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Margaret of Denmark
Queen consort of Scotland
Margaret of Denmark
Reign 1469 – 1486
Spouse James III
James IV
James, Duke of Ross
John, Earl of Mar
House Oldenburg
Father Christian I of Denmark
Mother Dorothea of Brandenburg
Born 23 June 1456
Died 14 July 1486 (aged 30)
Stirling Castle, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Burial Cambuskenneth Abbey, Stirlingshire
For the queen consort of Norway, historically known as her namesake, see Margaret I of Denmark. For other Queens Margaret of Denmark, see Queen Margaret of Denmark.

Margaret of Denmark (23 June 1456 – before 14 July 1486) was the daughter of King Christian I of Denmark (1448-1481), Norway (1450-1481), and Sweden (1457-1464), and his wife Dorothea of Brandenburg.



She was engaged to James of Scotland in 1460. The marriage was arranged by recomendation of the king of France to end the feud (1426-60) between Denmark and Scotland about the taxation of the Hebrids islands. In July 1469 (at age 13), at Holyrood Abbey, she married James III, King of Scots (1460-88). Her father, King Christian I of Denmark and also of Norway, agreed on a remarkable dowry to her. He however was strained in cash, so the islands of Orkney and Shetland, Norwegian crown possessions, were pledged as security until the dowry was to be paid.

William Sinclair, 1st Earl of Caithness was at that time the Norse Earl of Orkney, who was made in 1473 to exchange his Orkney fief to castle Ravenscraig, so the Scottish throne took the earl's rights in the islands too.

This marriage produced three children:

Margaret became a popular queen in Scotland, and was described as beautiful, soft and sensible. A story given by her son claim that Margaret was killed by a poison given to her by Ramsay, leader of one of the political fractions, However, as Ramsay was favoured by the royal family also after the death of the queen, this is considered doubtful and may have been slander.

She died at Stirling Castle and is buried in Cambuskenneth Abbey.


King James III and Queen Margaret on the 1562 Froman Armorial

Her great-great-grandson James VI of Scotland married another princess of her dynasty, Anne of Denmark. They became ancestors of all the future monarchs of England and Scotland.

She was responsible for introducing the bloodline of England's first Danish monarch King Sweyn Forkbeard into the Scottish Royal blood line and after James VI of Scotland assended to the English throne in 1603, into the English royal bloodline as well.

When in the 20th century, there was some Orcadian dissatisfaction with the government of the United Kingdom, some Orcadians investigated the terms of Margaret's marriage contract and pleaded to the Kings of Denmark and Norway to pay Margaret's dowry to the British Exchequer so that Orkney and Shetland would return to the government of a Scandinavian nation and not be governed by the United Kingdom.



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Scottish royalty
Preceded by
Mary of Guelders
Queen consort of Scotland
1469 - 1486
Succeeded by
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