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Magical Circle Guru Guru
(Mahōjin Guru Guru)
Genre Comedy
TV anime
Director Atsushi Takada
Hiroshi Kawashima
Hiroshi Satô
Jiro Fujimoto
Shinichi Watanabe
Susumu Ishizaki
Studio Nippon Animation
Network TV Asahi
Original run 13 October 199414 September 1995
Episodes 45
Anime film
Director Nobuaki Nakanishi
Released 20 April 1996
Runtime 30 min
TV anime
Doki Doki Densetsu Mahōjin Guru Guru
Director Jun Takagi
Studio Nippon Animation
Network TV Tokyo
Original run 4 April 200026 December 2000
Episodes 38
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Magical Circle Guru Guru (魔法陣グルグル Mahōjin Guru Guru ?) is a comedy anime[1] series created based on the manga by the same name by Hiroyuki Etou.

Mahōjin Guru Guru is a light-hearted show aimed at older children, although it contains occasional toilet gags and some innuendo that might startle western parents.

Mahōjin Guru Guru is a parody of early Role Playing Games, particularly turn based games such as the Dragon Quest games. The narrator speaks in place of the dialog in such games and this is one of the comedy elements of the show. Often RPG-style information boxes are displayed on screen along with accompanying narration in the traditional RPG style. The overall goal of the main characters, Nike and Kukuri, is to defeat Giri, the ruler of the darkness. Since the anime is based on an RPG, several side quests need to be completed before they are able to locate him.



Nike, Seiyū: Fujiko Takimoto (first series), Omi Minami (second series)

Nike, (pronounced Nee-kay) is the "Hero" of the show. Nike's father Bado had always wished to be a Hero, but due to the lack of any great evil to fight against he had to give his dream up. Still, he made his son undergo hard training as a child in hopes that one day a great evil would arise and Nike could fight it. Because of this Nike is a competent, although cowardly, fighter, however like Kukuri he is initially immature and inexperienced. Nike is from Jimuna Mura (which translates to Plain Old Town). Initially Nike does not want to be a Hero but a Wizard as he finds the thought of casting a fireball "cool", though his parents convince him to choose the Hero.He initially thinks that he is of the Hero class, as do others but it is later revealed that he is a Thief.

  • Thief
  • Born: 21 October 1298
  • Age: 13
  • Blood type: O
  • Stats at Level 1: HP: 10, MP: 0
  • Stats at Level 2: HP: 12, MP: 0
  • Stats at Level 4: HP: 18, MP: 0
  • Stats at Level 5: HP: 20, MP: 0
  • Light elemental
  • Quote: "I have a policy of always taking the easy way out!"
Kukuri with her Meke Meke robe and her old staff

Kukuri, Seiyū: Konami Yoshida

Kukuri is a gentle hearted magic apprentice. She has grown under the care of Jimuna Town's old witch, who received her when she was a baby from a wandering stranger, supposedly the last member of the Migu Migu Tribe. Being the last remaining member of the Migu Migu, Kukuri learns the dark summoning magic only the Migu Migu can use known as Guru Guru, which consists of drawing circles on the ground with a staff. She is eager and shows great affection towards Nike, almost always calling him "Hero" (Yusha in Japanese).She is also extremely lucky or good in several sports and games such as Rock-paper-scissors and Cricket.

  • Mage
  • Born: 16 March 1299
  • Age: 12
  • Blood type: B
  • Stats at Level 1: HP: 6, MP: 8
  • Stats at Level 2: HP: 8, MP: 10
  • Stats at Level 3: HP: 12, MP: 18
  • Stats at Level 4: HP: 14, MP: 24
  • Stats at Level 5: HP: 16, MP: 30
  • Dark elemental

Kita Kita Oyaji, Seiyū: Kenichi Ogata

Oyaji (real name Udberg Eldol), or just "Old man", used to be the mayor of the town of Kitano, also called North Town. When the town's traditional dance, Kita Kita, could no longer be performed because no more girls were born, he decided to start dancing it himself.He believes that this was the result of a curse as they had commercialized the dance. His dance is often regarded as creepy and disgusting by the other characters in the show. He usually follows the duo of Nike and Kukuri around. He wears a Hula dress and usually finds some excuse to perform his Kita Kita dance, much to Nike and Kukuri's dismay. Apparently he wants to pass on the Kita Kita dance to the next generation and is looking for trainees. In Doki Doki Legend it is learned he developed muscles from all the dancing and is able to defeat monsters in one punch on accident. Also he have enormous Hit Points (a staggering 1650 in the "Pickle of Happiness") that makes him nearly immortal and capable to sustain extreme levels of abuse (that is inflicted upon him all the time).

