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Manasu Palike Mouna Raagam
Directed by Nagabhushan
Produced by Deva Kumar Reddy
Starring Sneha
Sarath Babu
Suman Setty
Music by KM Radha Krishnan
Release date(s) 2006
Language Telugu

Manasu Palike Mouna Raagam is Telugu movie starring Sneha and Vikramaditya in the lead. Others in the cast include Sarath Babu, Chandana, Aiswarya, LB Sriram, Suman Setty, Ramesh Khanna and Pandu. It was released in the year 2006. It was a heroine oriented film and Sneha's performance was well appreciated. It was later dubbed to Tamil in the year 2008 as Yen Indha Mounam.


Gowri (Sneha) is a girl who loses her entire family in Tsunami disaster. Rao (Sarath Babu) is a millionaire settled in a city though he was born and brought up in a village. Rao has a son Vikram (Vikramaditya) and daughter Uma. As Uma's marriage is fixed, Rao visits the village to offer prayers to the village goddess as part of their tradition. He visits the village along with his wife Chandana (Chandana), where he finds Gowri near the temple. Rao takes Gowri along with them as Rao's father received favor from Gowri's father Madhava Rao (Ahuti Prasad). Rao performs his daughter's marriage with Viswa. After a few days of their marriage, Uma notices Viswa making advances towards Gowri and the latter takes the blame to avoid embarrassment in the family. But Viswa makes it clear that he is at fault and he behaved like that only at the instance of a psychiatrist (Ambika). He reveals that their married life was not smooth.

To avoid divorce, Gowri suggests to Viswa to visit the psychiatrist again with wife. The doctor clears everything and the couple starts living a happy life. Vikram returns from London and finds that Gowri solved the problem that surfaced in their family. Gowri likes Vikram's behavior and loses her heart to him. When Rao settles Gowri's marriage with some one, Vikram saves her as he comes to know that the bridegroom is a fraud. Gowri feels happy at the cancellation of the marriage. However, her happiness turns short-lived as Rao's parents look for an alliance to Vikram. That alliance will not take place due to Vikram's behavior. Vikram tries to lure Gowri and makes physical advances. Then Gowri reveals that she is in love with him. As Vikram has no good opinion on love and marriage, she explains to him what true love is.

According to her 'Where there is self-centeredness, there is no room for love. Where there is altruistic love, self-interest and selfishness do not exist.' Chandana, who happens to listen all this, realizes how good girl Gowri is and she unites her with Vikram and the film ends on a happy note.




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