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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Mao.

Mao Wenlong (simplified Chinese: 毛文龙traditional Chinese: 毛文龍pinyin: Máo Wénlóng; style name:; , 1579 – , 1629) was a famed marine corps commander of the Ming Dynasty who battled the Manchus in Yellow Sea. He was known to have excelled in artillery warfare and successfully incorporated western tactics into the East.

Early life

Mao born in Hangzhou and youth was a future teller originally. Then he went to northern Shanhaiguan and join up about 1600.

Early military career

It is also Mao's fault for using Korea, Ming's ally, as a base to attack Manchuria, which resulted in Korea being conquered by Manchus as Mao ordered a general retreat when the Manchus entered Korea. This angered many merchants in the Beijing area since Mao had never dared to drag major cities into war even when there was a strategic advantage. In addition, Mao had bribe many eunuchs and corrupted officials. Thus, Yuan made enemies with the most influential and corrupted people in China.

Mao smuggled by marine corps but mass contributed for booming economy of northern China. then he was executed that nobody could deputize his business ability, the Ming Dynasty‘s economy fallen down quickly.

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