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Prince Manuel, presumed Heir to the Throne of Portugal, son of Anthony I of Portugal
Portuguese royalty
House of Aviz-Beja
Flag Manuel I of Portugal.svg

Manuel I
Children include
   Miguel da Paz, Prince of Portugal and of Asturias
   John III
   Isabella, Holy Roman Empress
   Beatrice, Duchess of Savoy
   Louis, Duke of Beja
   Ferdinand, Duke of Guarda and Trancoso
   Cardinal-Infante Afonso
   Edward, Duke of Guimarães
   Maria, Lady of Viseu
Grandchildren include
   Anthony (illegitimate)
   Maria, Duchess of Parma and Piacenza
   Catherine, Duchess of Braganza
Great-Great-Grandchildren include
   John IV
John III
Children include
   Maria Manuela, Princess of Portugal and of Asturias
   John Manuel, Prince of Portugal
Grandchildren include

Manuel of Portugal or Manuel II of Portugal (de jure)(Tangier, 1568 - Brussels, 1638) son of Anthony I of Portugal and Ana Barbosa. During the reign of his father he used the title Prince Heir of Portugal, and Titular King of Portugal in exile.

Acclamation as Prince

After the death of the Cardinal-King Henry and the return of his family to Portugal and, with the acclamation of his father as King of Portugal from July 24 to 1580 in Santarém, Manuel bore the title of presumed Heir of the Portuguese throne. But the reign of his father would be short. On August 25 of the same year his father lost the throne in the Battle of Alcântara to Philip II of Spain. After the defeat of his father's troops, and to avoid being captured, he and his father fled to Coimbra, where 6 thousand men were recruited in order to once again confront the Spanish troops. But they were again defeated. Without options, Manuel and his father hid for a few days in monasteries and houses of friends, but were forced to flee with the rest of the family to France. But first, Anthony addressed himself to England to ask for help from Queen Elizabeth I of England. She accepted, and the English army and was sent to Portugal, but there suffered from fever,. Anthony continued to be acclaimed king until 1583 while exiled in the Azores until the Spanish troops to expel him and he fled into exile.


After the exile of the family in France, Manuel went to the Netherlands. There he married Emilia of Nassau, then Princess of Orange, on November 17 of 1597 at The Hague. The couple subsequently had eight children. Emilia died in 1629. Not long thereafter, April 3 of 1630 Manual married Luísa Osório. Manuel died in Brussels in 1638, at the age of 70.


  • Daughter (1598-1602)
  • Maria Belgica of Portugal (1599-1647)
  • Emanuel (III) of Portugal (1600-1666)
  • Lodewijk Willem of Portugal (1601-1660)
  • Daughter (1602-1603)
  • Emilia Louise of Portugal (1603-1670)
  • Anna Louise of Portugal (1605-1669)
  • Juliana Catharina of Portugal (ca. 1607-1680)
  • Mauritia Eleonora of Portugal (1609-1674) married Georg Friedrich (Nassau-Siegen) son of John VII, Count of Nassau
  • Sabina Delphica of Portugal (1612-1670)
Portuguese royalty
Preceded by
Prince of Portugal
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Anthony I
King of Portugal and the Algarves
Beja claimaint

1595 – 1638
Succeeded by
Emanuel (III) of Portugal


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