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Manolo Cabeza de Huevo (Spanish for Manolo the egghead) is a series of famous prank calls made by the radio show El Vacilón de la Mañana.

Originally, three prank calls were made to a person called Manuel, who is a superintendent in a New York City building. The prank calls were then presented as a whole in the radio show, and it rapidly became a success. In the countries where the Spanish language is the dominant, the prank calls became an Internet phenomena.

Those three prank calls, presented together, and called "Manolo Cabeza de Huevo" (other sources cite the name as "Manolo Cabeza 'e Huevo"), became the most famous prank calls of the radio show. Soon, a second part was made, with a number of prank calls in it. Then, a third part was completed.


El Vacilón de la Mañana

The radio show El Vacilón de la Mañana (Spanish for Fun in the Morning or Good Time in the Morning ), apart from offering news and music, has a section dedicated to prank calls that are initiated by the staff of El Vacilón.

El Vacilón has made many prank calls. A history of their prank calls includes:

  • Prank calls to a painterman.[1]
  • Prank calls to a lady saying that the caller is from the City of New York.[2]
  • Prank call to a lady saying that her best friend died in a car accident and that she needs to go to the hospital and recognize the body.
  • Prank call to a lady saying that the car she sold was found with a dead body in it.
  • Prank call to a lady saying that her dog, which is with the veterinarian has died during an operation.
  • Prank calls to a mechanic, saying that a car he fixed no longer works.
  • Prank call to Fidel Castro pretending to be Hugo Chavez
  • Prank call to Hugo Chavez pretending to be Fidel Castro

The shows contain many other prank calls, but the ones listed are the most famous..

Before doing a prank call, the people from the radio show try to find out as much as they can about the person who is about to be the victim of the jokes.

First prank calls

The first prank calls were named "Manolo Cabeza de Huevo" and were presented as whole in the radio show. Then, it were published in the Internet for free download [3] and became very popular.

They were done to a person called Manuel. However, people call him "Manolo," and this name is told even by him when identifying himself in the call.

The caller, from El Vacilón, calls him and says to Manolo that he (the caller) has a broken pipe. After Manolo says that he will try to fix it the next day, the caller calls him "Mr. Egghead". This makes Manolo mad, since in Spanish, egg is slang for testicle (then, by calling him "Egghead", they were trying to call him "Penis Head"). Insults by Manolo are obvious in the call, since apparently he has a very easily inflamed temper.

The "first prank calls" contain in total three prank calls:

  • The first one, when Manolo is called to fix the pipe and told "Egghead". Manolo hangs up after insulting the caller when he starts shouting "Manolo Egghead!"repeatedly.
  • The second one, when the caller calls him again to tell him that Manolo should be thankful since everybody calls him that way, and the callers says that name at least frontly. Manolo hangs up after the caller says that Manolo's head is cut by half like a penis.
  • The third part, when Manolo is tired to be called like this nickname. After the caller identifies himself as a person from El Vacilón, Manolo insults him again and hangs up.

The prank calls were presented in the segment of the show Caíste (You Fell For It!). This segment is the one where the prank calls are presented.

Second part

Since the first prank calls resulted to be very famous, "El Vacilón" called Manolo again to do a second part of prank calls. Since Manolo gets very angry with this, "El Vacilón" thought it was funny to call him again.

The first call of this "second part" is about Milly, a woman from a department, calling Manolo to fix her toilet. She says that she spoke with Manolo a week ago, meaning that this call was planned over more than a week.

After she speaks with Manolo, her supposed husband appears and grabs the phone, and starts insulting Manolo. This one becomes very angry, and many insults insue.

Different from the first part, which contains a number of three prank calls in it, this second part contains five prank calls, these being:

  • Milly calling Manolo to fix her toilet, and her husband appearing and insulting Manolo. Manolo hangs up after many insults are said to him.
  • Milly calling Manolo again to apologize for the conduct of her husband, but Manolo hangs up after Milly says that Manolo shouldn't be reacting in such an aggressive way.
  • Milly's supposed husband ("Hector") calling Manolo, telling him that he's sorry. Manolo doesn't accept his apologies and hangs up.
  • Hector calling Manolo again to say that Manolo's an animal, since he doesn't accept his apologies. Manolo hangs up after Hector says to Manolo Egghead.
  • Hector calling Manolo again to say that it were all prank calls from El Vacilón.

Like the first part, this second part was presented in the World Wide Web for free download. However, people like the first one the most.

The second part's title is undefined. If one looks up on the World Wide Web, it would say that it is called "Tu No Tiene(s) Madre" ("You don't have a mother!"), since it is what Manolo says in one point of the call. However, the prank call is about "Milly" calling Manolo to fix her toilet, so some people refer to the prank call as the one about "The problem with the toilet".

