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Manifest can refer to:




  • A public declaration of principles and intentions, often political in nature (see Manifesto).


  • Manifest, the UK brand and marketing communications consultancy.
  • Manifest, the UK proxy voting advisors.


  • Manifest, the Melbourne Anime Festival.
  • Manifest, a Music Festival in Mexico.




  • An arrangement of frosted, misted, coloured, or otherwise noticeable markings on a pane of glass (e.g. in a door or window), to stop people walking into it and/or to provide privacy.

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  • Manifest Destiny, a 19th century phrase expressing belief in the expansion of the United States, or a song of the same name by the music group Jamiroquai.

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Manifest n. (genitive Manifests, plural Manifeste)

  1. manifesto

Simple English

To manifest something means to show it, or to make it clear or to make it known. For example, if something is "made manifest", it is made understandable or if something is a manifestation, it is where something hidden or unavailable is made physical or knowable.

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