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Manji (万治 ?) was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō, ?, lit. "year name") after Meireki and before Kanbun. This period spanned the years from July 1658 through April 1661.[1] The reigning emperor was Go-Sai-tennō (後西天皇 ?).[2]


Change of era

  • 1658 Manji gannen (万治元年 ?): The era name was changed to mark a disastrous, great fire in Edo. The previous era ended and a new one commenced in Meireki 4, on the 23rd day of the 7th month 23rd.

The source of this era name comes from the Records of the Grand Historian: "When the common people know their place, then all under heaven is ruled" (衆民乃定、国為)

Events of the Manji era

  • 1658 (Manji 1): In the aftermath of the Great Mereiki Fire, the shogunate organized four all-samurai, all-Edo firefighting squads.[3]
  • 1658 (Manji 1): Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu is born. Yoshiyasu will become Shogun Tsunayoshi's favorite courtier and chief counselor.[4]
Katsushika Hokusai published this view of the Ryōgoku Bridge as an ukiyoe print.
  • 1659 (Manji 2): In Edo, construction begins on the Ryōgoku Bridge (ryogokubashi).[2]
  • 1660 (Manji 3): Former rojū Sakai Tadakatsu entered the Buddhist priesthood.


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