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Maritime Alps
French: Alpes maritimes, Italian: Alpi Marittime
Maritime Alps
Countries France, Italy
Part of Alps
Borders on Ligurian Alps, Cottian Alps
Highest point Monte Argentera
 - elevation 3,297 m (10,817 ft)
 - coordinates 44°10′45″N 7°18′18″E / 44.17917°N 7.305°E / 44.17917; 7.305
Maritime Alps (French text)

The Maritime Alps are a mountain range in the south-western part of the Alps. They form the border between the French département Alpes-Maritimes and the Italian province of Cuneo. The Col de Tende separates them from the Ligurian Alps; the Maddalena Pass separates them from the Cottian Alps. The Mercantour National Park is part of the Maritime Alps.

The Maritime Alps are drained by the rivers Roya, Var and Verdon and their tributaries on the French side; by the Stura di Demonte and other tributaries of the Tanaro and Po on the Italian side.


The chief peaks of the Maritime Alps are:

Monte Argentera 3297 m (10,794 ft)
Mont Ténibre 3032 m (9948 ft)
Cime du Gélas 3135 m (10,286 ft)
Cime de l'Enchastraye 2955 m (9695 ft)
Monte Matto 3087 m (10,128 ft)
Mont Bégo 2872 m (9426 ft)
Mont Pelat 3053 m (10,017 ft)
Mont Mounier 2818 m (9246 ft)
Mont Clapier 3046 m (9994 ft)
Roche de l'Abisse 2755 m (9039 ft)


The chief passes of the Maritime Alps are:

name location type elevation (m/ft)
Col de la Bonette Tinée Valley to Barcelonnette road, minor loop off Col de Restefond 2802
Col de Restefond Col de la Bonette to Barcelonnette road 2680
Bassa di Druos Tinée Valley to Terme di Valdieri bridle path 2630/8629
Colle di Ciriegia Saint-Martin-Vésubie to Terme di Valdieri bridle path 2551/8370
Col des Granges Communes Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée to Barcelonnette bridle path 2512/8242
Col de Pourriac Tinee Valley to Argentera foot path 2506/8222
Colle di Guercia Tinee Valley to Vinadio foot path 2451/8042
Col de la Lombarde Isola to Vinadio road 2350
Col de la Cayolle Var River valley to Barcelonnette road 2327/7717
Col du Sabion Tende to Valdieri bridle path 2264/7428
Col d'Allos Verdon River valley to Barcelonnette road 2250/7382
Maddalena Pass Barcelonnette to Cuneo road 1995/6545
Col de Tende Tende to Cuneo road, road tunnel
railway tunnel
Col de Turini Vésubie river valley to Sospel road 1607


Coordinates: 44°13′53″N 7°10′36″E / 44.23139°N 7.17667°E / 44.23139; 7.17667



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From maritime + Alps

Proper noun

Maritime Alps


Maritime Alps

  1. A part of the Alps between France and Italy.

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