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Main Aurr Mrs Khanna

Movie poster
Directed by Prem R.Soni
Produced by Sohail Khan
Ronnie Screwvala
Written by Prem R.Soni
Starring Salman Khan
Kareena Kapoor
Sohail Khan
Music by Sajid-Wajid
Cinematography Sudeep Chaterjee
Editing by Chirag Jain
Distributed by UTV Motion Pictures
Release date(s) 16 October 2009
Running time 135 minutes
Country  India
Language Hindi
Budget Rs.22 crores

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna is an Indian Bollywood film that stars Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Sohail Khan in pivotal roles with Dino Morea, Nauheed Cyrusi,Yash Tonk and Bappi Lahiri in supporting roles while Deepika Padukone and Preity Zinta make a special appearance. Directed by debutant Prem Soni, the film, which revolves around the theme of extramarital affair, is a joint production of Sohail Khan Productions and UTV SpotBoy Pictures.[1] The film is produced by Sohail Khan and Ronnie Screwvala, and was released on 16 October 2009.[2]



Raina (Kareena Kapoor) meets Samir (Salman Khan) while at an orphanage. They both talk to each other and it's like love at first sight. Samir asks Raina her last name but she tells him that God has given her a first name,but a surname,He forgot. At this point Samir is madly in love with Raina,he tells Raina that she can take his last name,Khanna, she refuses and walks away. Samir and Raina get married despite Samir's parents disapproval.

The couple moves to Melbourne where Samir is a very successful stockbroker. They live a fairytale life, but two years later complications arise in their marriage. The couple goes through a tough time when Samir's business starts sinking while Raina is working at a local restaurant as a waitress, with her friend Neena (Nauheed Cyrusi) who's business is expanding, and wants to send all her employees to Fiji for further training, but Raina refuses knowing that Samir will say no. Neena then persuades Raina to go and talk to Samir about going and she reluctantly agrees. While this is going on, Samir consults his friend Sanjay (Dino Morea), who persuades him to go to Singapore to start anew. That night when Samir comes home and Raina wants to talk to him about Fiji but he orders her to start packing because they are leaving for Singapore. Heart broken Raina quits her job as a waitress and goes with Samir in hope that her husband will love her due to her decision. At the airport Samir gives Raina his last few Melbourne dollars to spend at the airport so they can let go of their past.

While Raina is going to go buy something, she bumps into a stranger, Aakash (Sohail Khan), who works at the local café at the airport. After saying sorry and going to their respective places, Aakash follows Raina as he feels that it's love at first sight. Raina is seen shopping at Victor Sirs (Bappi Lahiri) shop. Excited, Aakash, with his best friend Harsh (Yash Tonk), goes to Victor sir and asks who that beautiful, charming girl was. Victor sir knowing Aakash was interested, told him there's no point as she is Mrs. Khanna. Heartbroken, Aakash leaves his Mrs. Khanna story there and starts working again. Raina then comes back to Samir who asks her what she bought, Raina replies that she didn't buy anything as she wanted to keep Melbourne as a memory and she'd keep those few dollars forever. Irritated Samir then hands Raina her passport and tells her that his flight is after one hour while her flight is in two. Confused Raina asks aren't they going together but when she opens her passport she realizes that the destination on her boarding card is Delhi and not Singapore. Confused, Raina asks what this is, when Samir says he cannot leave her alone in Melbourne so she must go back to India and stay with his parents. Samir leaves for Singapore, where Sanjay asks if everything is okay with Raina. Raina sinks into the waiting room chair and starts crying.

