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Marie-Mai performing in July, 2009.
Background information
Birth name Marie-Mai Bouchard
Born July 7, 1984 (1984-07-07) (age 25)
Origin Varennes, Quebec, Canada
Genres Pop music, Rock
Years active 2003-present
Labels Musicor

Marie-Mai Bouchard, (born on July 7, 1984, in Varennes, Quebec) also known as her stage name Marie-Mai, is a Québec singer. She was initially known as one of the top finalists of the first season of the Quebec reality show Star Académie.



As her father was also a musician [1], Marie-Mai began her interest in music in her early years when practicing piano lessons and also participated in musical theatre. Shortly, she began singing and her grandmother noticed her talent. In the following years, she would help Marie-Mai improve her singing abilities even further. At that time, her grandmother suggested to her that she audition for a new competition, Star Académie. Prior to this, in 2001, she would start to perform in shows at Montreal's Théâtre Musical in the Passion intense show.

She became a finalist in the 2003 edition, in which she was immediately noticed by her pop-rock style. She finished third behind Marie-Elaine Thibert, the runner-up of the competition and Wilfred Le Bouthillier, the eventual winner.

After the Star Académie tour that ended in 2004, she was part of Rent, a rock opera musical which was held at the Olympia Theatre in Montreal.

On February 28 2010, she performed "Emmène-Moi" during the closing ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Debut album

Marie-Mai's debut album Inoxydable (2005)

Her debut album Inoxydable, produced by Fred St-Gelais, was released on September 28, 2004. Over 120,000 albums were sold in Quebec alone while the album was released in France in 2006.[1][2] Several singles had reached high in the Quebec charts including the songs "Il faut que tu t'en ailles" and "Encore une nuit" which reached the top of the Radio Énergie charts.

European Tour

In the fall of 2006, Marie-Mai had already reached the international stage, when she opened for Garou for four shows at the Olympia in Paris where several international acts made their mark at the landmark music hall. Additional stops in the European Tour included Switzerland, Belgium, Romania and Russia. In an interview with TVA's correspondent in Paris, Claude Charron, Marie-Mai mentioned she was thrilled about the experience and was amazed by the public reception in Paris. She also added that despite being a short experience each night (she opens with 30-minute performance), she enjoys every single moment of it and would stay there forever on the stage. [3]

Second Album

Marie Mai's second album Dangeureuse Attraction (2007)

Her second album, Dangereuse Attraction (also produced by Fred St-Gelais), was released in August 2007. She mentioned in the interview with Charron that she hopes for success similar to her debut album Inoxydable. The first song from her next album is "Qui prendra ma place" (Who Will Take My Place) and already reached number 1 in the Francophone Chart of Radio Enérgie. Marie-Mai mentions that her second album is much more personal than Inoxydable. Her song "Tôt Ou Tard" is a cover of Alexz Johnson's "Waste My Time" on the album Songs from Instant Star. [2] Over 80,000 albums were sold.



Inoxydable (2005)

  1. Il faut que tu t'en ailles (You Have to Leave) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais, Antoine Sicotte)
  2. Inoxydable (Stainless) (Diane Cadieux, Fred St-Gelais)
  3. Tu t'en fous (You Don't Care) (Patrick Lafleur, Fred St-Gelais)
  4. En hiver (In Winter) (David Quilico)
  5. Tous les chemins (All the Roads) (Patrick Lafleur, Fred St-Gelais)
  6. Encore une nuit (One More Night) (Marie-Mai)
  7. Un million d'années (A Million Years) (Fred St-Gelais)
  8. Rien (Nothing) (Dave Richard/Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  9. Take the money (Fred St-Gelais, Martin Rannou)
  10. Salaud! (Bastard!) (Luc Plamondon/Romano Mussumara)
  11. Entre mes mains (In My Hands) (Patrick Lafleur, Fred St-Gelais)
  12. Chanson pour hier et demain (Song for Yesterday and Tomorrow) (Fred St-Gelais)
  13. Seule à Montréal (Alone in Montreal)(Jean-Pierre Bouchard)

Dangereuse Attraction (2007)

  1. Mentir (Lying) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  2. Emmène-Moi (Take Me Away) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  3. Qui prendra ma place (Who Will Take My Place) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  4. Avec Elle (With Her) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  5. Tôt ou Tard (Sooner or Later)(Christopher Ward, Rob Wells, Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  6. Ici Maintenant (Here Now) (Ali Tompson, Luke McMaster, Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  7. Dangereuse Attraction (Dangerous Attraction) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  8. Encore (Again) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  9. Mille Jours (A Thousand Days) (Marie-Mai)
  10. Cauchemar (Nightmare) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  11. Elle Avance (She Advances) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  12. Sous un ciel sombre (Beneath a Dark Sky) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais, Patrick Lafleur)
  13. La prochaine fois (Next Time) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)

Version 3.0 (2009)

  1. Déja Loin (Already Far) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  2. J'attendrai Mon Tour (I Will Wait My Turn) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  3. C'est Moi (It's Me) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  4. Garde Tes Larmes (Keep Your Tears) (Rob Wells, Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  5. Secrets (Secrets) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  6. Tout (Everything) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  7. Pour Une Fois (For Once) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  8. Comme Avant (Like Before) (Rob Wells, Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  9. Plaisirs Amers (Bitter Pleasures) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  10. Rebâtir Notre Histoire (Rebuilding Our History) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  11. Tu L'emporte Sur Moi (You Win Over Me) (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)
  12. Do You (Marie-Mai, Fred St-Gelais)

Guest Vocals

Marie-Mai has also provided guest vocals on David Usher's song "Kill the Lights" on his album Wake Up and Say Goodbye.


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