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Developer(s) Power Challenge AB (once known as ManagerZone AB)
Platform(s) Any computer connected to the internet
Release date(s) September 6, 2001
Genre(s) MMOG
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Media Website
System requirements HTML-compatible web browser

ManagerZone (commonly abbreviated to MZ) is an online, browser-based sports management game (MMOG). Developed in Sweden by Power Challenge AB (Formerly ManagerZone AB), it was first released in a test season on September 6, 2001[1], and started its first full season on September 23, 2001. At present it offers the chance to manage a team in football and/or ice hockey. Although for a while it was a pay-to-play only game, these days the game is free to play. Currently the game contains 99 different countries, each with its own league pyramid. It also allows people from any other country to join and play collectively in the league pyramid of the fictional ManagerZone Country. As of February 2010, the game had just over 750,000 users registered with either a football team, an ice hockey team or both.


Game Concept

Within the game, all players manage their own virtual sports club in either football, hockey or both, by training, buying, and selling players, setting tactics, getting the right arena and facility sizes, and climbing the league pyramid. A unique part of ManagerZone that heavily favours active teams is a "Form" system where players must play an optimal amount of games a week to have top form and play well, otherwise they can play very badly. A person may only have one team, and also must obey some simple game rules to not be booted from the game[2]. Players are computer generated and bear no reference to real life.

3D matches

ManagerZone gives all users the option to watch their games in 3D, making it one of the only online manager games to do so.

Season and League Structure

A ManagerZone season is 13 weeks, and as of February 2010, the game is in the middle stages of Season 33. Abandoned teams are moved straight to the bottom of the league pyramid at the end of each season. New users are given a random team in the bottom of their countries league system. A Pyramid-style League System is used, 12 teams compete in each league group, and this is the promotion and relegation format:
1st: Auto-Promotion
2nd, 3rd: Promotion Qualifier
4th-7th: Stays in same division
8th, 9th: Relegation Qualifier
10th-12th: Auto-Relegation

Qualifiers are done in the 1st week of the off-season, involving 4 team groups, 3 from the lower division, 1 from the upper.


Very similar to aforementioned rival Hattrick, ManagerZone has forums, used to have a mailing system (was no longer given to new users from July 2008), and guestbooks as ways of communication. As in most online games, there are admins, some keep the game from being unfair, some keep the forums from getting filled with spam, some translate texts and some write country-specific articles, the latter of which is a unique trait of ManagerZone.

There are also National Teams, led by certain users who are elected every once in a while. These National Teams comprise of the best ManagerZone players in the country, and like real life, there are World and Region-based National team cups.

There are also Club Cups, but this is a mostly premium feature, with the exception of the Elite Cups, which automatically put the best teams in each country up against each other to find the best team in ManagerZone.

Premium Content

ManagerZone is completely free to play and participate in the main league, however extras can be bought. Club Membership is one of them, and can be bought via either a subscription ($4.79 US dollars a month currently) or for a finite amount of time as a one-off payment. This allows free access to the official cups made, which otherwise has to be paid for as a one-off purchase, along with several CM-only features.

There are also player customisation options (which all show when watching in 3D), and Friendly Leagues that can be paid for.


The game itself has gained significant popularity, spawning a number of off-site web pages which range in functions from newbie guides[3] to off-site forums, As well as player display tools.

ManagerZone has also supported charity services on more than one occasion, notably via a Charity Cup in 2007 and most recently supporting UNICEF.[citation needed]

ManagerZone won the Multiplayer Online Games Directory Game Of The Month once, in March 2004 [4]


  • The company that runs ManagerZone also runs an action soccer game called Power Soccer.
  • Websiteoutlook in January 2010 gave the site an estimated worth of $396966.7 USD [5]

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