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Maine House of Representatives
Type Lower house
Speaker of the House Hannah Pingree, (D)
since December 3, 2008
Majority Leader John Piotti, (D)
since November 13, 2008
Minority Leader Joshua Tardy, (R)
since December 6, 2006
Members 153
Political groups Democratic Party
Passamaquoddy (nonvoting)
Penobscot (nonvoting)
Republican Party
Last election November 4, 2008
Meeting place
House Chamber,
Maine State House, Augusta, ME, U.S.

The Maine House of Representatives is the lower house of the Maine Legislature. The House consists of 151 members (excluding two nonvoting members) representing an equal amount of districts across the state. Each voting member of the House represents around 8,450 citizens of the state. Because it is a part-time position, members of the Maine House of Representatives usually have outside employment as well. Members are limited to 4 consecutive terms of two years each, but may run again after two years.

The House meets at the Maine State House in Augusta.


Leadership of the House

The Speaker of the House presides over the House of Representatives. The Speaker is elected by the majority party caucus followed by confirmation of the full House through the passage of a House Resolution. In addition to presiding over the body, the Speaker is also the chief leadership position, and controls the flow of legislation and committee assignments. Other House leaders, such as the majority and minority leaders, are elected by their respective party caucuses relative to their party's strength in the chamber.

The ninety-ninth and current Speaker is Democrat Hannah Pingree of District 36. Hannah Pingree is the daughter of Chellie Pingree, the Representative for Maine's 1st congressional district. The Majority Leader is John Piotti of District 45. The Minority Leader is Republican Joshua Tardy of District 25 (Newport).

Composition of the 123rd Maine House of Representatives

124th Legislature - 2009-2011
Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Independent Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 90 2 59 151 0
Representatives-elect December 2, 2008 96 1 54 151 0
Begin (December 3, 2008)[1] 95 1 54 150 1
February 5, 2009[2] 55 151 0
October 15, 2009[3] 0 56
December 17, 2009[4] 1 55
Latest voting share 63.6% 36.4%
Non-voting members 0 2 0 2 0
  • For organizational purposes, the Independent has said that he expects to caucus with the Democrats.[4]

Nonvoting members of the House

The two nonvoting members within the House represent the Penobscot Nation and the Passamaquoddy Tribe. The special Representatives can sponsor legislation relating to Natives and Native land claims, as well as cosponsor any other legislation brought before the House, but are not allowed to submit an actual legislative vote. The Penobscot and Passamaquoddy representatives are also entitled to sit as nonvoting members of joint standing committees during hearings and deliberations.

Independents and other parties

Due to the independent political tradition in the state, the Maine House of Representatives has been an entry ground for several of the state's prominent Independent politicians. From 2002 to 2006, Representative John Eder of Portland (District 118), of the Maine Green Independent Party, served in the Legislature and as the highest elected Green politician in U.S. politics. Eder secured recognition as a one member Green Party caucus in the House, receiving a dedicated staff person assigned to him, something individual legislators in the Maine House do not have. In the 2006 elections, Eder lost his seat to a Democratic challenger.


Position Name Party Hometown
Speaker of the House Hannah Pingree Democratic North Haven
Majority Leader John Piotti Democratic Unity
Majority Whip Seth Berry Democratic Bowdoinham
Minority Leader Joshua Tardy Republican Newport
Minority Whip Phillip Curtis Republican Madison