  • Born: 1 January 1260
  • Age: 51
  • Blood type: B
  • HP 2000

Toma, Seiyū:

Joins the party and meets Nike and Kukuri in north village where he pretends to be of the Priest class. In Doki Doki Legend he plays a major role in Nike's party as a Magical engineer with the ability to invent magical items.He is shown to be level 12 when Nike and Kukuri were merely 2 and 3 respectively.Toma was interested in Migu.

Migu, Seiyū:

Joins the party and meets Nike and Kukuri in north village where pretends to be a martial artist.She tries to use sex appeal against the ratman guard at the dungeon of Mt Saw-edge but the ratman flees as she scares him.She is Zaza's sister.

Zaza, Seiyū:

Joins the party and meets Nike and Kukuri in north village where pretends to be a wizard.Zaza was interested in Kukuri.He is Migu's brother.

Juju, Seiyū: Yuri Amano

Priestess of the purato people.In Doki Doki Legend she joins Nike's party as a warrior priest her magic comes from praying to Purato's god proves to be a good excorcist.She appears very powerful but at an occasion[2] seemed somehow impeded in her spellcasting when her combat Altar was broken by Gochinko's sword style and was caught off guard.

Gochinko, Seiyū:

Gochinko is a sword trainer and master of so-called stupid or queer Swordsmanship.This unique form of swordfighting, which he teaches in a rundown and small hall specializes in making the enemy laugh to distract his attention.Gochinko places flowers on parts of his body and takes strange stances to make the enemy laugh and thus inflict great damage as he is distracted.He tries to teach Nike swordmanship and judjes that Nike is very bad at it.He is also a Purato agent and serves JuJu.

Gipple, Seiyū: Urara Takano

Gipple is a small wind spirit who occasionally guides the duo, though he vanishes at the first sign of trouble. He can expand his cloak into a tent and store items in it.Gipple has an anthropomorphic body under the cloak and wears a little loincloth.Gipple seems disgusted by any emotional demonstration and proceeds to express this trait of his whenever possible.

La la, Seiyū:

Woman from magic society helps Nike and kukuri from time to time. She uses snake magic and is the one who gave gipple to Nike. In Doki Doki Legend she falls in love with Nike's Thief mentor Sly.Nike can't help laughing when he hears her name and hides behind a rock to avoid being noticed.

Bado, Seiyū:

Nike's father.He received a critical hit in the from of a punch the first time he held the infant Nike.After that he trained Nike to be a Hero.Right before the departs for Kodai castle he offers him his old helmet.The helmet is cracked but Nike suggests he will wear it by tilting it to the side.Bado kicks Nike into the air and keeps the helmet saying that he looks like a gang leader.

  • Age: 40
  • HP: 160
  • MP: 0

Rena, Seiyū:

Nike's mother.She knocks out Nike with a poison dart when he tries to flee.She cooks him a meal that resembles an adventuring map.Nike has to eat things in the proper order, which he does not and ends up poisoned.

  • Age: 35
  • HP: 50
  • MP: 0

Old Witch, Seiyū:

An old witch that raised Kukuri.She is called old hag and cow by Kukuri.She has also lied to Kukuri that chocolate is poison to children to keep her from eating hers.

Ena, Seiyū:

Ena is a beautyful female wizard that is in love with Gail.She is dressed like a belly dancer.

  • Level: 7
  • HP: 22
  • MP: 35

Gail, Seiyū:

Gail is a fighter that thinks that he is a or the Hero.Despite Gail's level he loses most battles, even one with Nike the first time they met.Gail and Ena reveal that they usually don't have enough money to buy food as they use it to buy equipment and that it is they reason they lose all the time.Gail pulled a mere Rock-paper-scissors toy from the mysterious box Ranyaranka that contained magic gas and revealed the identity of the true hero.

