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Standard Estonian military map symbol for a a malev.
Active present
Country  Estonia
Branch Estonian Defence League
Type infantry
Size 5000
Equipment small firearms
grenade launchers
tactical transport vehicles
infantry fighting vehicles
portable missile launchers
artillery group
air defence systems
Commander Major ES-Army-OF15.jpg

A malev is an ancient Estonian military unit led by a senior officer that is subordinate to an infantry division. A malev was originally based on a manpower of county and was led by a county vanem. Malev is bigger than a pataljon (battalion) but smaller than a diviis (division). It is currently the largest military formation among the Estonian Defence League infantry units.[1]




Usually, a malev is a sub-component of a division, a larger unit consisting of two or more malevs; however, some brigades are classified as a separate brigade and operate independently from the traditional division structure. A malev's commanding officer is commonly a major or colonel.[2]


A modern malev is typically composed of three to five companys or battalions, depending on the era and available manpower of a given county. One single malev is meant to operate on a battlefield along with other malev's on a landscale not greater than 10 x 15 kilometres.

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