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Shirt badge/Association crest
Association Ligue de Football de Martinique
Confederation CONCACAF (North America)
Head coach Theodore Antonin
Home stadium Stade d'Honneur de Dillon
Elo ranking 115
Home colours
Away colours
First international
Barbados Barbados 3 - 2 Martinique 
(Martinique; February 11, 1931)
Biggest win
 Martinique 7 - 0 Dominica 
(Martinique; May 4, 1997)
 Martinique 7 - 0 Cayman Islands 
(Sint Marteen; April 1, 1992)
Biggest defeat
 Mexico 9 - 0 Martinique 
(Mexico City, Mexico; July 11, 1993)
Appearances 3 (First in 1993)
Best result Quarterfinals, 2002

The Martinique national football team (French: sélection de Martinique de football) is the regional team of the French overseas department and region of Martinique and is controlled by the Ligue de Football de Martinique, local branch of Federation Francaise de Football.

As an overseas department of the French Republic, it is not a member of FIFA. Martinique is therefore not eligible to enter the World Cup, Martinicans being French citizens eligible to play for the French national football team.

However, Martinique is a member of CONCACAF and CFU, and thus eligible for all competitions organized by both. Indeed, according to the status of the FFF (article 34, paragraph 6): "[...]Under the control of related continental confederations, and with the agreement of the FFF, those leagues can organize international sport events at a regional level or set up teams in order to partipate to them."

A special rule of the Gold Cup only allows players to join the team if they have not played for France during the past five years. This rule also applies for Guadeloupe and French Guiana. On the other side, any player joining the Martinican team is allowed to join the French national team afterwards with no time restrictions. Frederic Piquionne played this way for Martinique before wearing France's jersey.

The Martinique football team made three Gold Cups, even getting to the quarterfinals in 2002. It was narrowly defeated by Canada on penalties. The Martinique football team also won the Caribbean Cup in 1993.


Gold Cup record

Caribbean Cup record

Notable Players

Current squad

Martinique squad for Caribbean Championships 2008.

No. Pos. Player DoB (Age) Caps Goals Club
1 GK Arnaud Huyghes Des Etages 0 0 Martinique Réveil-Sportif
3 DF Miguel Sméralda 2 0 Martinique Samaritaine
4 MF Daniel Hérelle 17 0 Martinique Samaritaine
5 MF Patrick Percin 18 December 1976 44 12 Martinique Samaritaine
6 DF Johan Déluge 17 0 Martinique Emulation (Schoelcher)
7 MF Steeve Gustan 16 0 Martinique Club Franciscain
8 DF Rodrigue Audel 11 1 Martinique US Diamantinoise
9 FW Eric Sabin 22 August 1974 3 4 France Nîmes Olympique
10 FW Mickaël Chosrova 4 0 Martinique Club Franciscain
11 FW Kévin Saint Louis-Augustin 10 3 Martinique Club Franciscain
12 DF Stéphane Suédile 14 April 1983 19 0 Martinique Club Franciscain
13 FW Kévin Parsemain 13 February 1988 3 0 France Olympique Croix de Savoie 74
14 MF Jean-Michel Michaud 13 0 Martinique Samaritaine
15 DF Marc-Harry Codassé 11 0 Martinique Samaritaine
17 DF Yannick Ancarno 15 0 Martinique Essor-Préchotain
18 MF Xavier Bullet 10 March 1979 28 5 Martinique RC Rivière-Pilote
20 MF Arnold Polomat 5 0 Martinique CS Case-Pilote
24 GK Eddy Heurlié 27 December 1977 40 0 Martinique CS Bélimois

Recent call-ups

No. Pos. Player DoB (Age) Caps Goals Club
FW Kévin Joseph-Louis (v. Réunion on October 4) 7 2 Martinique CS Case-Pilote
FW Ulrick Cilis (v. Réunion on October 4) 2 0 Martinique Réveil-Sportif
DF Gérald Dondon (v. New Caledonia on September 30) 2 0 Martinique Golden Star
FW José Thierry Goron (v. Anguilla on September 19) 1 April 1977 29 6 Martinique CS Case-Pilote
MF Charles-Édouard Coridon 9 April 1973 10 0 France Union Squiffiec-Trégonneau
MF Jean Victor Lavril 24 August 1969 22 0 Martinique CS Case-Pilote
MF Willy Padoly 18 1 Martinique Golden Lion
MF Gaël Germany 10 May 1985 13 1 France AC Arles
FW Wilfrid Thalien 9 1 Martinique RC Rivière-Pilote
FW Sébastien Lugiery 9 February 1976 4 0 Martinique Emulation (Schoelcher)


Simple English

Association Ligue de Football de Martinique
Confederation CONCACAF
Coach Theodore Antonin
World Cup
Appearances 0

Martinique national football team is the national football team of Martinique.


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