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Man of the House

Theatrical Release Poster
Directed by James Orr
Produced by Bonnie Bruckheimer
Marty Katz
Written by David E. Peckinpah (story)
Richard Jefferies (story)
James Orr (screenplay)
Jim Cruickshank (screenplay)
Starring Chevy Chase
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Farrah Fawcett
Zachary Browne
George Wendt
Music by Mark Mancina
Cinematography Jamie Anderson
Editing by Harry Keramidas
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Release date(s) March 3, 1995
Running time 96 mins
Country United States
Language English

Man of the House is a 1995 comedy film starring Chevy Chase, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Farrah Fawcett, Zachary Browne and George Wendt. Marking Thomas' motion picture debut, this Disney comedy is about a boy (Thomas) who must come to terms with his potential stepfather (Chase), a well-meaning lawyer who is unknowingly the subject of a manhunt by relatives of a man he helped land in prison. It was shot in Los Angeles and Vancouver.


The movie opens with Ben narrating what his father did to him and his mother when he was five. His father said he needed a woman who was better than his mother. He says that he took a secretary with him to answer his "phone calls." Ben later explains that his mother and he wanted a new life. So they moved to a new home where they quickly adjusted to. Ben says that his mother Sandy and he collect things from the beach which they hang on a wall of their home. Their goal is to make a circle around it. Finally, the film is brought to the present.

Five years have now passed. The next scene shows Jack Sturgess in court sentencing a criminal to 50 years in prison. Sandy is seen drawing a sketch of Jack trying to convince the jury to convict him of the crime. After, the son of the convicted criminal, Joey, tells Sturgess that he wants revenge and that he'll get him somehow. Next, Jack takes Sandy on a date at what appears to be a museum. Jack now says that he wants a happier life with Sandy. He suggests that he move in with Ben and her. The next day, Sandy has a discussion with Ben about the idea. Ben is totally not into the idea at all. He even tries to convince her that he could be or is a serial killer. Sandy comforts him and promises him that he won't turn out like his father. Later, Ben peeps into Jack's book of serial killers he has in his book box to see if he was or is a serial killer. His name isn't in there but Ben refuses not to believe that he isn't. Jack later asks Ben for help with moving the sea collection out of the way for his stuff to go there. Ben says no and instead just opens a closet for Jack to throw his stuff in. Jack says thanks but calls him Benny, a name he refuses to be called. Sandy later says to him that he doesn't like that at all.

Later that night, Jack is in the shower while Ben waits outside wanting to brush his teeth. He sees a chance to get him out of the bathroom by turning on the hot water in the kitchen to make the hot water tank run out of hot water. Jack screams and bails out of the bathroom wanting to know why while Ben says, "It happens," and goes into the bathroom and locking the door behind him. Jack asks Sandy if Ben could have done that on purpose and she says of course not. When Ben looks in the medicine chest for his toothpaste and toothbrush and finds that all of Jack's stuff is in there. He comes out of the bathroom and finds the two of them making out. Jack says they weren't doing anything and says that Ben might be like that one day. Ben says "I'm 11, I hate girls." Jack then goes back into the bathroom to wash up. Ben relaxes on the chair outside. Jack says when he comes out that he's beat and is going to go to bed. On the way, he lets Benny slip out his mouth. Ben later calls to his mother asking for a favor. Sandy is later seen pulling a bed out for Jack in the living room for him to sleep on. Sandy says to him that Ben doesn't want them to sleep together for a day or two. The next morning, Jack is making breakfast. It turns out that he can cook but not to bright a cook with being in a new house. Ben comes down and asks what he is doing. Jack says he got up early to make breakfast for them. Ben ignores that and tells him that he put garbage in the wrong bucket. He explains to him that there is for one for paper, glass, organic materials, and aluminum. Sandy comes into the room and explains that Ben and her usually have some granola and yogurt. Jack says that he'll do that but Ben refuses. At school, Ben and his friend Monroe discuss what it's like to have your parent's boyfriend move in. Monroe suggests he gets rid of him A.S.A.P. In the hall, they discover a kid named Norm stuffed in his locker. He explains to him an Indian tribe thing to both of them. Ben acts interested and takes a brochure. Monroe asks and Ben just says that it's a way he's gonna try to get rid of him.

Back at the house, Jack says that he really isn't interested in the fact. Sandy says it's good for them because Ben wants to begin to know him. Jack goes along with the idea. At the meeting, Jack picks the name "Little Wing" for Ben while he names Jack "Squatting Dog." At the next meeting, Ben tricks Jack into wearing an Indian tribe costume while others aren't. Joey and his men are parked around the corner wanting to kill Sturgess with guns. Joey waits and waits for the final moment of revenge to come his way. Later that evening, Ben calls Monroe to say that his plan is working and that Jack wants to quit the Indian tribe. Jack overhears this and feels bad when he walks downstairs. The next day, Jack waits for Ben to come home and introduces him to Leonard, a rain dancer teacher. Jack says that he and him will learn how to do a rain dance. We later see them learning how but Ben doesn't participate. Later, we see Ben begin to like that he and Jack hang out at the Indian tribes. At the next meeting, Ben looks forward to going on a canoe trip with Jack. Unfortunately, Jack has some trouble with Joey. Everyone then realizes that Jack isn't coming so they decide to go without him. Ben sits staring nowhere and cries because Jack never came and he really wanted to go on the trip. Ben goes home and his mom asks where Jack is. Ben says that he never showed up. Jack later shows up and apologizes and says that he had car trouble and didn't mention that someone tried to kill him. Jack promises Ben that they will go on the camping trip during the 4th of July weekend.

The trip goes well. Jack tries to make all of the kids laugh but none of these attempts work. In the morning, Ben discovers that the men who tried to kill Jack are here. He tells him and all of them come up with a plan to bring them out. Jack and Ben come up with a plot to cover them in bees. Joey threatens them both with a gun. They put dynamite next to a cave and attempt to let Sturgess and Ben rot in there for the rest of their lives. Luckily, the tribe comes and rescues them and they haul Joey and his men away. Jack and Ben head back to the house and Ben discovers that their collection of beach stuff is complete. Jack asks Sandy to marry him and Ben allows him to. The ending ends with Ben saying he let Jack marry his mother. He now likes Jack for a stepfather. The last scene shows all of their friends at the wedding and that the best is yet to come. At the wedding, the film closes with Enigma's song "Return to Innocence", which features chanting that was believed to be Native American at the time. The song can be downloaded here (both short and long versions from the movie) here:

"Return to Innocence (Radio Mix)"

"Return to Innocence (Short Edit)"


The film was generally panned by critics. It currently has a 15% "Fresh" rating at Rotten Tomatoes. However it did moderately well at the box office, fairing well with young audiences, and grossing about $40 million domestically.

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