  • Level: 8
  • HP: 50
  • MP: 72

King Uruga XIII, Seiyū:

King Uruga XIII resides in Kodai castle.He is a short man with a long moustache and long black hair.He gives 800 Rin (a small amount) to Nike and Kukuri to aid their quest in defeating Giri.He admits that the money are to buy his way out of any responsibility.


Blonde fairy with a pink tutu and a ribbon on her head.She knew the secret weak point of Kisegi Gold and was imprisoned when she told about 100 of her friends.After she was freed she left famous rice crackers as a gift.

Fairy Elder

No idea faeries or nothingness faeries

Confusion faeries



A female sage that teaches Nike about Light magic and the Kira Kira sword.


Found in Potoma Academy located in the Potoma kingdom.


Also called Wetts.



Ratmen are very low ranked type of monsters.They sometimes speak in Prose.

HP: 3

Rai Rai is a flying monster that resembles a bird.

Kisegi is a monster that fights with a club or a spear,has three horns on his head and adds -sss after every sentence.

HP: 5

Kisegi Gold is a Huge Kisegi and boss of the dungeon at Mt. Saw-edge.His weak point is to the right of the scale that's below the crest that's between the two horns that are on the back of his shoulders.He appears stupid and has ratmen write his lines.He can breathe fire, inflict double damage when enraged, and reveals that he is part Salamander. He usually fights with a huge sword.

Man eating plant is found in a room in the dungeon of Mt. Saw-Edge.

NG is a blue monster sorcerer in a death pool.



Chikuri Demon

Search Eye

Mandoragora is a monster with a gourd shaped water menlon for a head and tree branches for legs and arms.Its torso is covered in leaves.The top of its head opens up to reveal stems and red petals.This monster was always unlucky with girls so he terrorized Over-there village and demanded girls which he made go through hard labour.Mandoragora can shield himself with his leaves and gain protection from fire.His main attack is Black pepper spores that launch from his head.His stems can be used as limbs and wips and he his hands as claws.

Yanban is a red man-like dog with intense eyebrows wearing a grey cloak.Its located in great numbers in the fairy village mountain and fights with an woodsman axe which it sometimes throws.It also wears a funny hat with several white feathers on top and white sandals.Its bite is poisonous and deadly.The Yanban can also play with his target like a regular dog would and even lick his targets which makes them disgusted.

Lord Giri, Seiyū:

Giri is the series' main bad guy. After having been sealed by Guruguru magic for 300 years (during the reign of King Uruga III) he finally returned and is unleashing his army of monsters to take over the world. Since his only weakness is Guruguru magic, he does all in his might to destroy Kukuri, the last Guruguru user in existence. He is always depicted sitting on a big armchair, completely hidden in a dark cloak with only his red eyes glowing through. In his demonic-looking hand he always holds a glass of wine.


  • MekeMeke Robe, a robe with high defense against Magic worn by Kukuri
  • Star shard sword, Attack power 6, loaned to Nike at North village and made from Star shards mined from Mt. Saw-Edge. The sword spirit cab stop time and create a miracle when its wielder is in immediate danger.However the miracle is a surprise.Sadly the miracle was to Level-up Kita Kita Oyaji giving him Speed+3, Massle+2 and Beauty-5.
  • Smoke shield, an incense that creates a full armor with little weight that protects from fire and has a good defense rating, given to Nike at North village
  • North village sword, inflicts 200 times more damage than a normal sword but is 200 times as heavy
  • North village armor, provides 500 times more protection than a normal armor sword but is 500 times as heavy
  • La-La-La shield, can deflect any physical or magical attack but is cursed and once equipped the wielder starts dancing and singing.
  • Old magic staff, Kukuri's staff prior to leaving the old witch
  • Guru Guru staff, or Kukuri's magic circle staff
  • Protective flower Ornament, it protected Kukuri from Kisegi Gold's fire breath and broke into pieces.
  • Holy pot the Legendary treasure, given to Nike and Kukuri at North village as a reward for lifting the curse. A 200 year-old pot that makes tasty food without burning.
  • Fairy sword, a wooden short sword given by the fairies to Kukuri that summons a flyer or flag that writes "I love Hero, By Kukuri".
  • Dark Weather Vane, an item that can detect Giri
  • Level-up Potions, small potion bottles containing a liquid of dark colour that can level up characters
  • Chocolate, despite being a mundane item chocolate has the capacity to restore Kururi's Magic points.