Now the story is focused on Aakash once again. The announcement for Mrs. Khanna is being announced to get onto her flight but Aakash asks Harsh if that could be the same Mrs. Khanna. Harsh simply says it can't be as that Mrs.Khanna was going to Singapore with her husband. Soon enough Aakash and Harsh are closing down their cafe and the last call announcement is still going on for Mrs. Khanna. Somehow Aakash notices Mrs. Khanna sitting lifelessly and crying in the departure waiting room Aakash tells her that its her last call. She thanks him and then quickly asks if she could borrow his phone and make an urgent call as it would be late if she went to the phone booth. Aakash agrees and lets Raina borrow his phone. Raina then Calls Neena and tells her everything that happened while Aakash is listening intently. Neena, now in Fiji, then gives Raina two options, either she can get on the plane and leave for Delhi or she can stay and experience the life she never had. She quickly thinks about it and realizes if she goes back to Delhi she won't have the opportunity to be independent and make her own decisions . She agrees to stay but has to wait for an hour for Neena to come and pick her up. In the mean time Aakash is listening very carefully and says she can wait for her friend at the Cafe and she does so by waiting for Neena at Aakash's Cafe. Raina then calls Samir to tell him she missed her flight and is staying here. Upset, Samir says he is coming back to get her but she refuses and says that come back when your successful and Samir agrees. Soon Aakash and Raina get to know each other in a short period of time with Aakash always referring to her as Mrs.Khanna rather than Raina. Aakash makes Raina realize that being independent is good and remaining suppressed all the time is not a good idea. Aakash helps Raina to get a new place to live, a new job at the airport and a new life as well.

During this time Aakash has fallen in love with Mrs Khanna although she just views the relationship as a good friendship. Soon Raina's work permit expires and in order to work she needs one but she can't as she is shown as a single women. Victor sir, Harsh and Raina's new friend Tia(Mahek Chahal) all tell Raina to apply for a fake marriage with Aakash so she can work. Raina feels like she would be betraying Samir and says no to it right away. Aakash respects her decision and agrees with it too. On New Year's Eve both Aakash and Mrs.Khanna are alone so they decide to spend it together drinking. They both drink until Mrs Khanna is really drunk. Aakash then drops Mrs Khanna home but it would be too dangerous to leave her alone. Aakash plays the music player at Raina's house and a really old song starts playing both Mrs Khanna and Aakash start dancing. Raina then tells Aakash that he is a good guy and she likes him with Aakash replying the same. The next morning, Raina is seen sleeping on her bed while Aakash is sleeping on her bedroom floor. Raina realizes that Aakash is not the type to take advantage of her and later agrees for a fake marriage still not knowing Aakash secretly loves her. They send in the papers and wait for the court to send them a date when they can get "married". Soon enough Aakash has madly fallen in love with Raina and Harsh tells Aakash that he should express his feelings to her. Harsh tells Aakash to show that he is the good guy while Samir isn't as he left her all alone with nothing.

Aakash eventually decides to reveal his feelings for her. As he's getting ready to leave with Harsh, an incredibly good looking man (according to Aakash and Harsh) asks for Tia. Aakash and Harsh assume it's Tia's boyfriend and tells him to wait. They asks him who he is, as the man is about to say his name, Neena, who is standing behind Harsh and Aakash suddenly says "Samir?". Harsh and Aakash both shocked look at each other and whispers "Khanna?". They look at him and asks whether he's Samir Khanna and he agrees. Then the scene is at Raina's house where Neena tells her Samir is back and Neena seriously thought that Raina was chasing the wrong guy but now shes the one that's wrong and asks her to forgive her. Raina asks where Samir is and Neena tells her where both of you separated that's where he is. Raina then goes to the airport to the gate where they both separated and are united. Then Raina introduces all the people who helped her including Aakash. Samir thanks them all for helping Raina while he was away. Aakash heart broken assumes that it's the end of that but Harsh has a plan to separate Raina and Samir. They send Tia into Raina and Samir's place so they will not sleep together. Samir thinking Tia really needs help agrees to let her stay at their place while he'll bunk with Harsh and Aakash. Harsh and Aakash realize they didn't think the plan through and now are stuck with Mr.Khanna sleeping with them.

