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Maronite Catholic Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East

Current primacy
Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeïr

originally from Antioch
moved to Bkerké (Mount-Lebanon)

Liturgical Languages
Syriac · Arabic

The Maronites Saints
St. Maroun
Saint Charbel · Saint Rafqa
St. Nimatulah Hardini

History · Political movements
History of Phoenicians
Byzantine Empire · Crusades
Lebanese Maronite Order
History of Lebanon · Lebanese diaspora
Lebanese politics

This is a list of the Maronite Patriarchs of Antioch, who have led the Maronite Church, one of the Eastern Catholic Churches, in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. After becoming patriarch, they assume the name "Peter," after the head of the Apostles, St. Peter. The official title that the Maronite Patriarch assumes is "Patriarch of Antioch and All the East."


Maronite Patriarchs of Antioch, 310-628


Patriarchs during the Roman and Byzantine rule, 310-410

Patriarchs during the Marada States, 628-1099

  • John Maron II (628-d.707)
  • John el Damlassi
  • Theophilius
  • Gregory I (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Stephan I (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Mark (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Eusebius (Melkite Patriarch)
  • John I (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Joshua I (Melkite Patriarch)
  • David (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Theofelix (Habib)(Melkite Patriarch)
  • Joshua II (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Dumith (Domitius) (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Isaac (Melkite Patriarch)
  • John II (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Simon I (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Gregory II (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Jeremiah (Ermea)] (Melkite Patriarch)
  • John II existence disputed
  • Simon II existence disputed
  • Simon III existence disputed

Patriarchs during the Crusades 1099-1305

  • Joseph El Gergessi (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Peter I (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Gregory of Halate (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Jacob of Ramate (Melkite Patriarch)
  • John III (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Peter II (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Peter of Lehfed (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Jeremiah of Amshit El Douaihy (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Daniel of Shamat (Melkite Patriarch)
  • John of Jaje (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Simon II
  • Daniel of Hadshit (Melkite Patriarch)
  • Jeremiah of Dmalsa (Melkite Patriarch)

Patriarchs during the Mamluk rule, 1305-1516

  • Simon III (1297-1339)
  • John IV (1339-1357)
  • Gabriel of Hjula (1357-1367)
  • John V (1367-1404)
    • vacant (1404-1440)
  • John of Jaje (1440-1445)
  • Jacob of Hadeth (1445-1468)
  • Joseph of Hadeth (1468-1492)

Patriarchs during the Ottomans, 1516-1918

  • Simeon of Hadeth (1492-1524)
  • Moses Akari of Barida (1524-1567)
  • Michael Rizzi of Bkoufa (1567-1581)
  • Sarkis Rizzi of Bkoufa (1581-1596)
  • Joseph Rizzi of Bkoufa (1596-1608)
  • John Maklouf El Douaihy of Ehden (1608-1633)
  • George Omaira El Douaihy of Ehden (1633-1644)
  • Joseph Halib of Akoura (1644-1648)
  • John Bawab of Safra (1648-1656)
  • George Rizkallah of Bseb’el (1656-1670)
  • Estephan El Douaihy of Ehden (1670-1704)
  • Gabriel Al Blouzani of Blaouza (1704-1705)
  • Jacob Awad of Hasroun (1705-1733)
  • Joseph Dergham Khazen of Ghosta (1733-1742)
  • Simeon Awad of Hasroun (1743-1756)
  • Toubia El Khazen of Bekaata Kanaan (1756-1766)
  • Joseph Stephan of Ghosta (1766-1793)
  • Michael Fadel of Beirut (1793-1795)
  • Philip Gemayel of Bikfaya (1795-1796)
  • Joseph Tyen of Beirut (1796-1809)
  • John Helou of Ghosta (1809-1823)
  • Joseph Peter Hobaish of Sahel Alma (1823–1845)
  • Joseph El Khazen of Ajaltoun (1845–1854)
  • Paul Peter Massad of Ashqout (1854–1890)
  • John Peter El Hajj of Dlebta (1890–1898)

Patriarch during modern Lebanon, 1918-present

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