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Mario Luis Rodríguez Cobos (born January 6, 1938 in Mendoza, Argentina), pen-name Silo, is a writer and spiritual leader. Study groups in the late 1960s organized around his works and formed what became the Humanist Movement.

In 2001, in the Annual Ordinary Meeting of the Assembly of General Coordinators of the Humanist Movement, the highest level of interchange for those involved in the organisational structure, in Madrid, Spain, Silo announced his retirement from the affairs of the Humanist Movement, leaving all further development in the hands of this collegiate body that he himself had created.

Since that time, Silo has started a new project, known as Silo's Message. This project is a spiritual development based on some of the earliest forms of meditation exercises developed by Silo in the 60s called the work with the force.

In September 2006, Silo launched a new campaign for global nuclear disarmament, citing it as the biggest threat to the world today. This TV campaign consists of a 30 second video clip. [1]



Critics of Silo allege that his movement is a cult.[1][2][3]


  • Guided Experiences (Experiencias Guiadas), 1980
  • Humanize the Earth (Humanizar la Tierra), 1989.
  • The Day of the Winged Lion (El día del León Alado), 1991
  • Letters to my Friends (Cartas a mis amigos), 1993
  • Complete Works Volume I (Obras Completas Volumen I), 1993
  • Silo Speaks (Habla Silo), 1996
  • Complete Works Volume II (Obras Completas Volumen II), 2002
  • Contributions to Thought (Contribuciones al pensamiento)
  • Universal Root Myths (Mitos raices universales)
  • Psychology Notes (Apuntes de psicologia), 2006

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