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This is a list of North American Major League Baseball record holders.


Batting records: career (1876-present)

Batting records: single season (1876-present)

* Prior to 1898, a player was credited with a stolen base if he took an extra base on a base hit by another player. E.g., with a man on first base, batter singles to right field; the runner reaches second base, then continues to third, for which he was credited with a stolen base. The single-season record under modern rules is 130 by Rickey Henderson in 1982.

Pitching records: career (1876-present)

#Through the 2009 season; Hoffman is still active with the Milwaukee Brewers.
*Even though Hershiser's 59 consecutive scoreless innings occurred completely in 1988, some other pitchers have had streaks spanning more than one season. Thus, it is necessary to put the record over a career.

Live-ball era (1920-present)

(if different from overall records)

#Through the 2009 season; Rivera is still active with the New York Yankees.
*Through the 2009 season; Martínez is currently a free agent, having last played for the Philadelphia Phillies, but has stated he does not plan to retire.

Pitching records: single season (1876-present)

Live-ball era (1920-present)

(if different from all-time records)

Hitting records: single game (1876-present)

Pitching records: single game (1876-present)

Catcher records: career

Other records

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