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ICD-10 R53.
ICD-9 780.7

Malaise (pronounced /məˈleɪz/, mal-aze) is a feeling of general discomfort or uneasiness, an "out of sorts" feeling, often the first indication of an infection or other disease. Malaise is often defined in medicinal research as a "general feeling of being unwell".

The term is also often used figuratively in other contexts; for example, "economic malaise" refers to an economy that is stagnant or in recession.



There can be various causes to a malaise, from the slightest like an emotion (causing vagal response) or hunger (light hypoglycemia) to the most serious (cancer, stroke, heart attack, internal bleeding, etc).

Generally speaking, the malaise expresses that "something is not going right," like a general warning light, but only a medical examination can determine the cause.

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Malaise f. (genitive Malaise, plural Malaisen)

  1. malaise


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Scene from City of Heroes, V2 #10

Real name Jean-Pierre Lourdin
Status Alternating Active and Evil
Affiliations Vindicators
Previous affiliations
Notable powers Illusions, Kinetics
Notes The psycho.

Malaise is one of the signature heroes in City of Heroes, at least half of the time.


Jean-Pierre was originally a crazed European criminal, using his illusions to rob banks. INTERPOL chased him to Paragon City, where he was confronted by Sister Psyche. After an intense battle she defeated him, and over the following months rehabilitated him. He either has split personalities, or is quite simply insane, as he can revert from heroic to villainous quite easily. When Psyche was split back apart from Aurora Borealis, she lost control of Malaise and he almost used his knowledge of the Freedom Phalanx to help the Freakshow beat them. Fortunatly he was stopped by the heroes of the city.

Afterwards Ms. Liberty found him and offered him a spot on the Vindicators, in the hope that he can again be rehabilitated. Even so, many still keep an eye on him.


Malaise was formerly trainer for Independence Port, a role now taken by Aurora. He doesn't currently appear in the game other than as his Praetorian version (who is virtually identical to our version).

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