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Mahanama College
Mahanama College Emblem
Vidvan Sarvathra Poojyate
(Scholar will always be reputed )
R. A. D Mel Mawatha
Colombo 03

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Type Public
Established 1954
Principal W.H. Premalal Kumarasiri
Head Prefect Aveen S. Pathirage
Color(s) Black, Gold and Silver
Rival D.S. Senanayake College, Colombo 07

Mahanama College, Colombo was established in 1954 as a public school in Sri Lanka. It is a National School and controlled by the Central government as opposed to the Provincial Council.

The school accommodates 5000 students on a campus spread over 10 acres. The academic staff of 150+ is led by the principal, Mr W. A. Premalal Kumarasiri.



The institution was fouded in 1954 through the dedication of Mr. W.A.K. Gunawardana at Sri Wardanarama Colombo 04 with five students in the class. In 1958 the school was registered as a government assisted junior school. The number of students gradually increased to 163 with 4 staff members and on January 1 1960 Mr J. D. A Jayakodi was appointed as the first principal of the school. In 1969 there were 14 staff members and 373 students.

With the rapid increase in the number of students, the school shifted to a place nearby, Valukarama. Primary classes were in a building near Thurstan College. In 1974, during Mr. T.N Silva's period the junior school at Thurstan College moved to its present location - Mahanama College. In 1975, 130 students sat for the N.G.C.E examination, and 107 students passed the exam. The government donated 7 acres of land as the school expanded at its present location.

In 1976, there were several two-story buildings. Through the dedication of Mr. K.N.P de Silva, the principal, and the support of the parents the school developed continuously. Principal Mr. K.N.P de Silva retired on the 5th of February 1986.

The succeeding principal was Mr. D.G Sumanasekera in 1986. Mr. Sumanasekera was the 1st SLEAS Class-1 Principal to be appointed to Mahanama. During his 4 years at office he laid the foundations of the present school.

The next principal was Mr. K. K. Rathnadasa. During his period several three-story buildings were built, a computer section was established and a children's park was created. The Annual Carnival 'Foot-Loose' was organized during his period.

The next principal was Mr. G. Liyanage. He had built a three story building with an art gallery. During this time the school laboratories and computer sections were improved and buildings renovated. The Battle of the Golds, big match between Mahanama College and its friendly rival D. S. Senanayake College, Colombo was inaugurated. It is one of the most awaited sporting events in the school calendar.

There are 20+ societies involved in extracurricular activities.


  • Rev. Vahalle Dhammananda (1954-1960)
  • J.D.A Jayakody (1960 – 1968)
  • N.E Fernando (1968- 1974)
  • T.S Silva (1974-1976)
  • K.N.P de Silva (1976-1986)
  • D.G Sumanasekara (1986-1990)
  • K.K Ratnadasa (1990-1999)
  • G. Liyanage (1999-2003)
  • W.H.Pramalal Kumarasiri (2003- to date)

School houses

Mahanama College Flag

Mahanama has four school houses named Metha, Karuna, Muditha and Upekha. The house names were derived from Buddhism. According to the Buddha these are four great human qualities.

A student is placed in one of the above houses by dividing his index number (which is assigned to each student when the student is registered at Mahanama) by four. The remainder after the division describes his respective house as listed below:

  • 0 – belongs to Metha
  • 1 – belongs to Karuna
  • 2 – belongs to Muditha
  • 3 – belongs to Upekha

The house teachers are selected in the same manner. Students from these houses compete with each other in sporting events. The house with the highest points in the end of the tournament is named the champion for the year.

School motto

Mahanama College emblem

Vidvan Sarvathra Poojyathe, as mentioned in the logo is a Buddhist quote which means "The Scholar will always be Reputed" which means a good education is the path to reputation and fame.


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