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Alan, Charlie and Toño on the video for Una y Otra Vez recorded in Guatemala in 2001
Background information
Origin Mexico
Genres Latin pop (Boy-band)
Years active 1983-1996[1]
Website [1] (unofficial fan site; Spanish)

Magneto was a popular Mexican boy band of the 1980s and 1990s. The band formed on February 14, 1983[2]. In 1986, Magneto was featured in "Siempre en Domingo," a Mexican entertainment show viewed across Latin America and parts of Europe.



  • Siempre (1996) (Always)
  • Tu Libertad (1994) (Your Freedom)
  • Más (1993) (More)
  • Cambiando el Destino (1992) (Changing Destiny)
  • Vuela, Vuela (album) (1991) (a cover of Desireless's Voyage Voyage)
  • 40 Grados (Magneto album) (1989) (40 Degrees)
  • Todo esta muy bien (1987) (Everything is very good)
  • Tremendo (1986) (Tremendous)
  • Super 6 Magneto (1984) (Magneto Super 6)
  • Dejalo que gire (1984) (Let it grow)


  • Una y Otra Vez (2001) (Once Again)

=From the album Siempre (Always)

  • Para Siempre (Forever)
  • No Se Decir Adios (Don't Even Say Goodbye)
  • La Puerta del Colegio (The high school's door)
  • [[Corazon Perfecto] (The Perfect Heart)

From the album Cambiando El Destino (Changing Destiny)=

  • Amor A Mogollon (Mogollon Love)
  • Cambiando el Destino (Changing Destiny)

From the album Vuela, Vuela (Fly, Fly Away)

  • Dejame Estar a Tu Lado (Let Me Stay by Your Side)
  • Huy Que Llego Tarde (Ouch, I'm being late)
  • Oyeme (Hear Me Out)

From the album Tu Libertad (Your Freedom)

  • Eva María (Eva Maria)
  • Siempre Cerca de Mi (Always close to me)
  • Mentira Para Dos (A Lie for the Two of us)
  • Malherido (Deeply Hurt)
  • Señor, Señor (Listen)(Sir, Sir)
  • Tu Libertad (Your Freedom)

From the album Más (More)

  • Que Sensación (What a Feeling!)
  • Mi Amada (My Beloved One)
  • Como Pega el Son (How the Son/Sound Hits You)
  • Sugar, Sugar (cover song)

From the album X-Magneto

  • Vuela, Vuela (remix) (1992)
  • Vuela, Vuela (Fly away, Fly away) (1992)

From the album 40 grados (40 Degrees)

  • Obsesionado (1990) (Obsessed)
  • 40 grados (1989) (40 Degrees)
  • Tu mejor amigo (1989) (Literally: Your Best Friend)

From the album Tremendo (Tremendous)

  • Tremendo (Tremendous) (1986)
  • Adolescencia (The Teenage Years) (1986)

From the album Todo esta muy bien (Everything is Very Good)

  • Mi clase de amor (My Kind of Love) (1988)
  • Soy un soñador (I'm a Dreamer) (1988)
  • Todo esta muy bien (Everything Is Very Good) (1987)


  • Cambiando el destino (Changing Destiny) (1992)



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