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Mamba Mk3
Type Armoured personnel carrier
Place of origin  South Africa
Weight 5.7 tonnes
Length 5.46 m (17.91 ft)
Width 2.205 m (7.23 ft)
Height 2.495 m (8.19 ft)
Crew 11

12,7 mm MG
Engine 312N Mercedes Benz turbocharged diesel
Suspension 4x4 wheeled
900 km (560 mi)
Speed 102 km/h (road); km/h (off-road)

The Mamba is a South African armoured personnel carrier based on the Unimog that is ideally suited for regions with weak or no road infrastructure. The V-shape hull protects the crew against anti-tank mines by deflecting the blast. The Mamba is made by Land Systems OMC, a subsidiary of BAE Systems.


Production history


  • Mamba Mk1 - Original 2x4 (Over 500 built by TFM Industries later becomes Reumech OMC)
    • Springbuck Mk1 - modified version
    • Reva Mk1 - modified version by ICP
    • Puma - modified version with a Toyota Dyna 7-145 powerplant and drivetrain
  • Mamba Mk2 - 4x4 (built by Sandock Austral and TFM) Mamba Mk II - Improved production version.
    • Mamba Mk2 EE - Version produced for the Estonian Army
    • Mamba Mk2 SW - Version produced for the Swedish Army
    • Komanche - A short wheeled base (SWB) version which can carry up to 7 troops
    • Sabre - 4 man cab with a cargo area in the rear
    • Alvis 4 - Version produced by Alvis UK for the British Army
    • Alvis 8 - Komanche SWB version produced by Alvis UK for the British Army
    • RG-31 Nyala - redesigned version by TFM
    • Romad - modified version by Sandock Austral)
    • Reva Mk2 - modified version by ICP with Cummins powerplant
    • Springbuck Mk2 - modified version
  • Mamba Mk3 - 4x4 version fitted with Mercedes Benz 312N engine. Built by Alvis OMC
    • Reva Mk3 - modified version by ICP
  • Taipan - a version with a Mercedes Benz OM366LA turbo-diesel engine that lost the bid for the Australian Specialised Vehicle System (ASVS) proposal (Project Bushranger)


Combat history


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