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Jat Clan: Manes or Manais
Distribution Punjab (Pakistan) and Punjab (India)
Descended from: Kshatryas
Branches: None
Religion Sikhism and Islam
Languages Punjabi
Surnames: Manais

Manes or sometimes pronounced Manaisis a Jat community of the Punjab region of Northern India and Pakistan


The Manes regard themselves as being the descendants of Manes, grandson of Raja Salvahan (Shalivahana) of Sialkot. However, their legends involve a war between him and the Muslims of distant Mecca. The tribe also claim to be connected to the Bhatti and Wattu Jat clans.

Geographic distribution

The Manes are found chiefly along the Deg river in the vicinity of the city of Sheikhupura in the province of Punjab (Pakistan).


Members of the tribe may belong to any of the three major religions practised in the area: Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam. However, at the time of the Partition of India, many of the Hindu and Sikh Manes emigrated to India.



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