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Place of origin  Azerbaijan South Africa South Africa
Service history
Used by Azerbaijani Armed Forces & Peacekeeping in Africa
Wars None
Production history
Manufacturer Paramount Group
Produced 2008 – Present
Number built ~50
Crew 2 + 8 passengers

Armor Ballistic Protection:STANAG 4569 level III (7.62 x 54mm RB 32 API - Dragunov) & Mine Blast Protection: STANAG 4569 3a and 3b (Single anti-tank mine (7 kg of TNT under the hull),Double anti-tank mine (14 kg of TNT under any wheel)
Speed 100km/h

The Marauder is an armoured mine protected vehicle that is produced by the Paramount Group in South Africa. It was launched during the 2007 International Defence Exhibition (IDEX) and Conference in Abu Dhabi, the largest arms exhibition in the Middle East.[1] [2] [3].



With a kerb weight of 9,800 kg and a payload weight of 4,500 kg, the Marauder was developed for reconnaissance and peacekeeping missions, and is able to carry a crew of ten, including a driver and commander.[4]

The vehicle was originally designed to operate in urban settings and build-up and confined areas, and is therefore smaller in both size and weight when compared to the Matador (Mine Protection Vehicle), another armoured, mine protected vehicle from the Paramount Group stable. The Marauder – which has the option of 4x4 or a 6x6 vehicle configuration – has a shorter wheelbase and a tighter turning circle, which makes it extremely agile and maneuverable.[5]

The vehicle can be equipped with either a militarised MAN engine, integrated with a 12-speed semi automatic transmission, or with Cummins diesel power plants and proven driveline systems.[6]

Both technologies allow for the vehicles to be serviced and repaired in most countries throughout the world, without having to invest in independent logistic systems.[7]

The Marauder has a cruising speed of around 100km/h, and a maximum range of up to 1,000 kilometres (620mi).


The Marauder’s double-skin monocoque hull gives it a neat, modern look and a smooth finish while providing supreme all-round protection against projectiles up to STANAG 4569 Level III for the crew compartment.[8]


The Marauder’s payload capacity and spacious interior allows for the fitting of various defence and weapons systems, including light and medium-calibre machine guns, cannon weapon installations, and missile launchers as well as command, surveillance, and control systems. The vehicle can be configured in such way that one is able to fire mortars off the payload platform.[9]


In 2008, for the manufacturing and production of the Marauder, the Paramount Group entered into an agreement with King Abdullah II of Jordan Design and Development Bureau (KADDB). KADDB is Jordan’s primary governmental military agency that develops and manufactures defence systems.[10]

It also serves as independent technical advisor to the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF). Apart from being a manufacturer, Jordan was the first customer for the Marauder.[11]

During the 2008 Special Operations Forces Exhibition (SOFEX), which took place in the country’s capital of Amman, the Jordan Armed Forces announced its interest in using Matadors for security and peacekeeping roles.[12]





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