Third part

With two great and famous parts to Manolo, "El Vacilon" called him again, now in the mood of making a very different joke.

This third part is probably, the most famous of all. The man from "El Vacilon" (apparently the one who made the voice for "Hector" in the second part) calls Manolo to say that he is Manolo's anus.

At the beginning, Manolo apparently doesn't understand. But then the man says, "I'm your anus, the ass of yours", leaving Manolo making insults to his mother.

At first, the man calls him with his normal voice. In the rest of the calls, except the fourth one, he makes a "small" voice, that is, a high-pitched voice.

The part was presented with, at the beginning, a reggeaton song about Manolo which lasts 19 seconds. The voices were taken from "Hector" of the second part, and the expressions of anger of Manolo in the second part, also.

The third call is the most popular in the series.

Fourth part

The fourth call has an English speaking caller asking for Manuel. Since Manolo has difficulties speaking in English he asks the caller to speak slowly. The caller then identifies himself as a building inspector, and, speaking in both English and Spanish (or Spanglish), says that they have to inspect the building because the windows are broken. Manolo realizes something is fishy with this call and quickly tries to dismiss the caller. The caller calls Manolo a "cranky old man", which Manolo does not understand. The caller then says "I'll say it in Spanish: ¡Cabeza e'huevo!". Manolo realizes it's the people from Caiste calling and insults them saying he will not fall for it again.

The callers try again, but this time his son Israelito answers the phone. After telling him it's the people from Caiste, they collude with Israelito so that Manolo is put on the phone. The caller then tells Manolo he is looking for work, saying that he is too old to be working and calling him a "viejo cabrón". Manolo is infuriated and responds back with a torrent of insults (one of which goes: "¡Debiera salir un rampano en el ano del culo, coñazo!" ["A wart should appear on the middle of your ass, you cunt!"]) after which the caller calls him Cabeza de Huevo once again, and Manolo realizes he has been caught once again and that even his son is part of the joke.

Manolo is called once again and a Mexican Ranchera song is played with lyrics about Manolo Cabeza de Huevo. Manolo responds after the song is done: "Te sabes 'la pepa de tu madre'?" ("You know the song called "the cunt of your mother?"), which they construe as a song request. He ends the call by saying "¡Cantamela, cabrón!" ("Sing it for me, motherfucker!"), and hangs up.

At the end, the DJs call Manolo saying it has all been a prank call from Caiste and asking him for his permission to put it on the air. Manolo responds by telling them to do whatever the hell they want and insults them even more so that they have more material to work with.

Fifth part

The fifth part of the prank calls to Manolo, even though it wasn't very popular, resulted to be very funny. The original "plan" for the prank call was to make Manolo think that the caller is his son, Israel. However, Manolo notices that the caller is not his son, and demands to know who is it. The caller, the man from El Vacilón, answers "The one who ate your little ass", with a high-pitched voice. This phrase, with that voice tone, is a reference to the third part of prank calls.

The fifth part was named "Mission Number 34", by a reason unknown, since is actually the fifth part of prank calls made to Manolo, and not the thirty four. When the joke was presented in the radio show, it contained a small "presentation", because, before the prank call is presented, it is heard: "El Vacilón De La Mañana: Manolo Egghead: Mission Number 34: Call, and make him think that who calls is his son, Israelito."

However, like it was already explained, Manolo did notice that the caller was not his son. So the next times they called, presented as a whole 'fifth part' in the radio show, they made several other jokes. That "presentation" was put, however, because that was the original "plan".

Also, when the last call on this fifth part is finished, it was heard "El Vacilón De La Mañana" by the same voice that made the "presentation". Even though it was presented in the segment Caíste (You Fell For It), Manolo never fell for it, because in the prank calls made for this 'fifth part', he always noticed that that was something funny with the caller and they were trying just to make him mad.

When the prank call was published online, it contained the "presentation" and the end commentary, like when it was shown in the radio show.

The fifth part apparently is the last call they made to Manolo. No more prank calls can be found on the World Wide Web, apparently; but this is not sure, since the prank calls are sometimes difficult to find and download.

Trivia about the prank calls

  • Oddly, only in the first prank call, Manolo answers with a Spanish "Hello?" ("¿Aló?"). In all the rest, he answers with an English "Hello?".
  • In all the prank calls, the words "Cabeza de Huevo" (Spanish for "Egg Head") are said.
  • In the fourth prank call Manolo says that his real name is Manuel.
  • Manolo has proven that he does not speak English very well. In the second prank call, he says "Don't speak in English to me!." In the fourth prank call, he is obligated to speak in English, and one can notice that he doesn't know how to speak it.

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