1062.
                • Ajissa Ibn Donas 1059 - 1061.
                  • Muanneser 1065.
                    • Temim de 1067 - 1068.
Preceded by
Idrissid and Umayyad dynasty
Maghrawa dynasty
Succeeded by
Almoravid dynasty


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