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The various superheroes of the Marvel Animated Universe.

The Marvel Animated Universe (a.k.a. MAU) is a fan term that refers to a series of animated television shows and related spin-offs which share the same continuity. Each of the series were adapted from Marvel Comics properties.



While there have been several animated series based upon Marvel Comics characters over the decades, what is commonly accepted as the "Marvel Animated Universe" refers to the stable of shows that aired during the 1990s, which started with X-Men: The Animated Series, the original show in this universe. Older shows such as the late 1960s Spider-Man cartoon and newer shows such as X-Men: Evolution and Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes are not part of this continuity. Though the MAU had a successful beginning with X-Men: The Animated Series in 1992, it failed to extend into the 2000s like its DC Comics counterpart, which started around the same time with Batman: The Animated Series.

In chronological order based on debuts:

Although a series based on the Silver Surfer comics premiered in 1998, it technically, isn't a part of the actual continuity. In contrast to the Surfer's appearances on the Fantastic Four series from this era, the storyline involving the Surfer turning on Galactus is radically different. Also, both programs feature considerably different versions of Nova (Frankie Raye).


  1. Fantastic Four - The X-Men (Cyclops,[14] Jean Grey[15] Gambit,[16] Storm,[17] and Wolverine[18]) appeared in their civilian outfits in the Season 2 episode "Nightmare in Green".[19] The Juggernaut's[20] arm was also seen briefly reaching out of the water, placing the episode around the middle of the third season of X-Men. The X-Men's Blackbird is briefly seen attacking Doctor Doom in the episode before being turned to stone by Doomsday.[21]
  2. Spider-Man: The Animated Series - All of the X-Men[22] appeared in the Season 2 episodes "Mutant Agenda"[23] and "Mutant's Revenge".[24] Also, Storm guest-starred during Season 5 of Spider-Man, during the "Secret Wars"[25][26][27] three parter. She was not voiced by Alison Sealy-Smith, the voice of Storm for Seasons 2-5, but by Iona Morris, the voice of Storm in Season 1.[28]
  3. Avengers: United They Stand - The entire cast from X-Men: The Animated Series were going to appear in a planned two-part episode during Season 2, but the series was cancelled before Season 2 was made. The X-Men were to have be voiced by their respective voice actors/actresses. Some of the voice cast for Avengers had worked on X-Men. Lenore Zann, voice of Rogue,[29] for instance voiced Tigra.
  1. The Incredible Hulk - The whole team appeared in the Season 1 episode "Fantastic Fortitude".[31] Both Beau Weaver (Mister Fantastic[32]) and Chuck McCann (The Thing[33]) reprised their roles for this episode.
  2. Spider-Man: The Animated Series - In the fifth season (in the three part Secret Wars storyline), Spider-Man[34] enlisted the aid of the Fantastic Four (who sport their "Heroes Reborn" uniforms)[35] to help him battle Doctor Doom. Quinton Flynn, the second Human Torch[36] (Brian Austin Green was the first) was the only cast member from the Fantastic Four series to reprise his role on Spider-Man. The main reason for the overhaul wasn't because Beau Weaver (Mister Fantastic), Chuck McCann (The Thing), and Lori Alan (The Invisible Woman) were unavailable, it was because John Semper, Jr., the producer and story editor of Spider-Man simply wasn't a fan of the Fantastic Four animated series[37] from around that same period.
  3. The Silver Surfer - Had production of the second season of The Silver Surfer not been shut down due to Marvel's bankruptcy, then the team would've appeared in a three part episode entitled "Down to Earth".[38]
  1. X-Men - An alternate version of Iron Man is seen very briefly in the episode entitled "One Man's Worth".[40] War Machine makes a brief cameo during the Phoenix Saga saving some innocent bystanders.
  2. The Incredible Hulk - Iron Man,[41] War Machine,[42] and H.O.M.E.R.[43] guest-starred on the Season 1 episode entitled "Helping Hand, Iron Fist".[44]
  3. Fantastic Four - Although he never spoke, Iron Man made several cameos in some Fantastic Four episodes, actually appearing on a TV show in the first-season episode "The Silver Surfer and the Return of Galactus"[45][46] and the Season 2 episodes "To Battle the Living Planet" and "Doomsday".
  4. Spider-Man: The Animated Series - Iron Man[47] and War Machine[48] both appeared on Spider-Man, but Iron Man appeared in more than one storyline. They both appeared in the two part Season 3 episodes that brought back Venom[49][50] and introduced Carnage.[51][52] While Robert Hays reprised his role of Iron Man, War Machine was voiced by James Avery, the original voice of War Machine, rather than Dorian Harewood, who previously played the villain Tombstone[53] on Spider-Man. Iron Man returned to aid Spider-Man in the Season 5 three parter, entitled "The Secret Wars".
  5. Avengers: United They Stand - Iron Man briefly appears in the Avengers episode "Shooting Stars".[54] Robert Hays however, didn't reprise his role as Iron Man (as was the case on The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man). Instead, Iron Man was voiced by Francis Diakowsky; the recasting was likely the result of Avengers's use of Canadian talent making the then California-based Hays's participation an impossibility.
  1. X-Men - during an episode of the "Phoenix Saga",[55][56][57][58] there was a little glimpse of Spidey's hand throwing his web to prevent a chair from falling over inoccent bystanders. The Scarlet Spider[59] appeared briefly in the episode "One Man's Worth".
  2. Fantastic Four - The Scarlet Spider appeared briefly on the Season 2 episode "Nightmare in Green".
  1. Fantastic Four - The Hulk[61] and Rick Jones guest-starred on the second season episode of the show, entitled "Nightmare in Green". Both Hulk[62] and Rick[63] were voiced by different voice actors than on the subsequent Hulk TV series.
  2. Iron Man - The Hulk[64] guest-starred on a Season 2 episode of Iron Man, called "Hulkbuster".[65][66] In addition to the Hulk, The Leader[67] also guest-starred (The Leader was voiced by Matt Frewer just like on the Hulk TV series[68]).
  3. X-Men - The Hulk appeared for a few seconds in the Season 3 episode "The Juggernaut Returns",[69] though only was a Danger Room simulation.
  4. Spider-Man: The Animated Series - Hulk and She-Hulk were in the original draft to appear in the Secret Wars three parter, in the fifth season of Spider-Man. However, due to the then current show on UPN, they had to be written out. They were replaced by The Lizard.[70]
  1. X-Men - Alternate versions of the Avengers are seen attacking the Mutant Resistance in the episode entitled "One Man's Worth".
  2. Fantastic Four - The Avengers had non-speaking cameos in the Season 2 episodes "To Battle the Living Planet"[71] and "Doomsday" (the Avengers appearing in both episodes don't fit with the roster shown in Avengers: United They Stand). The Avengers (or Avenger Mansion) are mentioned in the Season 2 episodes "Worlds Within Worlds"[72] and "The Sentry Sinister".[73]
  3. Spider-Man - In the pilot "Night of the Lizard", when Spider-Man was looking for the Lizard in the sewers he mentions the Avengers, as well as other superhero teams, would never be caught walking in the sewers.

