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Mars is an upcoming action-adventure RPG video game for the PC and Playstation 3 console.



The game will combine RPG elements such as exploration with combat elemets. Players will be able to use the Sun as a weapon to defeat enemies. Firearms and Ammunation will be in limited supply meaning the player will have to rely on melee weapons such as swords and knives. The game will feature multiplayer modes such as fighting with up to three players against random creatures or fighting directly against three other players, but the game will not contain a co-op mode. Later on in the game the player will have the ability to customise their characters.


The plot of Mars Will concern the planet Mars 200 years into the future, where it has been colonizeted. The water available on the planet is in limited supply and the planet's orbit suddenly alters, ceasing its communication with Earth. Strange sun rays turn some the planet's inhabitants into mutants and the rival water companies go to war with each other, causing the planet to go into chaos. The player will control two characters, Seth, a soldier, and Pandora, a 'technomancer'.


The game is being developed by French developer Spiders, and currently does not have a publisher.


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