Members of the Maine House of Representatives

District Representative Party Residence
1 John Martin Democratic Eagle Lake
2 Charles Theriault Democratic Madawaska
3 Bernard Ayotte Republican Caswell
4 Peter Edgecomb Republican Caribou
5 Michael Willette Democratic Presque Isle
6 Tyler Clark Republican Mars Hill
7 Patricia Sutherland Democratic Chapman
8 Richard Cleary Democratic Houlton
9 Henry Joy Republican Crystal
10 Herbert Clark Democratic Millinocket
11 Everett McLeod Republican Lee
12 Jeffery Gifford Republican Lincoln
13 Robert Duchesne Democratic Hudson
14 Richard Blanchard Democratic Old Town
15 Adam Goode Democratic Bangor
16 Steven Butterfield II Democratic Bangor
17 Sara Stevens Democratic Bangor
18 James Martin Democratic Orono
19 Emily Ann Cain Democratic Orono
20 Benjamin Pratt Democratic Eddington
21 Michael Celli Republican Brewer
22 Christian Greeley Republican Levant
23 David Richardson Republican Carmel
24 Douglas Thomas Republican Ripley
25 Joshua Tardy Republican Newport
26 Paul Davis, Sr. Republican Sangerville
27 Peter Johnson Republican Greenville
28 Dean Cray Republican Palmyra
29 Stacy Allen Fitts Republican Pittsfield
30 Howard McFadden Republican Dennysville
31 Anne Perry Democratic Calais
32 David Burns Republican Whiting
33 Dianne Tilton Republican Harrington
34 Robert Eaton Democratic Sullivan
35 Elspeth Flemings Democratic Bar Harbor
36 Hannah Pingree Democratic North Haven
37 James Schatz Democratic Blue Hill
38 Brian Langley Republican Ellsworth
39 Andre Cushing III Republican Hampden
40 Kimberley Rosen Republican Bucksport
41 Veronica Magnan Democratic Stockton Springs
42 Michael Thibodeau Republican Winterport
43 Jayne Crosby Giles Republican Belfast
44 Andy O'Brien Democratic Lincolnville
45 John Piotti Democratic Unity
46 Joan Welsh Democratic Rockport
47 Edward Mazurek Democratic Rockland
48 Charles Kruger Democratic Thomaston
49 Wesley Richardson Republican Warren
50 Wendy Pieh Democratic Bremen
51 Jonathan McKane Republican Newcastle
52 Elizabeth Miller Democratic Somerville
53 Leslie Fossel Republican Alna
54 Kenneth Fletcher Republican Winslow
55 H. David Cotta Republican China
56 Anne Blodgett Democratic Augusta
57 Patsy Crockett Democratic Augusta
58 William Browne Republican Vassalboro
59 Stephen Hanley Democratic Gardiner
60 Kerri Prescott Republican Topsham
61 W. Bruce MacDonald Democratic Boothbay
62 Thomas Watson Democratic Bath
63 Charles Priest Democratic Brunswick
64 Leila Percy Democratic Phippsburg
65 Peter Kent Democratic Woolwich
66 Alexander Cornell du Houx Democratic Brunswick
67 Seth Berry Democratic Bowdoinham
68 Michael Beaulieu Republican Auburn
69 Brian Bolduc Democratic Auburn
70 Bruce Bickford Republican Auburn
71 Michael Lajoie Democratic Lewiston
72 Michael Carey Democratic Lewiston
73 Richard Wagner Democratic Lewiston
74 Margaret Rotundo Democratic Lewiston
75 Stacy Dostie Democratic Sabattus
76 Henry E.M. Beck Democratic Waterville
77 Pamela Trinward Democratic Waterville
78 Robert Nutting Republican Oakland
79 Sharon Treat Democratic Hallowell
80 Nancy Smith Democratic Monmouth
81 L. Gary Knight Republican Livermore Falls
82 Patrick Flood Republican Winthrop
83 Patricia Jones Democratic Mount Vernon
84 Edward Finch Democratic Fairfield
85 Jeff M. McCabe Democratic Skowhegan
86 Philip Curtis Republican Madison
87 Paul Gilbert Democratic Jay
88 Wright Pinkham Republican Lexington Township
89 Lance Harvell Republican Farmington
90 Thomas Saviello Republican Wilton
91 Jarrod Crockett Republican Bethel
92 Matthew Peterson Democratic Rumford
93 Sheryl Briggs Democratic Mexico
94 Teresea Hayes Democratic Buckfield
95 H. Sawin Millett Republican Waterford
96 Lawrence Sirosis Democratic Turner
97 Helen Rankin Democratic Hiram
98 Richard Sykes Republican Harrison
99 Ralph Sarty Republican Denmark
100 James Hamper Republican Oxford
101 Richard Cebra Republican Naples
102 Michael Shaw Democratic Standish
103 John Robinson Republican Raymond
104 Dale Crafts Republican Lisbon
105 David Van Wie Democratic New Gloucester
106 David Webster Democratic Freeport
107 Melissa Walsh Innes Democratic Yarmouth
108 Meredith Strang Burgess Republican Cumberland
109 Susan Austin Republican Gray
110 Mark Bryant Democratic Windham
111 Gary Plummer Republican Windham
112 Mary Nelson Democratic Falmouth
113 Joan Cohen Democratic Portland
114 Peter Stuckey Democratic Portland
115 Stephen Lovejoy Democratic Portland
116 Charles Harlow Democratic Portland
117 Anne Haskel Democratic Portland
118 Jon Hinck Democratic Portland
119 Herbert Adams Democratic Portland
120 Dianne Russell Democratic Portland
121 Cynthia Dill Democratic Cape Elizabeth
122 Terry Morrison Democratic South Portland
123 Jane Eberle Democratic South Portland
124 Bryan Kaenrath Democratic South Portland
125 Ann Peoples Democratic Westbrook
126 Timothy Driscoll Democratic Westbrook
127 Sean Flaherty Democratic Scarborough
128 Peggy Pendleton Democratic Scarborough
129 Jane Knapp Republican Gorham
130 Linda Sanborn Democratic Gorham
131 Robert Hunt Democratic Buxton
132 George Hogan Democratic Old Orchard Beach
133 Donald Pilon Democratic Saco
134 Linda Valentino Democratic Saco
135 Paulette Beaudoin Democratic Biddeford
136 Stephen Beaudette Democratic Biddeford
137 Alan Casavant Democratic Biddeford
138 James Campbell Independent Newfield
139 Joe Wagner Democratic Lyman
140 Gary Connor Democratic Kennebunk
141 Edward Legg Democratic Kennebunk
142 Andrea Boland Democratic Sanford
143 John Tuttle Democratic Sanford
144 Joan Nass Republican Acton
145 Thomas Wright Democratic Berwick
146 Mark Eves Democratic North Berwick
147 Kathleen Chase Republican Wells
148 Sarah Lewin Republican Eliot
149 Dawn Hill Democratic York
150 Windol Weaver Republican York
151 Walter Wheeler Democratic Kittery
Penobscot Wayne Mitchell Bradley
Passomaquoddy Donald Sactomah Indian Twp.

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  1. ^ Democratic Representative-elect Janet T. Mills (District 89) declined to take the oath of office to become a member of the 124th Legislature and was elected Maine Attorney General by joint ballot of the 124th Legislature on the First Legislative Day in accordance with the Maine Constitution
  2. ^ Republican Lance Harvell won the special election to succeed Mills
  3. ^ Thomas Saviello (District 90) switched parties from Unenrolled (Independent) to Republican
  4. ^ a b James Campbell (District 138) switched parties from Republican to Unenrolled (Independent) and has said that he expects to caucus with the Democrats

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