Other characters

  • Absorbing Man: Besides his appearance as an adversary on The Incredible Hulk,[74] Absorbing Man appeared as a member of the Masters of Evil in the Avengers episode "Command Decision".[75]
  • Captain America: Captain America appeared on the X-Men episode "Old Soldiers"[76] and the Avengers episode "Command Decision", as well as a recurring role on Spider-Man.[77] Lawrence Bryne provided Captain America's voice on X-Men[78] while David Hayter provided his voice on Spider-Man. Although he never spoke, Cap had a cameo as a member of the Avengers in the Fantastic Four Season 2 episode "To Battle the Living Planet".
  • Daredevil: Daredevil appeared on the Fantastic Four episode "And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them…"[79] and the Spider-Man episodes "Framed"[80] and "The Man Without Fear".[81] Bill Smitrovich provided Daredevil's voice on Fantastic Four[82] while Edward Albert provided his voice on Spider-Man.[83]
  • Doctor Doom: Besides his appearances against familiar adversaries, the Fantastic Four,[84] Doctor Doom appeared on the Spider-Man episode arc "Secret Wars" and "The Incredible Hulk"[85] episodes "Doomed" and "Hollywood Rocks".[86] John Vernon provided Doctor Doom's voice in the first season of Fantastic Four. Simon Templeman took over for Vernon in subsequent Fantastic Four episodes as well as the "Doomed" and "Hollywood Rocks" episodes of The Incredible Hulk. Tom Kane provided Doctor Doom's voice on Spider-Man.[87]
  • Doctor Strange: Doctor Strange appeared on the Spider-Man episode "Doctor Strange"[88] and The Incredible Hulk episode "Mind Over Anti-Matter".[89] John Vernon provided Doctor Strange's voice on Spider-Man[90] while Maurice LaMarche provided his voice on The Incredible Hulk.[91] Doctor Strange also appeared briefly in the X-Men's Phoenix Saga.
  • Ghost Rider: Ghost Rider appeared on the Fantastic Four[92] episode "When Calls Galactus"[93] and on The Incredible Hulk[94] episode "Innocent Blood".[95] Richard Grieco provided Ghost Rider's voice on both occasions. He also made a cameo in X-Men, in which he is seen in Gambit's memories.
  • High Evolutionary: The High Evolutionary appeared on the X-Men Season 4 episode "Family Ties".[97] He also was the main villain in Spider-Man Unlimited.[98]
  • Hydro-Man: Besides his various appearances as an adversary[99] on Spider-Man,[100][101] Hydro-Man appeared as a member of the evil Frightful Four on the Fantastic Four episode "'The Inhumans Saga, Part 1: And the Wind Cries Medusa".[102] Rob Paulsen provided Hydro-Man's voice on Spider-Man while Brad Garrett provided his voice on Fantastic Four.[103]
  • Nick Fury: Besides a recurring role on Spider-Man,[104] Nick Fury appeared on the Iron Man[105] episodes "The Beast Within"[106] and "Not Far From the Tree".[107] Philip Abbott was the original voice of Nick Fury on Spider-Man (before Jack Angel took over following Abbott's death) in addition to providing his voice on Iron Man. He also made a cameo in the X-Men episode "Sanctuary".[108]
  • The Scarlet Witch: Scarlet Witch was a regular character in both Iron Man (as a member of Force Works) and Avengers: United They Stand. She was voiced by Jennifer Darling on Iron Man and by Stavroula Logothettis on Avengers (In both appearances, she was voiced with a thick Eastern European accent). She also appeared in the X-Men Season 4 episode "Family Ties" being voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Thor: Thor appeared on the Fantastic Four[109] episode "To Battle the Living Planet" and The Incredible Hulk[110] episode "Mortal Bounds".[111] John Rhys-Davies provided Thor's voice on both occasions. Thor also had a non-speaking cameo in one episode of X-Men.
  • Whirlwind: Besides his various appearances as an adversary on Iron Man,[112] Whirlwind appeared as a member of the Masters of Evil in the Avengers episode "Command Decision".

Video games

There are also several video games that make use of the same voice actors from the cartoons, which implies that they share the same universe.

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