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The fictional Magliozzi Crime Family control the Cosa Nostra in the comic book series Sin City. Led by Don Giacco Magliozzi and based at the Magliozzi Mansion (located in Sacred Oaks), they were wiped out in Family Values.

Known members

  • Vito, a Mafia mobster who kills Bruno and (accidentally) Carmen in Family Values. Forced to shoot his brother Lucca. Drives Dwight and Miho to the home of his uncle, Don Giacco Magliozzi.
  • Spinelli, short Mafia muscle. Wears a hooded coat similar to a slicker. The first of Vito's thugs to be killed by Miho.
  • Luca, Vito's brother and one of Magliozzi's hitmen.
  • Vinnie, Mafia muscle. Incredibly racially bigoted, especially towards Japanese.
  • Don Giacco Magliozzi, Leader of the local Mafia, residing in Sacred Oaks. Enemies with Wallenquist. Killed by Daisy at the conclusion of Family Values.

Although not mentioned by name, the "Board of Directors" are also featured. In the final scene in the conference room, the bald attendee with the unibrow and cigar is most likely Don Magliozzi's Consigliere due to his aged features and his seat's close proximity to Magliozzi in contrast to the other attendees. The other attendees, the one who tried to get the drop on Miho and lost his hand in the process, and the other one who didn't say anything at all, are most likely the Caporegimes of the Family.



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