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Marshall Rogers
Born January 22, 1950(1950-01-22)[1]
Flushing, New York
Died March 25, 2007 (aged 57)
Nationality American
Area(s) Penciller
Notable works Batman
Awards #Awards

Marshall Rogers (January 22, 1950[1] – March 25, 2007) was an American comic-book artist best-known for his work at Marvel and DC Comics in the 1970s, particularly as one of the key illustrators of the character Batman.[2] In addition, Rogers also illustrated one of the first graphic novels, Detectives Inc. (1979).



Detective Comics #475 (Feb. 1978). Cover art by Rogers and Terry Austin. The story "The Laughing Fish" is considered a Batman classic.[2]

Marshall Rogers studied architectural drawing, and his work was characterized by the depiction of characters with relatively human proportions rather than exaggerated musculature, and by detailed rendering of buildings and structures.

Some of his first comic-book work appeared in the black-and-white magazine The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, where he worked with writer Chris Claremont on a story featuring the "Iron Fist" supporting characters Misty Knight and Colleen Wing as the Daughters of the Dragon. He eschewed the grey wash that was used in other black-and-white comics stories in favour of applying screentone.

With writer Steve Englehart, Rogers penciled an acclaimed run on the character Batman in Detective Comics #471-476 (Aug. 1977 - April 1978), providing one of the definitive interpretations that went on to influence the 1989 movie Batman and be adapted for the 1990s animated series.[2] He also penciled the origin story of the Golden Age Batman in Secret Origins #6 (Sept. 1986) with writer Roy Thomas and inker Terry Austin.

The two also did a sequel miniseries, Batman: Dark Detective, and had worked together on other series, such as The Silver Surfer. Also striking was Rogers' short run on DC's revived "Mister Miracle" series. Englehart and Rogers' first Batman run was collected in the trade paperbacks Batman: Strange Apparitions (ISBN 1-56389-500-5) and the second run, a reunion for Englehart and Rogers, Batman: Dark Detective (ISBN 1-4012-0898-3).

He had also done independent work at Eclipse Comics and others. This included the first Coyote series with Englehart, and his own Capt. Quick and the Foozle.

Rogers was found dead from a heart attack in his home by his son,[3] Russ.


Interior pencil art (except where noted):

DC Comics

Eclipse Comics

  • Cap'N Quick & A Foozle #1-2 (1984–1985), writer/pencils/inks
  • Eclipse Magazine (Coyote) #1-8 (1981–1983), pencils/inks
  • Eclipse Monthly (Cap'N Quick) #1-4 (1983–1984), writer/pencils/inks
  • Scorpio Rose #1-2 (1983), pencils/inks

Marvel Comics


Graphic novels

Softcover collections

  • Batman: Dark Detective (2006), DC Comics, 144 pages, ISBN 1-4012-0898-3
  • Batman: Strange Apparitions (1999), DC Comics, 176 pages, ISBN 1-56389-500-5
  • Coyote - Volume 1 (2005), Image Comics, 128 pages, ISBN 1-58240-519-0

Comic collections

  • Shadow Of The Batman #1-5 (new cover art) (1985–1986), DC Comics
  • Daughters Of The Dragon Special #1 (2005), Marvel Comics


  • Strange (1979), Schanes & Schanes, 6 plates, s/n 1200
  • The Batman - Portfolio #1 (1981), S.Q. Productions Inc, 5 plates, s/n 1000
  • F.O.O.G. (Friends Of Old Gerber) (1982), 1 plate (Cap'N Quick & Foozle)
  • Heroines (1979), 1 plate (Pulp Heroine)
  • Heroes, Heavies & Heroines (1981), 1 plate (Nightcrawler)

Comic strips


  • 1978: nominated at the Eagle Awards for Favourite Artist, for Favourite Single Story for Detective Comics #472: I am the Batman with Steve Englehart and for Favourite Continued Story for Detective Comics #471-472 with Steve Englehart
  • 1979: Inkpot Award
  • 1979: nominated at the Eagle Awards for Favourite Comicbook Artist (US), for Best Continued Story for Detective Comics #475-476 with Steve Englehart, and for Best Cover for Detective Comics #476


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