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The Magi Society is an international association of astrologers devoted to scientic research and membership is designed to help members learn principles of astrology, especially those of Magi Astrology.[1]At the present time, most of the society's members are college graduates. The percentage of the Magi Society's members that have post graduate degrees is more than three times that of the national average. [2]

The Magi Society traces its roots back to 17th century China, but opened their membership to the public in the United States in 1995. As of late 2009, the Magi Society was the world's largest association of astrologers with over 5,000 members in 32 countries.[3]

The Magi Society is the author of three books that teach astrology. The Magi Society's system of astrology is called Magi Astrology and combines "established Sacred Geometry Astrology with new astrological discoveries." [4]

The three books that explain the principles of Magi Astrology were originally published 1995-1999 by Hay House, Inc., the publishing company founded by Louise Hay.[5] The popularity of their written works is reflected in the fact that used copies of their three out of print books, including paperbacks that originally sold for $12.95, are considered highly desirable and advertised by used book sellers for prices ranging from $24.99 to $79.99 and up to as much as $340. [6] [7][8]

The Magi Society has developed unique computer astrology software that displays both longitudes and declinations on the same chartwheel and to aid in research.

Although the software is a benefit of membership, the Magi Society developed their own astrological calculation software primarily to perform extensive research into planetary phenomena as it correlates with human activities, including the relationship between stock/commodity prices and planetary alignments. They found that "certain specific and rare types of planetary alignments occur whenever stock markets worldwide are making a massive bull run, or a horrific bear collapse." [9]


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  • [1] The main website for the Magi Society
  • [2] The Magi Society website dedicated to financial astrology


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