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Marbeh Torah is a Haredi yeshiva for English-speaking baalei teshuva, located in Bnei Brak. It belongs to the Lithuanian stream of Orthodox Judaism. The main beis midrash is located on the second floor of the building which also houses the Kollel Chazon Ish on its upper floors, close to the Ponevezh yeshiva.

The rosh yeshiva is Rav Naftoli Elzas. Rav Elzas was born shortly after the Holocaust in the Dutch town of Borculo. He is a graduate of the famous Ponevezh Yeshiva.

The yeshiva has 6 rabbis and over 40 students. It is a combination of a regular yeshiva of the Ponevitch type and a yeshiva for baalei teshuva. The yeshiva accepts even students who have almost no knowledge of Judaism. Nevertheless, in contrast to many baal teshuva yeshivas, the level of religious observance is significantly higher at Marbeh Torah. The students are friendly, warm and motivated. Although mainly American, most English-speaking countries are represented, as well as many European countries. Learning is done with original texts in Hebrew or Aramaic, though the lessons are given in English. Students are introduced to Judaism using English and bilingual texts and gradually grow in their learning. Due to the small size of the yeshiva, the formal programs are flexible and students can easily switch to shiurim (lessons) which fit their level.

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