On the first night with Mr.Khanna, Samir once again thanks the guys for helping Raina while he was away and then gives them an inspirational bed time story where Raina accidentally threw a tissue paper on the ground and the guy who cleans the area said Oye Miss pick that up and throw it in the garbage. Raina is so impressed she started talking to him and Raina is a type of person who is so sweet anyone misunderstands that she's in love with them but really she just wants to be their friend. Then Samir asks what they do, Aakash says that they are bartenders and then Samir asks that they should drink together sometime but he asks them what they do after work Harsh quickly says they clean tables and realize that the story was intended towards them. Both of them insulted say good night and fall asleep. The next morning Harsh really has to go to the washroom but Samir is taking a long shower. Troubled Harsh then goes to the balcony where Aakash is saying it's pointless to have Mrs.Khanna now and Suggests that if there was another women then it would work. Harsh then realizes what a smart thing Aakash has said. Harsh then says that we need to find a hot girl to seduce Samir that will make Raina question his character. Aakash calling him a genius agrees. Both Aakash and Harsh then go to Haseena Jaan (Preity Zinta) to get her to seduce Samir and She agrees. Aakash and Harsh take Samir to a bar where Haseena Jaan is dancing. They try to get Samir drunk and are successful to do so. Aakash and Harsh are just waiting on Tia to bring Raina to see what Samir is doing. However, after dancing with Haseena for a while Samir returns to the bar and when Raina walks in she see's Harsh and Aakash dancing with Haseena. Harsh's plan has failed as now Aakash and Harsh's character has come into questioning. As Harsh and Aakash are telling Haseena their plan has failed, she slaps both of them.

Soon Samir moves back in with Raina and Harsh and Aakash are running out of plans. Samir and Raina go out to Dinner and Raina asks for champagne while Samir says that they already have wine why would we need champagne as Champagne is for Celebration. Samir holds Raina's hand and asks her what she wants she says nothing except for his company and she pauses for a bit. Then she says I want a little Samir, hinting she wants to start a family. Samir is happy and asks for 4 bottles of champagne. Back at Aakash's place , Aakash has received the court papers for Raina and his marriage date. Aakash thinking it's useless now as Samir is back but Harsh reminds him if he has a copy delivered to him , one copy is obviously sent to Raina's residence. Raina and Samir return home with Samir being really romantic as they are both in the mood for sex. Raina says that she is gonna go freshen up within 10 minutes and be back. Samir asks if he can come in with her she replys saying its only 10 minutes. Raina leaves for the shower while Samir intending to make love on the couch realizes its too small and tells Raina that he'll meet her in the bedroom to which Raina agrees.

As Samir is going inside he realizes a package for Raina is here. Samir tells Raina that she has a package and if she knows who its from. Clueless Raina says who else would send me something besides you. Samir respecting her privacy says you open it. Raina telling him that he is her husband he can see whatever it is. Samir then opens the package and its the court papers. Raina then comes out from her shower and asks Samir that why isn't he in the bedroom. Samir then asks her who Aakash really is . Raina saying that he's a really good friend and how he's helped her through so much. Samir then pulls out the court papers and asks Raina when she was going to tell him. Raina then tells him that it was only for the work permit so she could work. Samir says that she could have told him before hand and he could have gotten her the work permit. Now a confident Raina talks back and says just like the way you left me to go to Singapore. Angered Samir now gives Raina the option of her coming to Singapore back with him or to get Divorced so she can get married to Aakash. Again at a crossroads Raina doesn't know what to do.

The next scene is shown at the airport where Raina is gone to meet Aakash. Raina and Aakash sit down and Raina asks him if he loves her. Aakash tells her that she is so pretty that anyone can fall in love with you Mrs.Khanna. Raina then smiles and goes to Samir where he is waiting for her. Everyone comes to drop her off to Samir. Samir then jokes about Raina checking her boarding ticket that they are both going to the same place. Samir then sends Raina to go to boarding while Aakash stops Samir and says you two were made for each other. He then adds that Mrs.Khanna never let me near her at least you hug me. Samir and Aakash are shown on good terms and Samir leaves. Samir and Raina are now on the plane waiting for it to take off while a flight attendant comes in and gives Raina a bouquet of flowers from Mr.Khanna. Raina then thanks Samir for giving her the flowers as they are beautiful. Samir starts laughing admitting that they are beautiful but they are not from him. Raina then realizes there is a card in the bouquet. She opens up the card where its expressing Mr.Khanna's love for Raina. As soon as she reads the name on the card Samir says do you now realize why he use to Call you Mrs. Khanna and not Raina? The bouquet was in fact from Aakash who's surname is Khanna and he would pretend that Raina was his wife referring to her as Meri(my) Mrs. Khanna. Raina then Smiles and now leaving Melbourne to start her life afresh with Samir.

