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Margaret Avison, OC (April 23, 1918 – July 31, 2007) was a Canadian poet.[1]

Avison was born in Galt, Ontario. She attended Victoria College and the University of Toronto. Aside from her poetry, she also worked as a librarian, editor, social worker, and speaker. Her first collection of poems was called The Winter Sun, which won the Governor General's Award. Her later collection, No Time, also won the Governor General's Award. In 2003 her work Concrete and Wild Carrot won the Griffin Poetry Prize.

Avison could be considered a spiritual or metaphysical poet. She converted to Christianity in 1963. In 1984 she was made an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Margaret Avison died in Toronto on July 31 2007, age 89, from undisclosed causes.





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  • "Political Ploy Perhaps" from Momentary Dark, online at CBC Words at Large
  • Concrete and Wild Carrot. Brick Books, 2002 (winner of the 2003 Canadian Griffin Poetry Prize)
  • No Time. Hantsport, N.S.: Lancelot P, 1989; Brick Books, 1998.
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  • The Cosmic Chef Glee & Perloo Memorial Society under the direction of Captain Poetry presents an evening of concrete (poems by Margaret Avison [and others] edited by B.P. Nichol.); courtesy Oberon Cement Works. Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1970
  • The Dumbfounding. New York: Norton, 1966
  • Winter Sun. London: Routledge, Kegan Paul, 1960


  • A kind of perseverance. Hantsport, N.S.: Lancelot Press, 1994
  • A Doctor's Memoirs (from papers and conversations with Dr. A. I. Wolinsky) Macmillan, 1960
  • Acta Sanctorum (translation in collaboration with Ilona Duczynska & Peter Owen, 1966)
  • History of Ontario [for Grade VII] [illustrations by Selwyn Dewdney]. Toronto : W. J. Gage, 1951.
  • The research compendium; review and abstracts of graduate research, 1942-1962. [Toronto] University of Toronto Press [c1964]

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Source for list of publications: "100 Canadian Poets" and the Margaret Avison page at the Canadian Poetry website


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