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Majed Al Mohandes (ماجد المهندس)
Birth name Majid Al Utabi (ماجد العتابي)
Origin Baghdad, Iraq
Genres Iraqi Music, Arabic Music, Pop
Years active  ???? - present
Labels Rotana
Website Official website

Majid Al Muhandis (Arabic: ماجد المهندس‎) is an Iraqi singer and composer.[1]

Early life

Majid Al-Otaibi and Aazir Majid, known as architect of Iraqi singer born in Baghdad ,25-10-1971, the work of a tailor in his childhood until he finished his studies and graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the flight, then flew ambitious young art Vlqub Bmagd Engineer same proportion of study at the Faculty of Engineering, and was the first departure from Jordan where he began his artistic career, Majid in the nineties of the last century, where a contract engineer with horses, gold and produced four albums, and then moved on to work with Rotana.

Majid became an engineer from the Iraqi singers who ranked first among Arab countries and internationally, where it occupied the first rank of songs in the playoffs, so the engineer Items carefully engineered and built a great palace in the hearts of Iraqis and Arabs. Eng nickname, the "architect of Arab song," he has a sense and paper to distinguish them from other artists.

Known Majid Al Mohandes gently feeling great humility and with his fans and high morals. And the title of Diamond sound. And won numerous awards including: the most popular singer in the Arab world. Must be to take the title because he engineered his own way and took the plane and circled in the sky and entered our hearts deep inside his own words and sincere feeling, and high morals, where he praised Al Majid relatives and friends of high morality and humility and love for his art.

Majid was an engineer at the end of September in 2008 when a traumatic event in his car with his driver on the border between France and Italy, where he was dealing with some injuries and there are recovered and then participated in many concerts and Eng lot of patriotic songs, which gives us hope for the people of his country, Iraq and from these songs: "free Iraq" "the Commission" and "country of Winters" and others, and may solidarity with the rest of the Arab peoples and made a lot of songs including: "Gaza," "Lebanon" and "Palestinian "and photographed many of the video clips including:" mo ala kefk "" appreciate "" Wahshne moot"" Ensa "" tfraj ya iraq "" Atoasl bek "" Ben edea "and" Dagat Galbe "and many other songs . Our engineer and participated in the Arab conscience with a lot of artists to express themselves about the tragedy of his country.

Majid Al Mohandes have been treated with a lot of singers Iraqis, Arabs and among them: Kazem AL-Saher, Muhammad Abdu in addition to many of the brightest stars the Arab world. And has been endorsed by his lifelong friend and artistic director Iraqi brilliant high-Hassan, and brightest business forward together.

He has numerous albums including: Dagat galb , Mo bs hob ahbak, Wahshne moot, Angenit, and finally, "Ensa." We are awaiting more of the architect's Arabic Song


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