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A marginal sea is a part of an ocean partially enclosed by land such as islands, archipelagos, or peninsulas. Unlike mediterranean seas, marginal seas have ocean currents caused by ocean winds. Many marginal seas are enclosed by island arcs that were formed from the subduction of one oceanic plate beneath another.

Marginal seas of the Arctic Ocean:

Marginal seas of the Atlantic Ocean:

Marginal seas of the Indian Ocean:

Marginal seas of the Mediterranean Sea:

Marginal seas of the Pacific Ocean:

Marginal seas of the Southern Ocean:

Seas barely marginal include the Tasman Sea.

Note that although the Caribbean Sea is enclosed by most of the Antilles and the mainland of the Americas, it is not a marginal sea because (together with the Gulf of Mexico) it forms the American mediterranean sea and its currents are mainly caused by salinity and temperature differences rather than by ocean winds.

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