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  • Availability: KMS

Below you will see the Ability Point and Skill Point allocation guides for the Evan class. Evan is a new class, currently only available in Korean version of MapleStory.

Evan is related to the magician, it uses staves and wands as its primary weapon. Evan's hometown is a farm, he starts a house. Through special quests, you can acquire a Dragon Egg.

The Dragon Egg hatches to a baby dragon called Mir upon 1st Job Advancement. The unique part is that the dragon will be your main 'weapon'. All attacks go through the dragon.

This class does not get the traditional Job Advancements. The Dragon has 10 'masters' (Job Advancement), which means your Dragon can grow up to ten times.

When Evans achieve a certain level, their Dragon evolves and turns bigger and stronger:

  • 1st Master : Requires you to be level 10
  • 2nd Master : Requires you to be level 20
  • 3rd Master : Requires you to be level 30
  • 4th Master : Requires you to be level 40
  • 5th Master : Requires you to be level 50
  • 6th Master : Requires you to be level 60
  • 7th Master : Requires you to be level 80
  • 8th Master : Requires you to be level 100
  • 9th Master : Requires you to be level 120
  • 10th Master : Requires you to be level 160




Another story of a baby dragon who has been waiting for a hero. Once there was a normal boy that lived near the village of Henesys. He discovers a dragon egg that he saw in his dream. And so, the story of the Dragon Master unfolds. In the beginning, Evan and the baby dragon knew nothing. But with the growth of the baby dragon, Evan’s strength continues to increase endlessly.

Evan characters start their journey at an expanded Utah's Farm, where Evan tutorials and the Dragon Egg can be found.

AP Distribution

Since Evan is family of the Magician, they use INT and LUK.

Unique gameplay

Evan has a unique element that no other class has; A dragon that attacks for you. The dragon is not a summon. After your Evan advances to level 10 and completes the First Job Advancement, a baby dragon awakens from a Dragon Egg.

The Dragon can grow up to ten times at certain levels. All attacks will be executed through your dragon.

This means that you don't need to do Job Advancements, as your Dragon will evolve automatically upon the designated level.

Advantages & disadvantages of Evan

  • Has a party skill that allows to resurrect 1~2 random party members.
  • Has a party skill that gives resistance to magic attacks.
  • A skill like Berserk, but only for MP.
  • Combination of Fire, Ice, Lightning and Dark elemental attacks
  • Can deal critical damage, unlike other mages
  • Dragon only attacks in the direction you are facing.
  • No MP Eater or MP Increase skill.
  • Nerfed Magic Guard.


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