The Last Scene is Aakash And Harsh cleaning up their cafe when Aakash is still thinking about Mrs.Khanna, while a young beautiful girl (Deepika Padukone) appears and asks if they are open. Harsh quickly says yes and starts up coffee. Harsh then hints to Aakash to try his luck with her. Aakash then asks the young girl whats her name. She replies Saying Mrs.Khan. Aakash and Harsh are shocked and then Aakash get the idea go of getting into trouble with another Mrs. But the quickly the girl says that she wanted to be Mrs.Khan but it didn't happen. Happy Aakash then tries his luck as she asks his name. Harsh then says his name is Mr. Khan. Confused Aakash adds the "-na" to Khan. Then asks if shes looking to get married . The confused girl then says good-bye and is about to leave when Harsh indicates for Aakash to start singing the song that he and Mrs.Khanna danced to on New Years. The girl then stops, looks back and smiles. Afterwards it is seen that the girl and Aakash are sitting together talking. Aakash asks the Girl what her name is and she simply replies by saying her name is Raina. Aakash starts laughing and then jokingly asks if the Mr.Khan guy she was suppose to get married to name was Samir and she replies yes how did you know? The movie ends here as Aakash is shocked because of the coincidence.



Pre-production work began in mid-2007 when actors Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra were signed on to essay the lead roles in the film.[3] However, Chopra later opted out of the film due to date problems and the director was in talks with actresses Preity Zinta and Ayesha Takia.[3]

In August 2007, producer Sohail Khan announced that the film's title was changed to Mr and Mrs Khanna, and was expected to go on floors in November 2007 with Lara Dutta being signed on for the female lead.[4] Unfortunately, Dutta was dropped from the film for unknown reasons and rumours had indicated that Khan was in talks with Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. The producer later confirmed the news to the media indicating that he had signed Kapoor for the film.[5].

Sources had indicated that Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone will be making guest appearances in the film whereas Preity Zinta will be appearing in an item number but nothing was confirmed as of March 2008.[6][7] However, in June 2008, the latter confirmed the news to the media explaining, "’s not an item song, really. It’s an interesting cameo and I’ve agreed to be in the film because the director Prem Soni is a dear friend."[8]

On 19 March 2008, the cast began filming for the project at Film City in the outskirts of Mumbai[9] and later continued shooting in Melbourne, Australia, where a pivotal scene was shot at the Sydney Airport.[10][11] Upon shooting in Melbourne Australia, the cast later returned to film in Mumbai on 15 June 2008.[11] In March 2009, director Prem Soni announced that the film had been completed.[12]


The music has been composed by Sajid-Wajid.

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna
Soundtrack by Sajid-Wajid
Released 9 September 2009 (India)
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Label T-Series
Producer Sohail Khan
Ronnie Screwvala
Professional reviews
Sajid-Wajid chronology
Main Aurr Mrs Khanna
# Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Don't Say Alvida"   Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Suzanne D'Mello 5:02
2. "Don't Say Alvida (Remix)"   Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Suzanne D'Mello 4:28
3. "Don't Say Alvida (Sad)"   Shreya Ghoshal 1:31
4. "Happenin I am Happenin"   Sunidhi Chauhan, Wajid Ali, Raja Mushtaq 5:25
5. "Happenin I am Happenin (Remix)"   Sunidhi Chauhan, Wajid Ali, Raja Mushtaq 3:48
6. "Mrs. Khanna"   Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Bappi Lahri, Suzanne D'Mello, Neuman Pinto 4:12
7. "Rabba"   Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 5:13
8. "Tum Ne Socha"   Wajid Ali, Shreya Ghoshal 5:50

Box office

The film was box office flop collecting only 41.41 crores in its box office run, movie didn't open well and also word of mouth couldn't help since it garnered negative reviews.


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