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In law enforcement, a manhunt is a search for a dangerous fugitive involving the use of all available police units and technology and sometimes help from the public.

A manhunt is conducted when the suspect believed to be responsible for a serious crime is at large, and is believed to be within a certain area. Any police units within reach of the area will then participate in the search, each covering various parts of the area. The officers will, if possible, form a perimeter around the area, guarding any and all possible escape routes from the containment.

A manhunt may have one of the following outcomes:

  • The successful capture of the suspect within the area of the manhunt
  • Elusion from the area by the suspect, followed up with plans by other law enforcement agencies to search for the suspect elsewhere
  • The search being called off, if police determine the chances of catching the suspect are minimal

Also, if the fugitive resists and start a gunfight with the law enforcement officers, he may be killed by the officers.


Fugitive Manhunt Agencies and Organizations

Public Involvement

Sometimes, police departments conducting manhunts will solicit help from the public in locating their suspect. They will do this by broadcasting a description and other information on television, radio, and other public media, by going door to door and asking individuals if they have seen the suspect, and by placing wanted posters in public places.

When this happens, citizens are advised not to personally confront the suspect, but rather to call police and report their sightings.

One type of manhunt in which the public is normally drawn into is an AMBER Alert. In an Amber Alert, the main purpose of the mission is to rescue the victim, ahead of the capture of the suspect. The public is usually given notice of an Amber Alert through additional forms of media, including highway overhead signs and text messaging.

If anyone is found aiding the suspect in any way, such as help the suspect in hiding or providing false information to the police about the suspect may face legal consequences themselves or at worse be charged for the same crime of what the suspect did.

Notable Manhunts

Famous Fictional Manhunts

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