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Make love not war is an anti-war slogan commonly associated with the American counterculture of the 1960s. It was used primarily by those who were opposed to the Vietnam War, but has been invoked in other anti-war contexts since. Gershon Legman claimed to be the inventor of the phrase.[1] Radical activists Penelope and Franklin Rosemont helped to popularize the phrase by printing thousands of "Make Love, Not War" buttons at the Solidarity Bookshop in Chicago, Illinois and distributing them at the Mother's Day Peace March in 1965. They were the first to print the slogan.[2]

In popular culture

  • The slogan was featured in Bob Marley's 1973 song "No More Trouble": "Make love and not war!".
  • The slogan was the inspiration for a book by David Allyn: Make Love, Not War: The Sexual Revolution: An Unfettered History.
  • In the movie 'Field of Dreams,' fictional character Terence Mann is credited with coining the phrase.
  • The character of 'Pop', in the futuristic Queen musical 'We Will Rock You', shouts "Make love, not war!" as he is brainwashed at the start of the show, which leads into 'Radio Ga Ga'.


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