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Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie is a classically animated made-for-TV movie and Television Series created by Britt Allcroft, who found her ideal collaborative partner in seasoned animation director John Laurence Collins. Britt Allcroft also produced "Shining Time Station" and the TV version of "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends", which was based on the The Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry.

Mumfie was originally broadcast, using a puppetry format, between 1975 and 1976. Entitled, 'Here Comes Mumfie' it was shown on Independent Television (ITV) in the United Kingdom. A programme for pre-schoolers, it was based on the novels by Katherine Tozer, which were originally published in 1936. 'Here Comes Mumfie' told the story of Mumfie the nelifunt who was put into Tommy's stocking by Father Christmas. On Christmas morning he realises that Father Christmas forgot to put his best friend Scarecrow in Tommy's stocking so he decides to go and find him, and that, as Mumfie said, was 'the start of many great adventures'.

A newly created version, with an original musical score featuring 26 Broadway style songs, was broadcast on the UK's ITV network in 1994. It has been seen in many parts of the world, including the US (Fox Kids), Canada, Australia, Scandinavia and Japan.

On its launch, Mumfie received many rave reviews including "a moving work of art" - Chicago Tribune and "gentle, smart and beautifully animated" - New York Daily News. Customer web reviews include "this movie rocks my socks", "a charming classic", "the perfect children's movie - the songs are great and the characters are memorable."

Mumfie was produced through the Britt Allcroft Company PLC, which changed its name to Gullane Entertainment on Britt Allcroft's departure from the PLC in 2000. Gullane was subsequently taken over by Hit Entertainment who sold the entire library back to Allcroft in 2008.


Patrick Breen
Music by 
Larry Grossman
  • Lyrics by: John Kane
  • Music Arranged & Produced by: Steve Horelick
  • Songs Sung by: Lonny Price & Peter Yawitz
  • Producer of Animation: Michael B. Hefferon
  • Directed by: John Laurence Collins
  • Produced by: Britt Allcroft
  • Written by: Britt Allcroft & John Kane
  • Created by: Britt Allcroft
  • From the Works of: Katharine Tozer
  • Supervising Producer: Toni Stevens-Fleischmann
  • Original Production Designers: Bob Gauld-Galliers, Peter Moehrle, Chuck Gammage
  • Assistant Director: Robert Elliott
  • Post Production Supervisor: Christopher G. Harris
  • Production Manager: Ruth Lidwill
  • Production Coordinators: Marty Knox, James Backshall
  • Location and Prop Designers: Darren Goeree, Ed Lee, Gord Sinclair, Peter Wang
  • Character Designers: Ross Campbell, Todd Kauffman, Mike Smukavic, Cynthia Ward
  • Special Effects Designer: Raymond Pang
  • Clean-up: Rich Dannys, Dales DesRochers, Darren Goeree, Gord Sinclair, Frank Trzcinski
  • Storyboard Artists: Sam Agro, Chad Hicks, Ted Bastien, Peter Hudecki, Myron Born, Larry Jacobs, Mike Csunyoscka, Tim O'Halloran, Annelies Davis, Dave Pemberton, John Flagg, Andrew Tan, Stan Gadziola, Rob Walton
  • Layouts: Pictor Entertainment
  • Layout/Storyboard Coordinator: Jason Boyer
  • Layouts: Rich Dannys, Dave Merritt, Robert Elliott, Mike Nichols, Peggy Hawley, Jenni Selby, Ed Lee, John Stewart, John Lei, Peter Wang, Brad Markewitz, Ron Wilson, Wayne McKenzie, John Yee
  • Background Supervisor: Carl Sutcliffe
  • Background Design: Dave Chapman, Juliet Gauthier, Ryan A. Lewis, Robyn Moir, Jelena K. Sisic, Ange Zhang
  • Colour Design: Patricia Jones
  • Assistant Colour Design: Danielle Dal Ben, Adam Krause
  • Animation Production Studio: Phoenix Animation Studios Ltd
  • Overseas Supervisors: Lilliane Andr√®, Robert Elliott
  • Overseas Studio: Animasia International Ltd. (Singapore)
  • Managing Director: S.C. Chen
  • Executive Director: Glen Kennedy
  • Digital Ink, Paint and Compositing: Colorland, Hong Kong
  • Exposure Sheet Timing Direction: Niall Johnston & Raven's Eye Productions Inc., Brent Deitrick, Ron Nobel, Brian Ray
  • Storyboard Timing: Shawn Seles
  • Lip Sync Supervisor: Ken Edwards
  • Voice Track Breakdown: Terry Carter, Mark Grozicki
  • Voice Director: Patrick Breen
  • Picture Editors: Mary Bajus, Stephanie Duncan, Simon Marcroft
  • Assistant Picture Editors: Chuck Kahn, Dana Alexander
  • Video Post Production: Magnetic North
  • Online Editors: Martin Jefferson, Brian Karn
  • Color Correction: Colin Moore
  • Flint Artist: Steve Grinnell
  • Sound Edit & Voice Recording: Access Post Production Audio Inc.
  • Sound Editors: Steven Cole, Steve Shelski, David Cole, Sue Robertson
  • Voice Recording Engineers: Steve Shelski, Peter Riley
  • Re-Recording Engineer: Andy Koyama
  • Dubbing Mixer: Mike Erander
  • Sound Mix: Deluxe Toronto
  • Mixer: Elius Caruso
  • Music Orchestrated by: Lawrence Wolf for Oasis Music Inc.
  • Director's Assistant: Michael Pezzack
  • Assistant to the Producers: Marc DeGagne
  • Production Secretary: Tracey Nolan
  • Production Assistants: Simon McCord, Mark Campbell, Shawn Taylor
  • Production Accountants: Doug Allen, J.C. Caveen
  • Production Supervisor: Michael Flynn
  • Advisors: Dr. Malcolm Coe, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford (RTD), Ronald G. Slaby Ph.D, Department of Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University
  • Executive Producer: Angus Wright
Produced by 
Britt Allcroft (Mumfie) Ltd for Phoenix Animation Studios.
© Britt Allcroft (Mumfie) Ltd 1994

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