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Margaret of Dampierre, Countess of Flanders

Margaret of Dampierre (13 April 1350 – 16/21 March 1405) was Countess of Flanders (as Margaret III), Countess of Artois and Countess Palatine of Burgundy (as Margaret II) and twice Duchess consort of Burgundy. Through her mother, (Margaret of Brabant, daughter of John III, Duke of Brabant), the younger Margaret was also an heiress of the Duchies of Brabant and Limburg.


She was the daughter and heir of Louis de Mâle, Count of Flanders, Count of Nevers, and Count of Rethel (1346–1384); and his wife Margaret of Brabant. Through his mother, Margaret I, Louis was also Count of Burgundy and Count of Artois (1382–1384).

In 1357, the young Margaret, then seven, married Philip of Rouvres, grandson and heir of Eudes IV, Duke of Burgundy. Philip was eleven years old and her second cousin. He was count of Burgundy and Artois (1347–1361), Duke of Burgundy (1350–1361), and became yet Count of Auvergne and Boulogne (1360–1361).

Margaret was widowed in 1361, and with the death of her husband the duchy of Burgundy was inherited by John II of France (as John I of Burgundy). In 1363 Philip the Bold, John's youngest son, was granted the duchy as Philip II, and subsequently married its former duchess in 1369. Philip had earlier been Duke of Touraine (1359–1363), and became later also count of Charolais (1390–1404). When Margaret's father died in 1384, she and Philip inherited the counties of Artois, Burgundy, Flanders, Nevers, and Rethel. Philip died in 1404, and Margaret died the next year.

According to Guizot, her father had not wished her to marry a Frenchman, being more friendly to England; he was persuaded to agree to the marriage by his mother, Margaret of France.


Margaret and Philip had the following children:

Her eldest son, John the Fearless, succeeded her in 1405 as Duke of Burgundy, Count of Burgundy, Count of Artois, and Count of Flanders. In 1406 her younger son Anthony inherited Brabant and Limburg. Nevers was at first, in her lifetime, given to their eldest son John, but after his accession to duchy, went later to her youngest son Philippe, thus comte de Nevers.


Margaret III, Countess of Flanders
House of Dampierre
Born: 13 April 1350 Died: 21 March 1405
Preceded by
Louis of Mâle
suo jure Countess of Artois Artois Arms.svg and Flanders Blason Comte-de-Flandre.svg, suo jure Countess Palatine of Burgundy Blason comte fr Nevers.svg
30 January 1384–21 March 1405
Succeeded by
John the Fearless
suo jure Countess of Nevers Blason comte fr Nevers.svg
suo jure Countess of Rethel :Armoiries Rethel 3 rateaux.svg
30 January 1384 – 1402
Succeeded by
Anthony of Burgundy
Preceded by
Jeanne III, Countess of Burgundy
Duchess of Burgundy by marriageBlason fr Bourgogne.svg
1357–21 November 1361;
19 June 1369–27 April 1404
Succeeded by
Margaret of Bavaria
Preceded by
New creation
Countess of Charolais Blason Charolais.svg by marriage
1390–27 April 1404
Preceded by
Eudes IV, Duke of Burgundy
Countess of Artois Artois Arms.svg and Countess Palatine of Burgundy Blason comte fr Nevers.svg by marriage
1357–21 November 1361
Succeeded by
Philip the Bold
Preceded by
John II of France
Countess of Auvergne Blason de l'Auvergne.svg and Boulogne Blason Courtenay.svg by marriage
29 September 1360–21 November 1361
Succeeded by
Joan, Lady of Saint-Just


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