There are three kinds of magic in the show.Light magic, Dark magic and Guru Guru which is considered to be Dark magic at first but later revealed to be Free magic.Nike tells old witch that at first he thought that Guru Guru was something Ecchi.Guru Guru has random effects when a spell fails.Light magic has to do with controlling natural forces, Dark magic with controlling unnatural forces and creatures and Guru Guru mostly has to do with summoning.The spells cast by Kukuri gain power-ups in effects and certain changes in appearance as she increases her level and knowledge of Guru Guru.

  • Manifest gas,

Guru Guru

  • Lizard's tail

Requires Fire circle symbol called Tora (Kukuri mistakes it for Taura when the first time she tries to show magic to Nike and creates a strange but harmless monster).The spell attacks by conjuring a geyser of fire in the shape of a lizard's head.

  • Underground Viper

Requires Fire circle symbol called Tora.The spell attacks monsters in the vicinity by burrowing under the earth and surrounding them in flame much like a fireball even if the caster is not aware of them or their location.

  • Long Winded Meow

Summmons a large toy with the head of a cat that meows, dispels magical powers and stuns most monsters and characters.This includes Kukuri.

  • Bemu Bemu Guardian

An extremely powerfull 15 level attack spell that summons a demon from hell with many eyes that shoots lightning bolts.The spell was hidden in Kita Kita Oyaji's dance making its acquiry a painfull feat for Kukuri that even made a confusion fairy appear.The spell protects the caster from attacks - even before the demon has appeared - with an invisible dome.

  • Summon nothingness fairy

A level two spell that summons nothingness fairies.Everything the target attempts fails and his words make no sense.The spell also provides a dome of protection prior to the arrival of the fairies in the same way as Bemu Bemu Guardian dome does.

Light Magic

  • Zam Dien

Zaza's grandfather's name.The spell is useless, though it draws the attention of Kasegi gold to Zaza and gives time to Kukuri and Nike to counterattack.

  • Fireball or Firebolt
  • Cool Pose
  • Kira Kira sword
  • Wind sword
  • Fire sword
  • Earth sword
  • Water sword
  • Old man sword

Dark Magic

  • Golden hammer

First series

The first series[3] "Mahoujin Guru Guru" (produced by Nippon Animation) has 45 episodes. It covers the content of manga volumes 1 - 4 and some other adventures not in the manga.

After having been sealed for 300 years, the demon lord Giri reawakens and sends off his monster minions to wreak havoc in the world. King Uruga XIII decides thus to place announcements everywhere in the kingdom in search of a legendary hero who can defeat Giri. In the king's castle a competition will be held to discover who the true hero is. Forced by his parents to go to the castle, Nike first visits the witch's house, where Kukuri joins him. Together they travel around the world defeating monsters, gaining new abilities, trying to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Migu Migu tribe and making many friends while confronting enemies.

Opening themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
1 Magic of Love TOo'S 1-31
2 Harete Hallelujah Okui Aki 31-45
Ending themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
1 Wind Climbing ~ Kaze ni Asobarete Okui Aki 1-26
2 Mou Tomaranai Slap Sticks 27-45


In the movie[4], Nike and Kukuri learn of the "Pickle of Happiness", an item that will grant a wish to the one who eats it. With the help of old friends, they must beat the monsters to the Pickle and convince its guardian residing in Megalo mountain, the Megalo dragon to give it to them.

Opening themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
Kin no Tobira Satomi Kihara with Radio Heart All
Ending themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
Love Goes HIM All

Doki Doki Legend

The second series[5] was created in 2000, six years after the original. It covers the contents of Manga volumes 5 to 11 (there are in total 16 Manga).

Nike and Kukuri receive a message from Wanchin, the old leader of the Migu Migu, who tells them they need to find the 4 elemental swords in order to defeat Giri. Thus a new adventure starts.

At the end of the manga Nike and Kukuri seal Giri, while this is not shown in the animation.

Opening themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
Dynamite Heaven 2Shy4U All
Ending themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
1 Nishi no Sora e Spoon 1-25
2 Enjoy the party R'OSE 26-38


Published by Enix,

  • Mahōjin Guru Guru (SNES)
  • Mahōjin Guru Guru 2 (SNES)
  • Doki Doki Densetsu Mahōjin Guru Guru (Game Boy Color)

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